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Recent posts by Doreen Smith

Hi all,
I am 60 years old and terminally single. I am an artist looking for land up north I am in New England. And I do have a tiny house and I would like to start a small farm. I still don’t know if I want animals that’s a whole other level of work ( well definitely chickens at the very least) but I absolutely want to be in the mountains and off the grid and near a water source, and very much away from most people.

I have built small structures and work with herbs, can, cook, and garden. I’m a non religious spiritual person who loves wildlife, trees, plants and respects all life.  

It would be so nice to have a partner although it seems like it might be easier to win the lottery at this point in my life. But as I read through this lovely thread, I can’t help but see all the other people interested in this lifestyle, many of whom already have their land but some of you -if you don’t have land and you’d like to contact me - maybe live on my land help out, I don’t know just seeing a lot of other single women out there in my age group and feeling like maybe we could help each other ….. that said, I know it gets complicated though when you put a couple of humans together lol. Just thinking out loud, but  if I could choose the best possible outcome for myself, it would be to find someone again and head on into my last third of my life with a partner.

If not, I’ll do it alone and sublet to people and look for help that way -maybe I could woof, etc. But having a partner would be lovely. I’m not willing to relocate out of New England.  

I think it’s so wonderful that there are people our age also willing to do this. I’ve waited my whole life to do this and I’ve wanted to do this my whole life. And I can’t wait. Good luck to everyone here.

Give me a shout if you want to stay in contact as friends etc.
6 months ago
Hi Dave,
I’m interested in chatting if you are still looking. I am in the northeast. I’m 60 and build sheds and garden also an artist and am retiring in February. Looking to begin this life. Drop me a note if interested
6 months ago
Hi Daniel
Contact me if on the east coast.  Sounds amazing.
6 months ago
Nice ! I’m in New England and also looking. I’m older than you but wish you the best of luck. Have looked at lots of properties in Maine it’s gorgeous
6 months ago
I found this informative thread in a search.  I am looking to heat water from my wood stove also.  Did you ever resolve this issue ? I’d love an update! I have just finished the exterior of my tiny house and want to design the inside to include off grid hot water.  Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.
3 years ago