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Nurse practitioner who found time off, got into gardening on my new property, learned about Permaculture, found herbal medicine spoke to me, growing medicinal herbs is the path, in school now to be a master clinical herbalist, future plans are to incorporate medicine and herbs and sustainability into budding reinvention of myself. Starting my homestead solely and slowly. Friend to animals.
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Flagler Beach, Florida
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I have turkeys and the best way would be by behavior at this stage. The males tend to do what I call square dancing around another turkey - especially another male. They will put their wing out and circle around another. That’s really the only way until their snood starts growing more than the females.
9 months ago
Hi there,

We’re in Flagler beach and have started a homestead- starting with poultry, gardening (fruit and nut trees, hugelkultur beds, perennials, natives, medicinal herbs, etc), and will be working on aquaponics system very soon! Just got four IBCs. Want to work on land utilization as I have 8 acres mostly wooded. I’m reluctant to deforest though. So welcome fellow Florida permie!

1 year ago

Daniel Schmidt wrote:I'd be interested in hearing more as well. I'm in Northeastern-most FL and have an acre inland a bit between St. Augustine and Daytona. I'm not looking to move but it would be nice to share ideas and help move good ideas forward. I'm mostly interested in solar, electric bikes, trees and would like to get involved in aquaculture/aquaponics. Hopefully I'll have more of my ongoings to share on here very soon, and it would be great to hear more from others given how different things work here versus most other places in the country.

Hi Daniel,

We live close to you it seems (Flagler Beach) and are starting an aquaponics system shortly. Have you gotten into this yet? We have a homestead we are starting.
1 year ago

I’m a complete novice but I do agree with the berms and swale idea. I’ve got some other plant options that may work. Swamp Mayhaw tree and Pawpaws (need lots of water), Herbs - mint, motherwort, marshmallow, and comfrey of course….it’s  usually in the name so think about that too! Ie Marsh - mallow. Also, I’m sure you know this too but the larger the leaves the more water needs (like banana and Pawpaw). Hope I added something. I live in Flagler beach btw.
2 years ago
Short and sweet - In my research in the last couple years in Florida which is a hot spot for the country moving to, is ranging about $10,000 per acre - and that is lots to homes on land (averaged for land value - excluding home conditions).
2 years ago
Ok, These are great, but I always wondered how to not let the stream go which ever way it wanted to while squatting. Now I SEE that they look like they are actually spreading their labia (sorry if tmi...I am a nurse) - and you know what guys do hold their penis while peeing to direct it - so what's the big deal I guess?! You're gonna clean your hands after anyways/hopefully lol. Ok so spread the labia to guide the stream!! I learned something.
Hi everyone,

See my YouTube link for my video and pics of my new property. I couldn’t add attachments in the actual post as it is not Mac/iPhone friendly. I’m happy to listen to your observations!

2 years ago