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Novice permie looking for friends with more experience, as well as an oportunity to share experience of my own.
Bristol, United Kingdom
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Recent posts by Jacob Spencer

Similar to what seems to have happened with others on this thread, I was not directed to Gumroad but instead straight to paypal.

Thank you again Nicole (and others working on this) for considering the non-US resident permies =)

Nicole Alderman wrote:We've made some more threads have the ability to purchase via gumroad if VAT gets in the way:

  • Building a Better World - ebook
  • Buidling a Better World - Audiobook (m4b)
  • Building a Better World - Audiobook (mp3/zip)
  • Care and Feeding of a Rocket Mass Heater

  • Excellent Nicole thank you very much!!
    I'm yet to find a forum as good as Permies for non-US residents so the more work done to open your market reach is highly appreciated =)

    paul wheaton wrote:What do you have in mind?

    Something along the lines of a UK based online shop as a test case for further application elsewhere.
    I'll do some reasearch and get back to you.

    Do any of your staff have experience with internation VAT managment or sales?

    paul wheaton wrote:If you live outside the US and buy a physical thing, we just charge the insane shipping costs.   And then any VAT stuff that comes after is apparently dealt with by the buyer when the package arrives.

    For digital stuff ...  we used to use the scubbly service.  And then one day the VAT police showed up and took two months of my income and said there was nothing I could do about it.  And all of scubbly closed.  

    Apparently, most countries in the world do this VAT thing.  And it is something like 20% to 25%.  And it sounds like you have to fill out a fuck ton of paperwork for every fucking country.  So for a $10 item I would need to add on $2.50 for the tax plus $40 for having to fuck with the tax.   Making the item priced so high that nobody would want it anyway - so it is just easier to not sell digital goods outside of the US.  

    If you are angry about this, I suggest that you kick a politician.  

    Here in Montana, USA, we have no sales tax.  (nor VAT).  Tax crap is processed once a year with income tax stuff (which, I'm pretty sure, all states also do).

    Paul, would you be interested in setting up some sort of international distribution partnership for the resources currently unavailible to non-US residents (like myself)?

    I have no experience in something like this but would be willing to get involved to help bring this to fruition.

    Neil G Jay wrote:Hi everyone. I'm a regular Permies reader and watcher from Pontarddulais, Wales in UK and regularly research for  formation on projects I'm looking to do. I have I've got an allotment which I have 2 Hugelkultur beds on and use the Ruth stout mulching method. I keep bees on my kitchen flat roof and grow a lot of my fruit and veg. My 3(about to be 4) children all love planting, and growing and eating what we grow. I don't use slug pellets ()instead I use slog gone) and plant more than I need to account for pests etc. I look to chop and drop weeds and share any glut of produce withe the local community via local churches. I'd be glad to hear if there were other permies users close to me.
    Regards to all

    Sounds like great fun Neil, we're not too far away (1hr 28mins according to GMaps) in Bristol.

    I hope you and the family are well? Is Pontarddulais locked down at the moment?

    1 month ago
    Hi fellow brits!

    We (My wife, little girl and me) are from Bristol but are currently doing some work with a christian organisation serving the Roma community in Tinca, Romania.

    Love to you all from The Spencers =)
    1 month ago

    Jordan Holland wrote:

    Carla Burke wrote:
    Here's a good article about "wood ash lye" soap: https://classicbells.com/soap/woodAshLye.asp#:~:text=Wood-ash%20lye%20is%20a%20solution%20of%20mostly%20potassium,which%20means%20it%20will%20be%20a%20soft%20paste.

    Thank you Jordan this WAS a helpful article and has saved me a lot of trial and error

    2 months ago