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Christian apologist, software engineer and business consultant working toward a degree in permaculture design.
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1 acre is 6,272,640 square inches and you want half an inch in volume so we can just divide the area by half for 3,136,320 then convert to gallons which turns out to 13,577.14 and if you round up you get 14,000 gallons.

That checks out.. I don't think whether in the top 10 inches or down to bedrock matters if you are calculating volume at 1771 x 1771 x 0.5 since it is only for half an inch across the whole acre....

wait a minute....lets do the math with cubic acres instead of square acres..

So to get how many cubic inches are in a square acre you get the square root of 6,272,640 and cube it to get: 15,709,976,839 so that is the volume of an acre in cubic inches. 5% of that is 785498842 cubic inches or 3,400,427 gallons. The total height is 2504 cubic inches but we are only interested in the top 10 inches.

Screw it, its late I'm tired so I googled a "topsoil calculator" and 1/2inch on an acre is 2 cubic feet which in gallons is 14.96104 rounded to 15 gallons. How this magic calculator gets to that math I have no idea, I would probably figure it out eventually but area to volume conversions hurt my brain.

15 gallons of biochar..  yay

But if you ordered 14,000 gallons before you saw this...send pics. XD

2 hours ago
Alright, I had a beautify articulated post written out a few days ago but realized I could not post here without pie and lost it....I am now back with a fist full of pie, but I can't remember exactly what I wrote so yall get a mediocre paraphrase.

Government has a 100% historical failure rate (its almost like people don't like it when somebody from far away they never met tells them what to do and how to do it). Personally I put my faith in my religion (more accurately a personal relationship) because unlike most governments that fall into civil war or get conquered (and are changed as a result) Christianity has always had someone in the group that has kept it the same as it was 2000+ years ago (despite some groups trying to turn it into a government). Where as the United States has set a record of lasting a bit over 200 years (not resetting the count at a civil war). I have no doubt it will fail like all other governments before it.

The focus should be local and on the people & land around you. I have found that when I stick to God's designs in nature and listen to him, even when my circumstances suck (government caused or not) all will be fine.
3 hours ago
I did some calculations a while back and if you divided the total habitable land mass of the earth between the population everyone could each get ~5 acres....Dibs on any volcanos..
3 hours ago
Has anyone tried scaling up rocket technology for fun or for some use case? How did that go, what did you use it for? Is it possible to reach a scale where it is worth it to slap a turbine inside or a sterling engine on top?
3 hours ago
I've got 72 square feet of blue periwinkle, it is pretty easy to just pull up by hand then lay cardboard over it to keep the shoots from coming up.


-Locally it goes for $7 for a small potted start; I should probably just sell it.

-When it is big and mature makes great cordage, you could try and weave some rope or baskets.

-Medicinally it can be used to remedy mensural bleeding (internal/external astringent), sore throat (gargle it) and diarrhea (ingest it...I guess).

As for permanently getting rid of it I have no idea.
1 day ago
I bet this guy lives in Portland. lol
1 day ago
Great idea, time to go door to door asking neighbors for their dead pets!


Ken Poythress wrote:and I'm not are about the Signature bit.

The signature is set under the "General information about yourself" tab in the profile settings near the bottom.
I had someone in another thread recommend to me a trampoline frame as a trellis for kiwi.
3 days ago
Cut blackberry vines or other pointy plants also work, maybe burn the ends though so prevent any cuttings from taking root.