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When I was a kid I made a penguin costume out of a black contractor bag and white duck tape. Cut a hole in the bottom of it for my head, cut slits in the sides for my flippers. I did tape the sides of each flipper together to allow it to act as a sleeve on my arm. (Tape you won't see, not the white stuff)

My brother (much more artsy than me) made me a beak out of construction paper which I attached to a string and had over my nose.

I really liked penguins as a kid (I mean... still do) so it was perfect for me!
1 month ago
This is all very insightful! Thank you Karen :)

I didn't read every post here, but I especially liked some of the points on the last one.

I was going to say, I can tell from my latest pregnancy, how important a carnivore (or in my case, a protein) diet can be.

I literally could barely eat any carbs in my whole pregnancy because it would make me SO nauseous. It took me some time to realize this and adjust my diet as I wasn't going to go cold turkey carnivore while I was pregnant. But maybe next time I should, hmm....

I learned in 2021 that I in particular need a good bit of salt so I take sole water (salt dissolved in water to its saturation point). This knowledge unfortunately cam after I essentially poisoned myself with taking a supplement that was high in potassium. Oops. After this event I seem to either A) be extra sensitive to potassium or B) I'm just aware of it now where as before I had no idea what was making me feel weird.

I think a combination of the two.

In fact, with my latest pregnancy, I had to go to the hospital to stop preterm labor (a symptom of dehydration) after I was 'spiking' my water with watermelon juice. (high in potassium)
So that was just another verification that potassium is a no no for me.

Recently I got lazy on taking my salt as you said you did and my old palpitations from 2021 have come back slightly. And despite my being half your age... I know all too well that fear of having a heart attack but it's just your heart rate freaking out from electrolyte imbalance.

I also went in and out of being on the salt during my pregnancy... I'm really praying next time goes a lot smoother if I pound the protein and salt more heavily. As for now I'm not doing carnivore because it kind of drove me crazy while I was pregnant and I have no idea how I'd afford such a diet.

I got tired of eating the same foods over and over, but maybe that's because I didn't go full force carnivore? I was just following the midwife's orders of eating as much protein as I could. (This also meant a lot of dairy)
1 month ago
Thank you for sharing!

I came across this post looking up grow lights on the forum as I was trying to come up with gift ideas (for myself) after a family member asked what I'd like. I never know what to say...

But I've decided a grow light would be perfect :) I always have trouble starting my own seedlings, especially the second batch of the year planted during the hot Texas summers, so I hope doing it indoors will make for stronger plants.

We spent a good bit of money at the nursery this Spring after I gave up on all of my starts from the winter... hope this changes things for us!
7 months ago
I’m on year two of growing my landrace squash! It tastes so good last year.
No pictures because I’m lazy.
I clicked on this post because I'm trying to heal my gut and my lacto bacillus is essentially dead.

Then I read it's for compost, such is my life. lol

If animals can eat it and I am an animal, then...
1 year ago
Hello Permies!

I was blessed last night when visiting a friend that I was sent home with a grocery bag full of a myriad of seeds (organic too!)

They had tons of seeds lying around because they were needed for the local school, but for some reason they just got way too many (literally boxes full)

I was left with the impression that they need somewhere to send these seeds but have no idea where, so I come to you for some ideas.

Where can we send these seeds so they'll be thoroughly enjoyed?

It was a lot and I only have so many friends who want vegetable seeds.
1 year ago

Olga Booker wrote:

However, I am very unlikely to go around with a tube of toothpaste in my pocket wherever I go.  On the other hand, my small bottle of lavender oil (see my post above ) takes no room at all and was very handy when I was swarmed by a wasps nest, 10 minutes away from the house, or when my other half got stung while driving!

We were at home so toothpaste was definitely an option.

But my word you have me realizing I need a first aid kit in my car! I'll have to include some lavender.

1 year ago

George Yacus wrote:
Okie doke, thanks!  I find beauty in the simple and 'boring' format of a single merit badge profile link.  So I'm interpreting this to mean that's a sufficient alternative to copying and pasting and formatting a big ol' numbered list of a dozen+ BBs.

The posts that have a big list of links to different BB’s, especially if they’re older, likely were done before the merit badge profiles existed.

I had applied for my BB5, 10, and 20 before such a page was there. I’m glad it is so much easier to track what we have done, too! I used to have a note to self of what BB’s were done, now I don’t need that.
1 year ago
My -friend-, lets call her DD (Dear Daughter), got stung by at first what I thought was a bee but now I wonder if it was a yellow and black wasp. No picture so there's that mystery.

I got the joy of treating her from the minute it happened, beginning with removing the bug from her foot as it was still attached, checking for a stinger (there was none), then we went inside for further treatment.

Of course, it hurt, and became inflamed. Many tears were shed.

First I put an aloe vera gel/colloidal silver mixture that I have on her wound to kill off any possible bacteria and provide some relief while I put together a comfrey poultice.

You can see the image of her red, inflamed foot, post aloe gel and before the poultice. By the time I got the poultice ready she wasn't really crying anymore but then she sure did cry a ton after I put it on... so I only left it on for a few minutes because I wasn't sure if it stung/burned or not- I've never actually used comfrey before!

She returned to playing later that day, so I take it she approves.

I wasn't able to get a picture of her giving me a thumbs up because she (being a young child) was confused what I was even requesting.
Also due to not really wanting to put pictures of her up here I was hoping you'd accept these images of her foot, if not then oh well I guess.