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since Dec 25, 2020
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Wife of a retired Army guy. Mom of 3. I love the "old ways" of doing things. Always striving to learn more about good stewardship. Love a good thrift store!
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Middle Georgia, Zone 8B
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Recent posts by Stacie Kim

In a freak accident today, a photographer was killed when a huge lump of cheddar landed on him. To be fair, the people who were being photographed did try to warn him.
2 years ago
What's brown and sticky?

A stick.
2 years ago
What's the difference between an alligator and a crocodile?

You'll see one later, and the other in a while.
2 years ago
I harvested a second watermelon today. This one topped 15 lbs!

Calories from this watermelon = 2,140
Running Total = 18700

2 years ago

Su Ba wrote:
I notice that you weigh things with the parts that are usually discarded, such as a pumpkin with its rind and seed core. How much impact do you think that makes in your calorie calculations?

I handle that in a couple of ways:

1. I always round downward, both with harvest weights and calories calculated. For example, if a fruit weighs 9 lbs 2 ounces, I always round down to 9. If my research suggests something would yield 949 calories, I will round down to 940.
2. I try to waste nothing. Pumpkin rinds are difficult, I admit. I usually pare as closely as I can , so the least amount is wasted. I often roast the pumpkin seeds.

I have a watermelon rind pie recipe that gets good reviews. It's a good way to use even the white parts of the watermelon. I'll post my recipe soon.

I have also used your strategy for calculating food needs. For instance, if I want to serve green beans to my family once a week, that means I need to harvest 52 quarts. I still use that concept for how much to "put up" for the year.

I'll admit both concepts have really opened my eyes to how much food it takes to feed a family from my property.
2 years ago
(((permie hugs)))
I'm sorry, Trace.
2 years ago

Our Home Depot and Lowe's both give military discounts. Lowe's gives their military members a little key chain fob thing that we can scan at checkout for our discount. Home Despot Depot requires us to track down an employee to put in the special discount code. Finding an employee is quite the challenge.

Our superstore has like 20 cash registers. No more than 2 are open at any given time. The rest is self-checkout only. And now several of those machines are out of order. And one frazzled employee running around trying to help all the customers who need help with the self checkout.
2 years ago
Picked the first Crimson Sweet watermelon today. 12 pounds exactly.

12 lbs watermelon = 1630 calories

Running Total: 16,560
2 years ago

Joshua Bertram wrote:The thing is, I'm not allowed to donate, sell, or give away anything I get from work.  They've already declared it a loss, and I think they're worried about things being double tax written off if that makes sense?  So I could theoretically get a write off from the shelter if I were to donate it, and  the company I work for already wrote it off as a loss.  They tell us all the time they'll stop giving the stuff away if they find we're not using it for self use.  Do I think I'd get caught?  No, but there's no reason to break the rules either.  

Bummer. It makes sense from an accounting view, and there is indeed no reason for you to break the rules. Especially if it means your boss will stop giving stuff away to some people who could really use it.

I thought about wetting it and giving it to the chickens, but I have so much of it, and it would take so much time to wet it, and then give it to the birds.  Not to mention it's 105'ish every day here with humidity in the teens.  It wouldn't stay wet very long.  It's a good idea, and if I had more time I'd do it if they liked it.  Unfortunately it's just me, and I work 12 hour days, so I just don't have the time/energy to deal with another "chore".

Also understandable.

I wasn't thinking it'd be a "waste" to put it in the compost pile.  From what I read on google, it's an awesome fertilizer once it's broken down.   I was actually thinking it was a really good way to put it to use so it wasn't wasted.   The chickens and I would be eating it eventually, just in a different form.

I'll have to think on it some more.

Thanks for the advice!

I wouldn't think it'd be a "waste" either. It's all going back to the earth where it came from. I'm interested to know what you decide to do. And how you like the results.
2 years ago