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Pan being cleaned.  See post above (no longer available for editing.)
I don't have a "shop" other than my garage -- which I am sharing with other people.  Most of the mess comes from one particular person who has hoarding tendencies (not me and dh.)  This is actually several hours of cleaning, even though it might not look like that.  A trip to the recycling center and thrift shop.  Dump is next on the list for things that are beyond use.  I picked up a Wall Control (https://www.wallcontrol.com/) system at the thrift shop cheaply because it was a wee bit dinged.  Love it!  Additional pieces are on my Christmas list.
6 days ago
Well put, Trace.  Discriminating against people who show up in filthy cars packed to the hilt, smelling of weed, with bass-heavy music that you can hear from a block away is a good move.  It depends on where you live, but being a landlord here is no longer profitable.  My neighbors took an older person who was going to be homeless into their home at no charge.  When the person starting violating their simple rules (don't smoke weed on my property, don't steal my food, don't be a hoarder), it took them six months to get her out.  And this is in their own home, where they were living.  Ended up having to evict her (with the all the costs that entailed.)  She left the night before the sheriff was due, and caused a lot of "screw you" damage.

I do know one person who's making money here.  He's basically a slumlord.  Says that he only rents to Section 8 with the knowledge that he's going to have to repair everything when they move out, and priced accordingly.  He does the bare minimum.  I wouldn't want to live in one of his properties.  Sucks for everyone, but that's what the rental laws here have done.

Pete Podurgiel wrote:Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles)

The brainpower and creativity to come up with this (and their others) is mind-boggling!
1 week ago
For those who miss the original Chicago...

1 week ago
MK, please see the linked article.  Indeed, you must rent to the first qualified applicant here.
Seattle area, it's new last year (or maybe earlier this year?)  And, of course, "Fair" Housing laws that protect many different classes.

Here's the write-up on it: https://crosscut.com/2019/11/wa-supreme-court-approves-seattle-law-requiring-landlords-accept-first-qualified-applicant (it was 2019)

William Bronson wrote:Of course being a landlord is a job in and of itself.  A tenant that won't wreck your place,  isn't needy or demanding, and pays well and on time will probably want a very nice house in a nice part of town.


In our area of the country, laws greatly favor the tenant.  Many know this and take advantage of it, using the law to screw the landlord.  We'll still considering it for the future, though.  If you're going to do it, spend a hundred hours perusing the forums at http://www.biggerpockets.com/.  These are landlords from all over, renting to all different types of people, in different situations.  They'll help you get started -- without those $999 classes.

John C Daley wrote:Having the place trashed is not nice, and it seems to be representative of particular people.

John, in the States, you don't get to choose not to rent to those people (insert whatever characteristic you want there -- who have you had bad experiences with?).  In our area, a landlord must rent to the first qualified applicant, regardless of whether a better applicant applies afterward.  They actually have people who run stings on this, fining the landlords heavily if they don't rent to the first person.