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T Bate

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since Nov 15, 2020
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fungi foraging greening the desert
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Recent posts by T Bate

Lorinne Anderson wrote:Often HOW you answer the phone deals with this issue very simply.

Normally I answer the phone in "business mode" such as "Lorinne speaking, how may I help you?".

The problem I have is that these are robocalls and no human ever shows up. I have even picked up the phone and said nothing, and they start in with their spiel about how they have mailed me about my car warranty and I really need to respond, . . . etc.
10 months ago

Ben Zumeta wrote:I also do not answer unknown numbers anymore.

Same here. I only answer it if I'm expecting a call from a repair service, etc. My voice mail is not set up, so they don't get any answer at all. Also, my number is from a state I lived in 7 years ago, and the odds of an unknown number from that state being someone I know is really close to zero.
10 months ago

Heather Sharpe wrote:Years ago, I put my number on the national do not call registry. It's pretty easy and I rarely get spam calls.

I put my cell phone # on the registry years ago. I still get the car warranty people calling me. It's always a robot, and trying to say any of the things suggested in this very entertaining thread is useless. I once stayed on the line long enough for them to say to press (2, I think) if I wanted to stop receiving calls. I did so, and the calls came more frequently. I have never, ever heard a real person on the line. I block the number and they call again from a different one. It makes me wonder if they're stealing bona fide numbers from somewhere. Because I'm on the dnc registry, I know they are scammers.
10 months ago
I looked up misfits and they don't ship to Wyoming, apparently. Sigh.
10 months ago
Perhaps peppermint plants grown around the perimeter of the house?

And, for motorcycles, grow a big peppermint patch and park the motorcycle there?
10 months ago
When I first came here and read the rules, I was like, "Whoa!" At the same time, I recognized that this is Paul's site and he can make the rules. I'm a guest here (and thank you for making this site that has more info than I have ever seen in one place). After I posted a few times, though, I noticed that I was being more mindful of my words on other sites. A politeness/niceness I had never thought of before was infesting my online behavior. For that reason, I'm very glad Paul made the rules he has.

Also, I came across a thread a few years old where someone was trying to plant trees in an area where the locals said it couldn't be done. I asked how it had gone. She hadn't succeeded, so far. When I came back to the thread, I saw several posts with ideas of how it might possibly be done. I saw the posts as supportive and informative and, since I live in the same state albeit on the southwestern side, I found many things I could use once I'm able to get my own property (whether it is in this state or another).
Is there a way to go to the first unread post in threads we've bookmarked or watched? I can't find any way to do that.
I ordered two of these (one for the friend who introduced me to permaculture years ago). I really, really like them. The only problem I have is that I need a magnifying glass to read the words.
1 year ago

Isabella Love wrote:Management replaced the stove immediately. I'm feeling very grateful right now.

I am so glad you told them and that they replaced that immediately. You were in a dangerous situation imo.

1 year ago