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Jesus-following retired RN, writer, and tomboy who never grew out of loving to play in the dirt and bash nails into chunks of wood. Currently living in the UK, hoping to talk my very English hubby into making the move to Bulgaria!
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Recent posts by Jane Mulberry

Wow! Some amazing stretch goals! Looking forward to getting these!
3 hours ago
I think just getting on with living as God leads is the way to go, and develop friendships first. Be yourself, don't hide the baggage, but don't put it front and center either.
Your siggy quotes Elisabeth Elliot, so you probably know she was a remarkable woman married to a guy who could be judged as a massive jerk from the way he treated her when they were dating. Which leads me nowhere apart from to say - be the remarkable woman you are. Try not to judge the jerks too badly, that's their own baggage talking. Set firm boundaries. Trust God to lead you to the right person who will accept you as you are and not either run away or try to "fix" you.
I have a beautiful almond tree which was sold to me by a nursery as a sweet almond. It bears heavily, but sadly the almonds are extremely bitter. I believe this can happen with a percentage of European almond trees. I read that it's about 10%.
I wonder about planting some of the seeds, but does anyone know what the genetics are?  If the parent tree is bitter, will it always have bitter offspring or is there a chance I can get a sweet almond tree among the seedlings?
I'm assuming it's self-pollinating as there are no other almond or peach trees nearby.
2 days ago
I don't know anywhere in the areas you're asking about, but there used to be something in a village (Hotnitsa) in central Bulgaria that's similar, a small simple farm growing peppers and chillis, hosting people doing Workaways for up to 90 days.
3 days ago
Saana, when you do this, please share in a project thread! I would love to see how it works for you!

John C Daley wrote:I can suggest that if you install a bigger tank, settlement and self cleaning may occur.

John, what's the minimal water volume needed for the self-cleaning to work?
1 week ago
Laura and anyone else increasing their pledge to get the amazing stretch goals, just make sure you changed your actual pledge to the $100 level rather than added extra $ to a lower level.
To get the goodies it's essential to use the "Manage your pledge" and then "change your pledge" option on the Kickstarter home page rather than add to your existing pledge!
Unfortunately the way the Kickstarter system works it's possible for folks to pay $100 (by say, adding a $20 gift to a previous $80 pledge) but not be eligible for the extras. The guys can only distribute these to those who Kickstarter tells them are in the actual $100 pledge level. I attached a screenshot showing what you should see on the Kickstarter homepage - the bottom right of my screenshot shows the actual pledge amount.
Please double check what you pledged to be sure you're not disappointed!
1 week ago
I'm so glad you found creative solutions to the problems, Kaarina! Only when we live in a house can we truly discover what does and doesn't work.
1 week ago