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Hello Aimee,
Wonderful to hear from you.
Tell me more about your garden and you. You are wellcome to PM email me.
I am absorbed in filling up my daughters social calender, playing catchup from the Covid shutdown of our homeschool community.
The garden is full of wonderful lush weeds that will mulch deliciously. Watching the peas grow. I am thinking of redesigning the ponding (washwater) system I have been experimenting with.
I have only had one lovely couple with children discuss with me any possiblity of joining me. Unfortunately they are limited by their car and the dirt roads to my little property. So that is one of the things I might mention to people wanting to come here is that there is 15 to 20 minutes of dirt roads to get here. I am hoping for people with a caravan or such and children are really welcome.
My time is stretched at the moment so apologies for shortness of reply.
Hope to hear from you.
Warm Wishes,
3 months ago
Hello, I am new to Permies,
I live in rural NSW Australia, I see that this tread is about 6 years old. I am hoping that you will still read my post.
I am passionate about NVC Compassionate Communication, I am also passionate about  Permaculture. They go hand in hand together.
Additionally, Connected Parenting (Patty Wipfler) and homeschooling are also wonderful.
Altogether these ingredients mix to make a wonderful harmonious life greater than the sum of the individual components.
I understand that practice groups for NVC are very useful for making the transition to this new paradigm of thought.
While my daughter was young I enjoyed reading to her and I found that I was able to edit and filter out the jackal language and the black and white ridged concepts.
Now my daughter loves to read independently. I have noticed in her a change and I see her using jackal concepts and language regularly.
I have not found any families locally who are practising NVC.
I am grieving and need support.
Does anyone  know any books that use giraffe language?
How do other families support their children in NVC while homeschooling?
Thank you,
4 months ago
Australian Woman aged 55, seeks to start a conversation with anyone in Australia who is interested in permaculture. I would love to talk to anyone who is also interested in NVC and has a passion for compassionate communication. I enjoy to relate to people who also enjoy to relate with awareness, respect, kindness and gentleness.
I am also putting out feelers to meet people who are interested in moving to Mid coast NSW with a view to entering into an agreement for mutually benefitial living arrangements for staying on and enjoying this land that I am custodian for. I would love to regenerate and help this land to heal itself. I would love to put in dam and ponds, plant a food forest. There is much to discuss. Property has electricity and wonderful climate with plenty of rain and also a bore with high quality water. If you would like to help me create a wonderful place to live and share our lives please contact me to explore the possibilities.
I am separated and mother to eight year old child. I own my own land 30 acres.
I prefer to fill in details in a private message. Please I invite you to message me if you are interested in helping in any way no matter how small a contribution.
5 months ago
Dearest Hobbits, this is not a serious reply as I live on my own 30 acres near Bellingen in NSW Australia with no plans to relocate and I just turned 55, and therefore I do not fit the age range for you. Never the less I love your son's smile, it reminds me of my daughters (just turned eight) happy smile I would like to say hello and allow for any friendships that may flow. I wanted to let you know how wonderful you sound and hope you connect with someone compatible. I wanted to share with you my joy of parenting with playfulness and invite you to look at a facebook page called "giggle parenting". Wish that I could meet you in different circumstances to share some of my hand pressed red sauerkraut. I love biodynamics and composting and feel sure that we could chat about that for hours while pottering, planting, chop and dropping or having a fresh mint cuppa. When I do pluck up the courage I will post my own post because actually I am looking for help with creating a food forest and regenerating this land for which I'm now custodian. Life is busy as I try to care for with compassionate patience my separated husband who carries the pain and mental patterns of PTSD (childhood trauma)
All the while still homeschooling my daughter. Life challenges us and we grow. I am absolutely passionate about listening with awareness to peoples emotional expressions and communications of needs. I love the work of Marshall Rosenberg's NVC compassionate communication, Patty Wipfler's book "Listen" and Dan Segal's mindsight.
Naturally I'm into yoga. and enjoyed a natural birth for my daughter. It is more important to me than ever to help and encourage the healing of all of our peoples that come into our lives and build healthy communities.
6 months ago