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Jesus-following retired RN, writer, and tomboy who never grew out of loving to play in the dirt and bash nails into chunks of wood. Currently living in the UK, spending as much time as I can in rural Bulgaria, and hoping to talk my very English hubby into making the move there!
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Recent posts by Jane Mulberry

My new garden is semi-arid, so I'm not sure whether the typical raised hugel is a good option. Plus any wood I can get will be used as firwwood, not buried.If I could find punky wood, burying it in sunken beds might work.
2 days ago
I'm so sorry, John.
5 days ago
Oops, I forgot that swedes and turnips aren't the same!
1 week ago
I read this article earlier in the week - not much of a recipe given, but she does link to a few more: https://www.growforagecookferment.com/how-to-cook-turnips-and-their-greens/
1 week ago
Glad you have some good news! And orchard planting a a biggie!
1 week ago
That is soooo frustrating!

As you don't "need" the BBs, maybe keep a chart to validate for yourself the ones you've achieved? If you go through the BB lists you'll probably find more things you did but didn't have pics for, too. It sounds as if you've been busy achieving plenty, both in the day job (money always helps!) and your property.

Though it's nice to have the BBs too, the real value is in all that you've done.

Edited to add - my phone won't save photos to the SIM, either. I set it so it backs up to online storage whenever I'm somewhere the phone can access WiFi.
1 week ago

Joylynn Hardesty wrote:In my region, don't plant Comfrey in your driest spot. That plant is barely alive, dying back during our seasonal drought, waiting until spring to try again. Don't plant in full shade. They die. Plants in 6 hours of sun are more than twice the size of plants in 4 hours of sun.

This is why I haven't tried comfrey. I don't think it will be at all happy. I'm wondering about perhaps something from the borage family instead, as they may not be quite as good mineral accumulators but do produce  lot of biomass even in dry conditions and are also loved by pollinators.
1 week ago
I don't have an answer, but I think it's an excellent question!

I haven't got comfrey in my garden and am undecided whether it's worth planting any. I suspect it wouldn't be happy due to heat and dryness.
1 week ago
Great reminder, Kaarina! We used a soap shaker for dishwashing in my childhood in Australia.

I Googled and found there are a few European sites also selling similar, seems they are used in The Netherlands. I might get one. :)
1 week ago
Thank you so much!

After reading the book I'll return the blessing by leaving a review on Amazon.
2 weeks ago