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I have used 1part pee 10 part water.  Put the bio char in a bucket and pour the fertilizer slowly over the char.  Let it soak stir it a couple times.   Leave it in the bucket a couple hours.  I normally leave it over night.  Tom
1 week ago
JT:  Thanks for the heads up about the micro:bit I had not seen that one before.   Tom
2 weeks ago
I played with my copy today.   It confirmed my fears, that's a lot of seed and crop to harvest preserve.  The crop I find missing is onion.  The big deal with onion is I eat the whole plant.  It also is available to eat year round, just pick it when you need it.  I looked it up and found it listed as 11cal / oz.  Using the number 10# for a 10 ft row posted in this thread, that is only 1/6 of potatoes (20cal/oz*30#)calories but I can eat a lot more potato if there is onion toping on the potato. :)
This. I think this would work well.  

Eliot Mason wrote:I'm thinking of the boomerang path that has the final exhaust pipe adjacent to (even thermally connected to, or even inside) the bell, thus "priming" the pump and softening the cold air plug.

Force the draft with the chimney mounted right up against the barrel.  Tom
1 year ago

David Date wrote:

The plan is to build a river rock hot tub and heat it all with wood!

Is it possible to skip the riser and radiator all together and run a refractory tube through the floor or seat, and exhaust out the other end?

Nice project.  I think you will have problems getting that long a horizontal burn to draft.  Starting a cold rmh in the fall for the first burn is often difficult.  A small fire under the vertical chimney is often needed.  This is why a lot of rmh go out and back with the vertical chimney immediately behind the barrel radiator, easier cold starts.  
 I suggest a conventional rmh burn chamber and then cover the barrel almost completely with cob.  Run the bench under the hot tub.  This way you are using the heat from the normal heat storage part of the rmh.  Tom

1 year ago
I understand it is to late to hold this in June but is this event being rescheduled?  Late summer, next year?  I need this PDC. Tomb

2 years ago