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I'm very interested, & would like to hear more. If you are still looking for people, my email is BloomsBeautifulBugs@gmail.com. I am living inside Seattle right now.
1 month ago
Those pollen baskets are LOADED.
4 months ago
Thank you! It's been fun, & now it's time for me to push for BB20.
4 months ago
Day 40 (13/07/21 GC)
I've not been doing much lately, in all honesty. But today I finally got my BB10 Certification!
4 months ago
I think I've finished the requirements for BB10 Certification.
My BB Links:
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- 2) permies.com/p/1274201 Cup of Tea - foraging.sand.tea PEP BB

###Greywater & Willow Feeders
- 3) permies.com/p/1272548 Give Urine To Growies - greywillow.sand.urine PEP BB

###Natural Medicine
- 4) permies.com/p/1279672 Dry Horsetail for a Tea, Infusion, or Decoction - medicine.sand.dry.horsetail
- 5) permies.com/p/1279255 Dry Stinging Nettle Leaf for a Tea, Infusion, or Decoction - medicine.sand.dry.stingingnettle PEP BB
- 6) permies.com/p/1280170 Make a Horsetail Infusion - medicine.sand.infusion.horsetail PEP BB
- 7) permies.com/p/1280161 Make a Stinging Nettle Leaf Infusion - medicine.sand.infusion.stingingnettle PEP BB

- 8) permies.com/p/1272595 Sweep a Floor - nest.sand.sweepfloor PEP BB
- 9) permies.com/p/1275196 Wash Dishes by Hand - nest.sand.dishes PEP BB
- 10) permies.com/p/1275198 Clean an Oily Dish Without Soap - nest.sand.oilydish PEP BB
4 months ago