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Lisa Huisingh

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since May 10, 2021
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Born and raised in the beautiful PNW with a strong connection to water and nature. I have 5 amazing children (all far from being anything alike which keeps things exciting) and now, a Nana to 4 strappin grandsons.  I dream of living off grid every day for the last 20 years but yet... here I am still here in a rental blowing money on a place I can't call home. I've set a 5 year plan in action, find a remote job, pay off debt, stuff the mattress and find land! My dream is of 2 parts or all in the same; find like-minded people who are willing to take over a ghost town and fix it to a healthy habital and factual homestead.  Or, find a large spot off a river where I can build shanties with earth friendly reclaimed material for friends, family and myself of course to get away. I would never leave however
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Seattle, WA
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Recent posts by Lisa Huisingh

I love all these ideas! By finding useful ways to upcycle appliance's, It's helping with our huge waste issue that's distroying our planet.
Thank you sharing!
1 year ago
Give 12 books to a gregarious, extroverted friend who has no problem giving books to people....
That would be me!  I'm always buying and gifting books I feel worthy of enlightenment and these seem to fit that category IN THE MOST SERIOUS WAY!  I would be my honor to share your books!!!
I'm very interested in hope's that this might help keep my girls healthy and help with my personal allergy to eggs. Yes, sadly I'm allergic to my own girls eggs  But I love them and will indulge on one or 2 randomly. However, when I click on your site you provide it comes up error, page unavailable.  
2 years ago

Thank you so much for welcoming me to the forum.  
I'm not sure yet how to maneuver through everything (soooo much information to sift through) as of yet but I am excited to get started.
What brought me to you was a statement I read about willed land.  I would love to learn more about this.  
Not that I am one for handouts (I pride myself on working hard for what I earn) but they the market has blown up in the PNW and being 55 living paycheck to paycheck...
well lets just say I'm praying for a small or big miracle.  
Can anyone tell me more about "willed land" ?

Thank you!!!

3 years ago