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Recent posts by klara stinders

Winter, rosehip time!
Down at the river I found lots of rosehips, so after the first frost I went down there with a bag and a scale.
1 pound is 454 grams, I made sure I had a little more :) I washed them and let them air dry.

During the drying process, I did some research and learned about the irritating hairs inside the fruits, and I read many different options to deal with them: some remove the hairs when the rosehips are still fresh, some do it when they're fully dry, some leave the hairs in depending on what the rosehip will be used for, etc.
I decided to do the extra step and removed the hairs (as much as possible). When the fruits were dry, I crushed them with a garlic press and sifted them using a fine sieve. That didn't work at all (after 4 shakes the hairs had completely clogged up the fine holes of the sieve), so switched to a sieve with big holes. After at least half an hour of sieving (took more time than I had expected), most hairs and seeds had fallen through the sieve. I like the end product very much, and the seeds will go in the ground.
3 months ago

In case you didn't know there is another BB for doing leather maintenance on shoes/boots with stuff about how to renew waterproofing on boots!

Thank you for the tip, David, I have the documentation for the leather maintenance BB ready to upload soon, but for another pair of shoes
I have never conditioned the shoes I used for this BB, because I've heard that 'one shouldn't condition shoes that have the fancy waterproof layer in them'. I do not know whether that is true or not..
3 months ago
The stitching on my right shoe broke, another BB falling into my lap
I used the saddle stitch to repair it. First, I tried using waxed thread, but my needles kept breaking so I did a fall back to cotton thread. I need stronger needles :p

These shoes have a fancy waterproof layer somewhere hidden inside, I'm aware that I most likely punched through it with the needle, but I decided that it doesn't matter because I prefer 100% closed shoes over 100% waterproof shoes. All year around there are spiky plants and animals, and it rains about 10 times a year... Easy choices
3 months ago
This is the third spoon I ever made, but the first big spoon.
I used olive wood. The hardest part was where the handle meets the cup, if that description makes sense.
I don't know yet how thin I can go or how much power I can use before it would break, so that middle part is still quite thick, I find.
It will take many more spoons to find my confidence and take away more wood. Luckily my olive wood supply is kind of endless :D
Here are my 2 coat hooks made from green olive wood.
Peeled all the bark, did a bit of shaping, flattened the backing, finished with sanding paper, and done!  Lovely little project :)
A while ago, I made a handle for this axe. In a sense, I'm glad it broke now, so that I could properly document the construction of this handle

Made the new handle out of olive wood (just like the old one), and I decided to make it a little more light-weighted.
(I was so proud that my brain even went there: 'hmmmm, I would like my handle to be lighter and I want a sharper curve at the end'. When I made my first handle, it was more like: 'coooolllll, I'm going to make a handle for the axe' )

How it went: Roughly shaped the handle with the machete. The hardest part of the construction is where the axe has to fit on the wood, so before starting the finer work, I made sure I got the metal over the wood. Made the opening for the wedge, saw that it was probably going to be fine, so I then finished the rest of the handle, ending with making it smooth with sanding paper. Then I put the wedge went in, cut it flush, and done!
3 months ago
Hi there! A quick question.
Does repairing a tear in a blanket (see picture) qualify to get certified for this BB as well, or shall I find myself a blanket with a true hole?
Thank you!
3 months ago
I have wild asaparagus plants popping up everywhere on the terraces of my olive farm. which used to be heavily cultivated.
The soil is silt, temps over 40 degrees celcius in summer is normal, in winter we go below the freezing point. This year, we have had around 200mm of rain so far (we are in desperate need of more, the normal rainfall is around 350 mm a year...)
Wild asapargus does not care at all :-)
Quite a spiky plant though!
3 months ago