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I use farmOS to keep track of a moderately large rabbitry ~70 rabbits. farmOS doesn't have any rabbit-specific functionality out of the box, but it does have a rock-solid data model for keeping track of animal locations, weights, and various other data - photos, logs, etc.

On top of that I have written a prototype tool I call "Rabbit Link" which is linked to by a QR code on each rabbit cage. The tool helps automate some of the routine data management and works offline as a PWA. The tool wouldn't be trivial to share at this point, but I'm eventually hoping to release it as a contrib module for farmOS and would be happy to collaborate if that's of interest.
2 months ago
I'm also curious whether this worked out for OP...

In case others run into this and are looking for a good beginner/intermediate reference on how to get started with the tissue culture stuff, check out 'Plants from Test Tubes' by Kyte, Kleyn, Et al. You definitely don't need perfect lab conditions to get started with tissue culture.
3 months ago
I've had really good results with Aphidius colemani (a kind of aphid wasp) for resolving aphid outbreaks on rice plants in indoor growth chambers. Unfortunately, they were a bit too effective and would wipe out the whole aphid population then experience a population crash when the "food" was gone - growth chambers are a bit too small of a system to easily establish a stable equilibrium.
3 months ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:
Other options, as you've noted: Some people try to insulate their fridges from the outside.

For others reading this thread and getting ideas, make sure to not insulate the part of the fridge where the heat is supposed to escape. In some cases it may be prohibitively complex to add very much insulation value at all since large parts of the surface may be designed as heat sinks. Fridges work by pumping heat from inside to the outside, but if you insulate around them it will trap that heat and make them inefficient, run all the time, and prone to failure.

It's also worth noting that if the fridge is electric, inside your house, and you're heating that house with electricity, any inefficiencies in the fridge will be in the form of waste heat which would otherwise need to be created by your primary heating system. This means that during the cold months you might not be saving energy by modifying/upgrading your fridge - though your could certainly improve your peace of mind by making it run less if it's noisy.
4 months ago
Not sure about buying it, but we make poplar salve by by soaking the buds in oil (usually olive) in a warm place like near the wood stove for a couple weeks/months.

Applied topically it seems to help rabbits with healing of all sorts and can be used to treat ear mites also.
4 months ago
Some kinds of seeds may actually germinate significantly better if they pass through a bird gut first. Not sure about blackberries, but I might guess they'd be one of those.
4 months ago
Not to alarm you, but depending on how your rabbitry is protected, it could also be a predator attacking from outside the cage - or even just scaring the rabbit into hurting itself.

If the floor of your cage is rough/wire, a temporary solution can be to give the injured rabbit a board they can sit on. They will poop/pee on it though so it has to be taken out and cleaned/replaced periodically.
4 months ago
One interesting nuance to this topic that doesn't seem to be getting much airtime is that "real sounding" is super subjective and (perhaps naively on my part) appears to be mostly influenced by western/colonial roots.

A westerner can jam together a common first name and a slightly less common last name as a pseudonym and be pretty confident that it will fit in with the other "real names" on this forum. However, as an example, I'm guessing quite a few of the top names someone from South Africa might consider normal (ref: ) wouldn't pass that same test. (e.g. "Junior", "Gift", "Prince", "Innocent")

I'm not trying to start a fight here or attack the idea of promoting a certain flavor for this forum, but I do want to point out that it creates a kind of bias and potential inertia against greater multiculturalism if an existing population is dictating whose names do or don't "sound real".

Why should some folks have to be more careful about using their name or choosing pseudonyms from their proximal culture(s) than others? Does that really promote the flavor this forum seeks to cook up?
Some considerations that haven't been mentioned yet;

  • There are a lot of different variations of 5 gallon buckets - ones without the rubber gasket or ones where the lid and/or that gasket is damaged will not be as effective at keeping moisture/oxygen/bugs out
  • Vacuum sealing creates a lot of waste plastic that mostly gets thrown away after a single use
  • Old rice/legumes can be used for making Koji/Miso - the enzymatic action will likely mitigate most of the hardening from age

  • 4 months ago
    Depending what you're using the frames for, it may make more sense to put a piece of ~1"x1" material vertically in each corner. Such pieces could be ripped out of the (denailed) structural pallet boards and would probably yield more in terms of strength/rigidity than any joint you could do directly between the ends of the pallet surface boards.
    5 months ago