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Recent posts by Kim Huse

WARMTH...the ability to go outside and sit in the warm sun and soak up that warmth...ahhh..does theses ol' Dragonbones good...and seeing the bees and butterflies waking up and  starting to do their thing....
1 year ago
I have been reading these, and I do this, too! Especially the talking to whatever I am working with, 'encouraging' whatever it is to work with me, and if it doesn't, I usually get to the point of " I may not win the battle, but I WILL WIN THE WAR!"  and  that usually has my husband peeking his head around the corner to see if I need help..*LOL*

But I also sing, talk to myself ( hey, we all need expert advice, and usually, *I* am the expert! lol) , talk to plants, play music and sing along, etc, etc...good to know that I am not the only one who does these things.
1 year ago
Hi! This is from Youtube:

some good ideas and tips on how to mount things under glass.

Use archival mats, background mat used, papers, and frames; and hang it where sunlight and fluorescent light can not hit it; UV lights, even from florescent lights, is one of the largest destroyers of keep sakes mounted in shadow boxes.  
1 year ago
Re: glitter

I happen to like glitter. to a degree; but as someone said somewhere, glitter is the herpes of the crafting world....its like sand; unless corralled, it gets into EVERYHTING
1 year ago
I like the concept of the 4 homes to a  block, maybe up to 4 stories tall.  In fact, MOST buildings in Dallas/Forth Worth area are single or 2 story, maybe 3 to 4, except for Silicon Row and other downtown buildings; but thats downtown Dallas; and those buildings have been up for decades, some going on 100 years or more, and they all have some type of structural problems.

However, there are those who are disabled, either by accident or from birth, who would be unable to walk or go up stairs; they are confined to wheelchairs or other mobility aids.  I am presuming that there would be access up onto sidewalks for those mobility aids, and that the available housing would be on ground level, and that there would be ways to get into the building for those of us disabled.

However, what if the only available housing is on the second, third or 4th floor? What happens then to that disabled person who can not climb stairs? or even a ramp?

Yeah, I know I am playing Devil's advocate; but I myself am disabled, and I know a few others here are as well...and we have the right to live independently if we wish, with proper accommodations.

1 year ago

YES! This investment thing is getting out of hand; every time you turn around, there's a 'bubble' that bursts; and the housing investment market is one of the worst bubble makers there is! We had one helluva time 6 years ago when we had to move out of the complex we lived in because the rent was going to be more than 1/2 of our income at the time, and  getting a house would drop that payment back down to 1/4 of our income.  And even then, then we ended up in a fringe area, that is between the really bad part of town and what would be considered a middle-class area; and  we have a lot of differing family and  ethinic groups here, and we are also one of the areas that were 'bypassed' in the 1920's through the 1960s  for  major roads, good supermarkets, etc, because of the 'perception' of racism at the time' things are sslloowwllyy getting corrected...but geez....

My husband and I, and our friends, are in the middle-to late=middle age group, and its been  a real big pain in the a$$ to watch our nieces and nephews and extended chosen family members, try to get loans here recently on DECENT, move-into-condition houses just to LIVE IN.  The current recession will help a bit; bit by all that's powering the cogs in the Universe, as greedy human beings try to 'win' back their losses, it will do it once again!  We live in Dallas, Tx; and the  find a home on a decent area at a decent price has knocked ssoo many people who would qualify  tot he curb, it isn't funny; and yes, the prices are dropping, but oh-so-very-slowly...

I want to go out and strangle the person who thought to look at anyone's home as an 'investment', and then work the market to artificially  inflate the value. GGGRRR.......I just wanna stomp EVEYRONE who has been on that particular train, STOMP SOME SENSE INTO THEM!

ok, rant over...thank you for letting me vent...
1 year ago
THis is what I do:

I find someone who has done the work to make say, the hand forged knife, and have them for sale. Since I am a hand crafter, I know what goes into making items, and that I am buying a piece of that person's time and life when I purchase a product, so I look at what I need, and if its a do-able project, within my resources, I will make it; if it isn't, I will purchase it.

the GREAt advantage to making items is when they break, we can usually come up with a repair for it; other  items we paid for, not so much. but it does help if the  person who made it has a warranty on the item, something I have used before to repair something that ended up being broken somehow under regular use.
1 year ago
there's also arnica gel, put out by Boiron, and there's  arnica/calendula skin ointment put out by DeLaCruz; the gel works very well for helping with the ache and with healing; the DeLaCruz ointment will help with pain, and will last me for 48 hours until I need to re-apply. I use both a LOT; the DeLaCruz is very cost efficient; it doesn't take a lot to help even my chronic issues.

Another great solution is get cheap vodka or real witch hazel;  Thayer's facial toner is good; and get some dried arnica flowers; that one you can get online from several suppliers, put your dry arnica into a clean container  and then add the vodka or the witch hazel to cover the  dry  arnica to about an inch above  it, cap it, put it in a dark cabinet or closet that does not get direct light; and remember to shake it up daily, and then decant in about 3 weeks, keep the now Arnica liquid in a dark bottle with a airtight lid or cap;  to use, use a cotton swab, soak it and apply to the area; can also be added to fractionated coconut oil, or use as is. A little goes a long way.

If the Thayers or vodka is out of your price range, e rubbing alcohol also works to make the arnica liquid with, follow the same steps as above.  
1 year ago