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currently in Wembley, AB - moving to Southern BC soon!
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Recent posts by Lana Berticevich

I am grateful that I was able to write an entire 76 thousand word book in a week.

My sister is doing the proofreading, my two adult daughters will do the cover art, and my step-mum said she will do the book summary.

I am so grateful for family that is willing to help me and who care so much about me.

Also grateful that whatever creative dam I had prior to last weekend finally broke! Now I have three more books on the go. 1 is the 2nd book to book 1 and two are different stories.

Not a book about permaculture - as I am a noob
9 months ago
Welcome to Permies Susan,

any info on growing enough beans is always welcome.


10 months ago
Thank you for this download! I love Permaculture Magazine
1 year ago

Katie Nicholson wrote:Stumbled on this article today while looking for a recipe and thought it was a nice, detailed rundown of how to reheat various foods without a microwave.

Katie - thanks for sharing that article;

The method which is :adding a bit of water to the leftovers in a cast iron pan and putting a lid on it to "steam" it to warm temperature - that is what I have used for years. I despise the microwave. This method works for casseroles, and any other sauce-less leftovers. Rice and noodles are especially good like this. If the sauce is a thick sauce, like plum sauce on asian type pork, that works this way too.

1 year ago
Hi Ashley,

I loved reading this blog/thread. I wish you much success with your plans in 2022/2023. It all sounds great!
1 year ago
I gave up on wheat, yet I do some baking with oat flour,rice flour, coconut flour, almond flour.

I have used my vitamix to turn soaked rolled oats into flour, yet I have not tried it with whole oat berries. I am not even sure where to buy them, as I haven't thought of this before reading through this thread.

The other flours, I have purchased as flour.

I have used soaked walnuts, ground finely in the vitamix, as an addition to something baked also.

I typically make gluten free cookies, biscuits, and also dumplings in soup, and I am going to try making dehydrated crackers soon.

A grain grinder like the one being offered on this site as a giveaway - well that would make it a lot easier to grind dry grains. I wonder if it can be used with soaked/wet grains also?

1 year ago
Welcome Ginny, so nice to have you with us! :)
1 year ago

YES! We should start emailing as many people as we can about this. If I am going to do this in my own country, I would need to figure out how to acquire email addresses of Doctors, Scientists, Botanists, Artisans, Mathematicians, Chemists, Microbiologists, Ecologists, Veterinarians, Farmers etc.  

I actually have no idea if there is any areas that would be considered deserts in Canada, but there certainly are many places where clear-cutting of trees has ruined the landscape. An there are many industrialized centres in every province, except maybe the northern 3 provinces.

The United States is much more concentrated. Maybe there are some permies in the US who could join in this conversation.

1 year ago