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Jesus-following retired RN, writer, and tomboy who never grew out of loving to play in the dirt and bash nails into chunks of wood.
East of England
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Recent posts by Jane Mulberry

Beautiful, Tom! I hope you find the right person to care for your heritage when the day comes that you no longer can.
1 week ago
I'm so sorry, Paul. Hoping that now her time has come, her passing is quiet and gentle.
And also sending love for everyone else dealing with the pain of losing a beloved companion. It's never easy.
2 weeks ago
Sorry, I'm having issues with Gumroad! No matter what card info I give them, they can't process my payment (weird, as I use these cards online most days!), and they've cancelled my preorder.
Would some lovely person in the US be kind enough to buy a gift token for the movie, pass it on to me, and I'll pay you for it via Paypal? No UK VAT would be involved as gifts of less than £3,000 are tax-exempt.
2 weeks ago
Thanks Paul. I will chase it up with Gumroad. They seem to have screwed up somewhere with this one!
2 weeks ago
I seem to have a problem accessing this. I preordered, got a message from Gumroad saying there was an issue with my card and they couldn't take payment. The card they had should have been fine, but I changed it to a different one. Now the movie shows in my library there, but I can't access it here, and I can't see how to find out if payment went through or not. Can someone help, please?
3 weeks ago
Yay! Well done! I'm so glad you made it.
I already subscribed weeks ago, though under my "work name" (my writing pen name) because that's the name my Google account is in. :)
3 weeks ago
What a shame that storm set back your beautiful work, Sophie! It will be wonderful when it's finished.
3 weeks ago
I really like the look for those masonry cookstoves - ideal for a small house!
3 weeks ago
iIt says 56 liters in the ad. So that's less than 1/4 the volume of a 55 gallon barrel, if liters and gallons in the US are the same as UK ones - 4.54L to the gallon.
It's hard to imagine how you'll fit a riser for a rocket heater inside that unless you're going for a really tiny one with no mass.

Disclaimer - I want to built a rocket mass heater in my cottage, so have been reading up on it, but my real hand-on experience is zero!

3 weeks ago
Denka, I'm actually Australian, but still in the UK.  My London days were back in the 90s when I first moved to the UK. Now I live with my husband in a small house with a tiny garden on the outskirts of a town.  He didn't have a clue when he bought the place, so it's west facing with a north facing garden! I've been able to establish a food hedge, but it's not as good as it good be. Unfortunately my husband inherited bare earth gardening ideas from his mother so keeps weeding out any understory plants I put in! His mother was so proud of her garden - all annuals carefully spaced in rows with bare earth in between, ripped out every autumn and replanted with newly purchased plants in spring, with all the fertility bought in via bags of compost from the garden centre.
I tried the allotments here, but they were very strict about keeping things annuals only, no fruits trees or shrubs allowed, the soil is solid clay, it's windswept and bleak, plus the council keep threatening to take it back and sell it to property developers! So I gave that up after one season.
I am also in the process of purchasing an old village house in Bulgaria on 2 decares. We've visited Bulgaria numerous times and talked about moving, but Brexit is an unwanted complication impacting both getting a visa and our finances. Also, though my husband might talk about emigrating, I doubt he ever will. In the meantime, I will visit the village house a couple of times a year to keep the roof intact and plant trees there, and it is my retirement/ widowhood/ mad old Englishwoman project!
3 weeks ago