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Recent posts by Matt Collum

Autumn Dawn Sutton wrote:Things that can make an NFT useful:

Use it like an ownership certificate or title. It proves that you ethically purchased a thing and if you sell said thing, you transfer the token as well.

Use it to prove that you have the right to a thing. As long as you hold this token, you can purchase a reprint of this t-shirt anytime from this print shop. No one else has access.

Valid points. The most useful/practical use I see at the moment is that the NFT and blockchain verify your identity. With the nft in your wallet, then you can access the video files or special forum. Otherwise the gamification and art transactions are a bit forced and not so practical, as the actual art work is still stored on someone else’s servers.
2 months ago
Yes, I am most interested in the cooking concept with a ring bench that I saw somewhere on here. Over all a great overview of the various stove options. It looks as though there is a lot of cutting room floor information to dive into if you are interested in a particular build. Now all that is left to do is to try one out.
3 months ago
I was pleasantly surprised with the bonuses from the prior kickstarter. At first glance the composting with chickens looks most applicable to me for what it’s worth.
4 months ago