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I am a 62 year old who has done what they could living the city, recently moved to the country and ready to develop my own little permaculture (8.75 acres of clear cut timber land) and build an earth ship style home. How close to true earth ship remains to be seen. My goal is to build as I can afford it and be debt free when I'm done.
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Pacific North West of the United States
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Recent posts by Carmen Rose

To get into this program I'm going to need to retire. Well, that and finish building my house. It's a great program and I hope to some day get into it but not today. There just aren't enough hours (and too many responsibilities) right now.

Jeremy VanGelder wrote:Hey Carmen, I went to add you to the list, but someone had already added you! Anyone can edit the list. But you have to open up the ellipsis at the top right of the post to find the edit button.

Thanks so much. 😊
I don't know how to edit that list but I live in Pierce County, WA state and would welcome like minded people to come play on my place. Contact me if you're interested.

Jay Angler wrote:Unfortunately, a number of the grains I recognize, I know won't grow in my ecosystem.

Wheat used to be grown on my Island, but I've had no luck the last 3 years and I'm still not even sure why. However, our weather's been less stable recently, and I know that the area I've been growing it in has a lot of pressure from both birds and rodents, so if I had to guess, it's multiple factors.

I think it would be great if more people tried some of these crops in more ecosystems in an effort to improve our resilience. Possibly, the crops would get hardier as people gradually moved them to colder climates.

I'm down in Pierce County. Have you found any native plants that can be efficiently grown to feed livestock, chickens specifically?
4 months ago

Rachel Elijah wrote:Hi, this might not be the best place to post this comment, but What exactly is skip? And pep? I have no idea what either of those are.

Rachel - where do you live?
Could use some help and would like to make like-minded friends in south Pierce County, Washington State.
I have learned that I am far from alone - even in my own neighborhood! That's hugely encouraging!!
I would very much appreciate input into how to live without refrigeration. I've been off grid for a year and without the ability to keep food cool. During warmer weather I just don't have milk or fresh meat unless I'm going to consume it almost immediately. A couple of times I got frozen meat and used it the next day. But I'd really like a better system. I enclosed my typical, cheap ice chest in an extra 3 or 4 inches of styrofoam (recycled, of course) and it improved efficiency by about 100 percent but I would still like to do better. TIA to anyone who can give me great pointers.
9 months ago