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Worked as an electronic tech in the Navy which led to computers and networking. I'm about to fully retire and make a go at a homestead while the wife still works from home.
NW Arkansas
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Understand, but this was the 60's and I didn't have much choice in the matter. I'm not advocating this form of protection, just sharing my experience.
I definitely agree one should check regulations. Thank you for pointing that out! I didn't think anyone today would even consider doing this, so I overlooked the law aspect.
I don't know how effective  grandpa's method was. I don't know how many were repeat customers. If you kill one, another will take its place.
Most, if not all, raptors are protected by law and one could get themselves into a whole, big ball of worms by molesting one. I always advocate proper fencing and secure buildings for livestock over killing wildlife.
10 hours ago
It's simply a trap that grabs the critters leg and holds it until released. They ones he used were a scaled down version of the traps used on a trap line for skunks and possums.
11 hours ago
I remember as a kid on my grandpa's turkey farm we had issues with owls. Grandpa sat leg hold traps on the tops of the corner posts and catch them. You can't imagine how terrifying those things are up close to a 3 year old. He'd throw a burlap bag over it, release the trap and scream at the owl when it got out of the bag.
He didn't want to kill them, he just wanted his livestock left alone. He figured they'd stay away after that treatment.
I like to believe he was right...
11 hours ago
That first cup of very strong, black coffee sitting on the front porch of my shop early in the morning...
16 hours ago
You are exactly correct. The idiots will be the losers in the long run. They may have stuff, but they won't have family and the family they do have have already proven they'll turn on ya! I value family love over stuff any day!
17 hours ago
Greed does nasty stuff to people. Just gather more stuff you can't take with you. My sister showed up to my dad's funeral with a box truck, a trailer and reinforcements.

For what it's worth, I think you and your hubby did the right thing. Those idiots will tear themselves apart now. It's just like a pack of dogs, one of them gets to dragging a leg and the rest jump him. They'll turn on the weakest one next.

Stay strong for your family!!
17 hours ago
Sorry, I wasn't aware it grew everywhere.

18 hours ago
I have Echinacea growing wild down a highway I use every day. I'm going to stop and pick a bunch of them in order to grow them on my place. My stepson is into herbal medicines so thought a ready supply to treat me might be good!
I intend to get a bag full of flowers with about 6 inches of stem to dry and remove seeds for next year. I haven't done this yet, but it is getting close. The petals are drooping. Damn gravity and old age!
I'm going to gather a bunch, far more that I'm willing to mess with. I'm just gonna sprout 20 or so to get them growing on my place. I could be sweet talked into sharing those seeds, although bribery will get you everywhere. 🙂 Who am I kidding? I could be bribed with a cookie and half a glass of cold milk!
Send a moosage and I'll give my physical address. You send a self addressed, stamped envelope and I'll send you some seeds. If I only get a few responses you're gonna get a lot of seeds🤣🤣🤣
22 hours ago
One Second After by William R. Forstchen

It's the tale of the journey of a NC town after an EMP takes out all electronics. Very scary stuff and a must read!!
1 day ago
Not sure at all how the laws are outside the US.