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Nicole Alderman wrote:As for knowing who did the moderating, I don't think it should matter.  

It only should matter if it's the same person moderating a poster over and over again.  It does feel that some of my posts that are innocent (seriously, the two lines that rhyme? How was that not nice? Or, posting that people shouldn't be fired over what they write online?) are much more heavily moderated than others in the same threads, but that do not take a different view than the mod.  I get that it's subjective.  However, when the subjective is noticeably biased, it's not right; it's just not.  Thanks for replying, Nicole and Raven.  I appreciate it.
Trying to figure out why my post regarding Breaking Free From Google was removed (thread here: https://permies.com/t/152056/Breaking-free-Google#1200415)

Also, I had a Purple Moosage disappear.  I thought those were messages to specific people that didn't belong in the general topic areas.

It's frustrating to post, checking to make sure that it's "nice," only to have an anonymous staff person remove it.  I understand they're volunteers and they have a lot on their plates, but it seems that it would be "nice" to know (a) who removed it -- even if it's "Staff 09", and (b) why it was removed.
I started with an 8qt stockpot and drained it into a 6qt one when finished (put the last of it into two 24 oz jars so it wouldn't overflow.)  Smells heavily of onions (a good thing!) and I'll probably use much of it as a base for onion soup.
I'm slowly disentangling from Google.  Going through ten years' worth of emails to see what I need to download and keep (not fun).  One thing that I've been doing for awhile is to login to YT when I'm busy with something else, and let it run on a playlist for something I have no interest in (Justin Bieber? Self-Nature Meditation? Al-Jazeera live?)  At least the data they DO have is worthless.  In the same way, I hit the ads that are totally irrelevant or disagreeable.
3 years ago
My brother did his Master's Thesis on this.  His conclusion:

NTs make the world go 'round
NFs give it a reason to do so
3 years ago
2 c. Basmati rice, 3.25 c. water, bring to boil, cover and let sit 20 mins.

Your clever little ditties about waste are have been persuading
But some people laugh at my compost pile; it's degrading
3 years ago

In a Nathan Fair kind of mood :-)
3 years ago