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Seeking peace through working with nature.. homestead, permaculture, laziness-inspired efficiency standards.. this is my jam! Born into consumerism 'merica, i knew of nothing else. in the midst of ravenously wanting more and better 'stuff'.. my heart quietly wished for a different kind of, less contradictory, way to live life on earth. Working to pay bills for several decades didn't make sense to me, but i figured everyone else knew something i had not. so i followed. but i was overwhelmed. today, i stoke the fire of strong desire to seek simplicity. looking forward to meeting like-minded people!
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Recent posts by Dez Choi

POST 159 (DAY 166, Saturday, 2021.1.23)
[Evening Entry]

"Transformative.." Amey joins us from the california bay area, for two weeks of permaculture bootcamp experience.. RMH, timber framing, and kitchen skills ensue.. He brings a refreshing enthusiasm to the workplace, willing to maximize learning at the work-site, as well as discuss how to further the vision of Wheaton Labs during the group commute from home.. he soaked in all he could about the lifestyle.. he really enjoyed practicing some recipes to take back to his home, for pineapple cake, daal, and fried eggs.. thanks for lighting the fire-powered heater for us each morning, and sharing your light humor, Amey~!!! Safe travels, and see you again soon..
15 hours ago
POST 158 (DAY 165, Friday, 2021.1.22)
[Evening Entry]

.. recently I’ve been thinking about the human tendency to settle with old and comfortable habits VS the willingness to learn new tricks..
.. peeling logs was one of the first skills I happened to learn here.. and today, as we were wrapping up the retaining walls, I git to peel a log.. remembering how challenging it was that first time swinging the spud tool.. somehow, it was easier than that first time..
.. if this old dog can learn new tricks, perhaps that one familiar saying doesn’t apply to everyone.. after all, it doesn’t take youth to learn new tricks.. I believe perhaps the ingredient is the willingness to fail spectacularly.. over and over again.. because.. well—certainly not because I say so..

Enjoy the pics~!
POST 157 (DAY 164, Thursday, 2021.1.21)
[Evening Entry]

.. Built a shelf today.. I think it’s my seventh one since arriving here (in August 2020).. it seems I really enjoy custom shelf-ery.. today’s shelf was placed in an area that is used almost everyday.. it seemed rather troublesome to me move a thing to get to the thing I want, then move the first things back.. so I thought a shelf would simplify this process a bit.. hopefully it’s not too high up for those vertically challenged.. if so, there is a step ladder nearby.. Wanna see the results?

Enjoy the pics~!

By the way.. A special thanks to E. For donating the carriage bolts!!! (The live edge mounts from a sawmill tree at base camp; the bottom board from a spare wood pile..)

Lara Bigotti wrote:CATAN IS NEVER A WASTE OF TIME! :-) Oh Dez, I wish I could give you the number of hours I've spent perfecting my gameplay, but just know it's in the triple digits.
Loving the winter vibe and fresh faces!! See you guys in a couple weeks! Much love

josiah and i made up a blitz-play version of catan.. its not as fun as normal-play.. but it offers a catan-dosage fix for me.. =D see you, LAB~!
POST 156 (DAY 163, Wednesday, 2021.1.20)
[Evening Entry]

.. baked another cake today.. i never knew how much enjoyment i would get from baking.. it IS experimental baking.. according to the rules of the experiment, the final product MUST be gluten free, vegan-friendly, sugar-low (stevia okay), and paul-friendly.. i've tried cookies, cakes, and bread so far.. currently, the pineapple cake is the best in class, but i'd like to have the cake be good even without the pineapples--i feel that pineapples make most things good.. =D

enjoy the pics~!

Kyle Noe wrote:Hey Dez, I'm planing on joining the bootcamp in March. Do you go for runs often? I would love to get back into running shape and I could use a running buddy/racing opponent.

And I've been curious to play Catan and never had a group to play with. I'm bringing some board games too.

Cool, Kyle.. Few times per week.. see you soon
POST 155 (DAY 162, Tuesday, 2021.1.19)
POST 154 (DAY 161, Monday, 2021.1.18)
[Evening Entry]

.. went for a jog after work, with Amey today.. Waldo followed us.. on the way up to the top of the volcano, we took short breaks to catch breath and enjoy the views.. after the short break, we each did some pushups and then proceeded to jog upward.. it took about 30 minutes to reach the "summit", then we coasted down while the orange cat followed us.. i like it when the kittens follow me up, because i want them to explore the land and run into potential food.. plus, these kittens make such great company..

enjoy the pics~!
POST 153 (DAY 160, Sunday, 2021.1.17)
[Evening Entry]

.. Catan seems to feed my soul.. how long can this last?

Enjoy the pics~!
POST 152 (DAY 159, Saturday, 2021.1.16)
[Evening Entry]

.. played catan again.. what’s happening to me?.. two+ hours of my life seems to have gone into this board game.. but also perhaps that is time well spent because of the company engaged.. the question arose “is time limited? And if so, why is that important?” .. I thought i knew why.. but as I explored this idea through Amey’s perspective, the ground began to shake a bit.. as if to shift plate-tectonically into a more stable formation.. now I have more food for thought..

Enjoy the pics!