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Recent posts by Todd Gerardot

This is such a great post Mike! Thank you for taking the time to do all of this research and sharing this compilation of ecofriendly baby gifts and supplies.

This could not have come at a better time either. I just had several friends each welcome a new tiny human into the world. I was happy to see this thread pop up in my dailyish email, thanks Nicole.

Now to send this thread to several groups of friends in hopes of spreading the infection.
1 month ago
Thank you Daron for managing this great blog. I just read several blog posts and the videos embedded for the 11 cold hardy perennial vegetables, salvaging native plants for your homestead, and all the tangents I found myself exploring.

Thank you for sharing another great resource to pull from, and thank you to the greenhouse-ish email for showing me the way to the Wild Homesteading site!
2 months ago
I haven't tried DuckDuckGo yet, but I have found and like to use the search engine This search engine uses their revenue to fund tree planting around the world.

They post their financial reports and there are numerous reviews, youtube videos, and several comparisons to google so it seems to be legitimate.

If I can passively help to plant trees around the world while learning about various permaculture ideas and techniques, that seems like a great idea to me!
I found this thread in a recent dailyish email so I thought I would try to share a few pictures of a common mudpuppy that I found while working several weeks ago. This mudpuppy was about 12-14 inches long.
3 months ago
I anticipate it will be used primarily to charge batteries for power tools and small usb devices.
4 months ago
The idea for portability is to increase versatility and ease to move if we decide to move on or off property. Another reason for the portability is that there is no permanent structure that would be suitable for solar. There is a small shed but it does not get much sun.

It would also be nice to have the capability to run corded power tools remotely.

The screw adjustment would just be more prone to rust and replacement than a simpler notched adjustment.
4 months ago
Thank you Dre for offering a great tool in this giveaway and welcome to permies!

This has inspired me to think more about a project to build a portable solar charging station that I want to build. I have created a new thread at

I appreciate any ideas and criticism that anyone has.
4 months ago
I want to build a small portable solar charging cart, however I have several questions or concerns about my idea. I have a general idea in my head but I would like to hear your thoughts and criticizms about it. I have not really put much thought into system specs like wattage or battery storage capacity yet, but it will probably be pretty small.

As for my general idea, I was thinking of a triangular shaped cart that will be built to match the ideal winter angle for our latitude here. The solar panel (or panels) could be hinged at the top of the cart in order to adjust to our ideal summer angle. Adjustments could be notched or more of a fluid screw adjustment; however I think notched adjustments would be easier and require less maintenance.

I thought it would work to use cedar tongue and groove boards as a way to protect the components and whatever tool batteries and usb devices are charging from water.

The cart could either have 2 or 4 wheels, with removable handles to move it by hand, although it could also be pulled by a truck or tractor.

We live in northwest Michigan where we can experience 6 months or more of freezing temperatures, which brings me to a couple of questions.

1. If I choose to use lithium ion batteries, when should I remove them for storage, if I can't protect them from the temperature extremes?
2. Are there specific types of equipment that are preferred for winter usage?
3. Could I still use the panels to charge DC when the battery bank is in storage for the winter?
4. What would you do differently?

Thanks to Dre for the giveaway of a great tool, which inspired me think more about this project and cobble together some of my ideas. This will probably be a project for early next year. I still want to talk to a local solar company, CBS Solar, out of Copemish Michigan to get their perspective and advice too.

Thanks for any input you have!
4 months ago
I thought this sounded terrible as a kid when my older brothers would eat this, therefore I discovered this as an early "adult".

I really like to make a peanut butter, pickle, and salsa sandwich with the possibility of some variations.

To reduce the soggy sandwich that can be created, it helps to toast the bread, spread peanut butter on both pieces of bread, use a thick salsa, and drain or even blot the pickles to dry them off. Different types of peanut butter (or other nut butters), salsa, and pickles can all work and depend on individual taste. Other additions or substitutions that I like are onions, banana peppers, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, and tomatoes. Several other ideas that would be really good that I have not tried yet would be bacon, ham, or other fresh veggies.
4 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:

Timothy Markus wrote:I'm in.  Does streaming mean no down-loading to watch later?

Correct.   And, more importantly, we seem to get close to zero support needs.    Nearly all of the support time seems to go to downloading big files.   At the same time, a lot of people very much want to download.  So we are doing our best to find the optimal path.

Would it be possible to grant access to rewatch the video via a link on permies to those that support at a certain level? Maybe this would create similar tech and support needs as mentioned earlier, but if this could be done without much trouble, it could be a way to avoid a lot of large downloads.
5 months ago