Patrick Marchand

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since Jul 28, 2020
Systems administrator and ski instructor, currently learning the in's and out's of permaculture. Interested in plant breeding and market gardening.
I live in the city of Montreal (zone 6) and have garden space in the Laurentians (zone 4).
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I'll  let you know how the berries go, the tallness might be epigenetic though, as it was growing right next to a very space hoggy Peruviana and that was the only way it could get any sun. But hey maybe the bees will have voluntereed a cross.
6 days ago
I looked at more pictures of longifolia and yeah, theres no chance it could be anything else. I'm surprised to see it fruiting in its first year, but I did start them in march. I'm pretty certain I've identified another plant as Angulata (the one with purplish ribs on the top of the calyx). The top of the fruit also gets a bit purple.
1 week ago
The experimental farm network carries seeds for Phaseolus polystachios.
1 month ago
So unfortunately, most of the plants got mixed up during a move and there are many I can no longer identify. I'll be posting them on INaturalist in the hope of getting an identification, but I think I'll have to try again next year. I might try to grow less varieties but in bigger quantities.

Probably angulata:
Heterophylla or Peruviana:
Longifolia, Hispida or Virginiana:
P. Virginiana or P. Heterophylla:
Probably angulata:

Any help identify them would be greatly appreciated.
1 month ago
You might want to check the experimental farm network:

I have this and a few other accessions of perennial ground cherries growing in Quebec, if they survive the winter I should have seed next year.
2 months ago
Just got the book the other day, I'll be diving into it once I finish carol deppe's breeding book, but I'm excited to read it !
3 months ago
I've had mixed results, some 4" blocks are holding up great and I'm seeing good growth in the plants. Others not so much, they seem to be unable to send roots from the 2" into the 4" block. While they generally end up managing it, there growth slowed down and some of them got stunted. I think I waited too long to transplant them and those blocks that fared the worse had improper aeration underneath them, meaning they had sent out roots outside the blocks.

Once I'm done with some specific gardening tasks, I'll do a test run comparing the soil blocks to these new trays I just got; the neversink farm winstrip trays: as it seems like I could get the best of both worlds this way.
4 months ago
I moved two weeks ago and started putting it outside, it kind of got mistreated by the wind and I think I waited too long to repot it, but I woke up this morning and the wind had cut it in twain. There's still a leaf on the lower part so I repotted both parts, hoping one of them will form roots.
4 months ago
Unfortunately, my only two seedlings died a violent death when somebody accidentally kicked the tray... Oh well, I still have some seeds, so I'll simply have to try again later.
How cold do you let the greenhouse get ? I put my wildling, p20 and ildi on the rooftop terrace a week ago and aside from the ildi (which has since bounced back), they did fine with a week of 40 degree F night time weather.
4 months ago