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Yes it is.!  The price was recently reduced to 239,500.  You can also view it on Zillow in Ferrum VA
$244,500  Well Built Mountain home and small farm on 9.68 Acres in Ferrum VA.  Features a wood and glass greenhouse, fenced garden with irrigated, raised beds, bee hives, and chicken yard with chickens. Property also includes a full orchard, (Apple, peach, plum, cherry, pear, persimmon) grape arbor, and berry bushes. (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry) Property has a large storage barn with 4 rooms and 2 covered lean-tos. Well, septic and many springs. Land is mostly mature hardwoods with a full canopy and flat plateau through the center plus 2 year round creeks. Entire 9.68 acres has been cleaned of underbrush and has a ''Park-Like'' feel. There is also an 8 x 10 stone lined pond with waterfall in the side yard with many rare conifers. The interior of the house is dated, but in excellent condition. Large fireplace with glass and screen doors that includes a blower. I heat the house with it.  Living room has 2 sliding glass doors that open to a deck that runs the length of the house and overlooks the property. Basement/first floor is a walkout with 3 finished rooms, possibly 4th bedroom on one side with storage on the other. Middle floor is Kitchen, dining, Living, bedroom, full bath and laundry. 3rd floor is an office loft, Master bedroom with a balcony and half bath. Surrounded by forest and privacy, the home is 2 miles from the village of Ferrum, 12 Miles to Rocky Mount VA, and 31 miles to Roanoke VA. Rocky Mount has a Walmart, Lowes, exc.  It is worth noting that MJ was just legalized in Virginia, with growing allotments per family.   Joan 919 703 3311  link to Farm Images


Land is free of chemicals.  100% organic practices.

Raised beds contain permanent plantings of asparagus, strawberries, and herbs, medicinal and culinary.

3 established bee hives stay with the property.

Chickens stay with the property.

The well is drilled into a spring head.

The creeks that flow through the property originate on undeveloped property and flow through natural forest.  They are pristine.

The greenhouse was designed to have solar added.  both greenhouse and outbuilding are wired and have water.
I am a single woman on an established property.  I am looking for long term families or individuals who want to enjoy and participate in a rural farm setting.  There is a home on the property and I am building 2 more small homes for these families.  I feel like three families on this property would be perfect!  This farm is not off grid but has many possibilities for sustainability.  I have posted videos of the property on my youtube channel.
labeled Farm 1 thru 7.  The homes I am building will be rented for 600 a month until they are paid for.  The farm is located in Ferrum VA.  I want to create a family environment with people who love to garden and appreciate nature.
4 months ago
I am a single female in a very rural area.  I have a Belgian Malinois.  The dog was the best investment i've made in a while.  Pick your watch dogs carefully folks.  There are some breeds that protect by instinct, Belgians are one of them.
5 months ago
I am a single female looking for friends to help me care for 10 beautiful acres in franklin county VA.  The property has mountain streams and many springs. I have already built raised beds, a greenhouse, have chickens, bees, rabbits.   I just can't do it alone.  Would love to talk to anyone willing to relocate and help out.
5 months ago