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Recent posts by Jerrilee Geist

Oh man, that group dispersed, and we have formed and dispersed 3 more groups with the intention of starting community since then, and still it has not quite happened for us. We have turned our attention to building strong relationships, but still hoping (like everyone else it seems) to be fortunate enough to be on land someday amongst humans we generally get along with, and out of the current rental pit.
4 months ago
I am gauging interest in an idea. My partner and I have an opportunity to buy an established ecological landscaping business in Portland, OR and change the direction. Here's what we are thinking: a business that helps transition neighborhoods into sustainable communities. This might look like fences being taken down and common amenities added, such as a community gathering space, greenhouse, vegetable gardens, food forest, etc.
How does it work??

It starts with gathering the neighbors that are interested in participating, likely drawn by the ideals of:
- lowered cost of living
- more space (and more variety of spaces) to enjoy from home
- shared resources
- better connections with neighbors
- safer space for kids and pets (more folks to keep an eye on them)
- more contiguous habitat for birds & other wildlife (fewer fences)
- access to fresh produce from gardens (without necessarily having to put all the work in!)

We meet with the interested neighbors and essentially conduct a design meeting to gather information, asking:
- What is important to you in your living space?
- What do you like about your current space?
- What would you like to be different?
- What would you like to have that you don't currently?
- How do you see yourself and others engaging with a communal space?
- What are the limiting factors?
- Who else might enjoy this space?
- What kind of activities would you like to make room for?
- How do you see yourself participating in the evolution of this space? Where do you see your level of involvement?

We lay out a plan that includes:
A series of workshops with the group to learn community tools (Sociocracy, NVC, conflict resolution, etc)
Integrated Systems Design (a collaborative design process that incorporates the needs of each community member)
Garden/landscape design & installation (folks are encouraged to pitch in where they are able)
Building design & construction (there is also an optional level of participation for certain projects)
Ongoing support as needed

The cost for all this should be much more manageable than personally hiring a designer or contractor as it can be shared evenly amongst the group.

I would love to know what you think after reading this. If you live in an urban neighborhood, is this something you would be interested in? If not, I would love to hear the reasons that it would not work for you or your family.

Thank you!

1 year ago
Thanks for the reference to Stephan Sobkowiak's videos, I've been learning a bunch from watching them, and really grateful to have a bigger picture understanding of aphids and other 'pests' in the system as a whole.
2 years ago
I've created a bit of a project with a friend out of putting together an informational document on 'weeds that you might want to cultivate a relationship with' (instead of pulling just cause they fall into that weed list). And on this list is cleavers and chickweed, of which there is plenty of information on uses for both, but I'm looking for resources or information on the kind of niche that these and other other creeping annuals fill in an ecosystem.

I'm open to anything that can be said on the matter.
2 years ago
Things are just starting to come together with a super amazing group of people here in Portland. We met with more than 20 people on Sunday as we went out to view a property. While we collectively decided that wasn't the one, we have decided to move forward as a group and start from the beginning, getting our values and mission docs in line. We already have an amazing group of like-minded folks with a range of very handy skillsets, and the doors are open!

Here is the website as it stands:

Get in touch if you're feeling inspired!
2 years ago
Hello good people!

I've been on a long hunt for meaningful work that's engaging and fun and also in alignment with my values. Ultimately, I'm hoping to co-create intentional community but understand that it may be another 5 years before anything gets off the ground. And in those 5 years? Why not start or join something that I can transfer directly into community. Here is what I'm thinking:

I would like to be a part of a business that turns people's lawns into food forests and permaculture gardens. I would like to be rooted in the Portland, OR area. And so I am looking for either people in that area who have already started this sort of business and would like another designer/implementer or people who would like to start one with me.

I'm 26, got my PDC last year and longing to put it to good use; hard worker and a lot of energy for good work. I've got a creative mind and hands that love being in the soil. I'm open to ideas, working with an established business or starting one. Let me know!
2 years ago
I'm very curious about your progress. We've been trying to start an ecovillage-style intentional community in the Pacific Northwest and I wonder how we might connect with our projects.
3 years ago
Hi, I contacted you through too, but definitely interested, we have a small forming community that is looking for something like this. Would love to know more and visit!

And Carrie, if you have any interest in joining our group, let me know. We have a weekly zoom meeting where anyone is welcome and you can see if you like the vibe.
3 years ago
I'm working on my PDC final and contemplating using moss as a sort of living rug for an indoor space, kind of dreaming about the sleeping space, but also potentially a kitchen/communal building. Have you tried it? Know anyone who has? Pros and cons? Thoughts on implementation? This is currently theoretical, but I'd love to do some actual experimenting when I finish.
3 years ago