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since Jul 18, 2020
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Seeking peace through working with nature.. homestead, permaculture, laziness-inspired efficiency standards.. this is my jam! Born into consumerism 'merica, i knew of nothing else. in the midst of ravenously wanting more and better 'stuff'.. my heart quietly wished for a different kind of, less contradictory, way to live life on earth. Working to pay bills for several decades didn't make sense to me, but i figured everyone else knew something i had not. so i followed. but i was overwhelmed. today, i stoke the fire of strong desire to seek simplicity. looking forward to meeting like-minded people!
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Recent posts by Dez Choi

POST 634 (DAY 644, Sunday, 2022.05.15)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for a warm RMH to sit by when cold.. it’s a simple luxury that warms me core..!
23 hours ago
POST 633 (DAY 643, Saturday, 2022.05.14)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for a safe week of learning and experiences..
POST 632 (DAY 642, Friday, 2022.05.13)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for water.. frikkin love this stuff~!
POST 631 (DAY 641, Thursday, 2022.05.12)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for the power to “let it go”..
POST 630 (DAY 640, Wednesday, 2022.05.11)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for routine.. keeps me grounded and centered..
POST 629 (DAY 639, Tuesday, 2022.05.10)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for the stillness.. I needed it more than I had realized.. the chance taken to step back and observe.. to breathe and to notice the panning of life’s pictures, frame by frame..
POST [628] (DAY 638, Monday, 2022.05.09)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for contrast.. also known as perspective.. it’s a continual practice to refocus upon the important things..
POST [627] (DAY 637, Sunday, 2022.05.08)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for the dream.. “.. if the dream wasn’t compelling enough to lift you out of bed, then go back to sleep until..”
POST [626] (DAY 636, Saturday, 2022.05.07)
[Morning Entry]

…… grateful for the little things..
POST [625] (DAY 635, Friday, 2022.05.06)
[Evening Entry]

…… grateful for community.. “..go far with many..”