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since Feb 27, 2021
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I’ve been fascinated by plants, trees, ecosystems and the environment for almost 50 years.

I transformed my own half an hectare (1.25 acres) of the most desolated, high altitude mountainside land within 5 years into a lush, abundant, fruit and vegetable producing food forest.

I’ve made almost every possible mistake along the way, and now I’m sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who gets excited about growing their own food, live a sustainable lifestyle, and be a positive change in the world...
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
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Recent posts by N. Neta

M. Phelps wrote:thank you for creating this thread
i have to admit i have been kind of struggling a bit lately and this has been a good outlet
you have yourselves a wonderful day

Great to have you back M. Phelps.
And thank you for sharing your beauty.
I could really use it today...
1 month ago

Antonio Hache wrote:Hola! This link might be useful for you. Eric Toensmeier wrote a book on perennial vegetables, and he made a relation of vegetables really to thrive here:

Perennial vegetables

Thanks a million, Antonio, for the link.
Much appreciated.
1 month ago
[quote=Abraham Palma]In the end, there are not many perennial vegetables in the region, so maybe we would have more luck with self-seeding especies. It hard to be a lazy gardener![/quote]
Thank you for your contribution, Abraham...
I don’t really care if the perennial vegetables are originally Mediterranean...
I just want more that can grow in our Mediterranean climate.
1 month ago

Burra Maluca wrote:Taken this afternoon.

Gorgeous, Burra...
Thank you for sharing.
1 month ago

Abraham Palma wrote:You are forgetting the vines, most of them are perennial:
grapes, berries and the likes. Although, they should count as fruit, I guess.

True, Abraham...
But yes... in this thread I wanted to focus on perennial vegetables as those are fewer and rarer than fruits (or berries).
What perennial vegetables do you grow in the South of Spain?
Greetings from the Canary Islands...
1 month ago
Day 30 of my Capture Beauty Challenge.

I find bees so beautiful...
This one I saw this morning...

I would love to see what beauty you captured today.
1 month ago

Ben Lynde wrote: I just want to throw in one more thing the wife and I love about keeping ducks as opposed to chickens - they sound like ducks.

Good point for some folks to consider, Ben.
We actually have 14 hens and a rooster, but here it’s all good.
Make it an awesome day.
1 month ago

Burra Maluca wrote:I took this earlier today, too, on the top of the hill behind my house.

Beautiful photos from the last 2 days, Burra.
Your place in Portugal and the flowers reminds me of those in our place in Tenerife...
Thank you for sharing your beauty.
1 month ago

Kristin Ludwig wrote:My experience is strictly from a beginner’s perspective.  We brought home three Buff Orpington ducks last March 16th...

Brilliant, Kristin.
This is really helpful.
Thank you so much.
1 month ago
Day 29 of my Capture Beauty Challenge.

First time my tomatoes are so early...

I find them beautiful...

Looking forward to see what beauty you captured today.
1 month ago