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since Apr 21, 2010
I'm a network engineer. I attended Ben Falk's PDC in Vermont July 2016. Attended a Restoration Agriculture Workshop with Mark Shepard in 2016.
Cedar City, UTAH
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You are cordially invited to a presentation and book signing with Matt Powers...

Title: The 5 Steps to an Abundant Future with Matt Powers

Author, educator, plant breeder and Permaculturist, Matt Powers, shares the 5 critical steps that must be taken to guarantee an abundant future for people, the planet, and the natural systems and settings we all rely upon. Learn how large-landscape restoration is possible, how incredible carbon sequestration is possible quickly, what we can do as individuals in our own lives, and what models are leading this change in real-life - even making money doing it. Matt Powers is an educator, plant breeder, seed saver, and gardener that collaborates with leading global experts in the soil, mycology, ecology, permaculture design, landscape restoration, greening the desert, regenerative farming, and alternative energy to create a curriculum for K-12+college students all over the world. The 5 Steps distill all his work into simple concepts that are clear to any audience. We can reverse the negative environmental trends and bring back the abundance from which all humanity was born. ...

Bio: Matt Powers teaches permaculture and regenerative gardening and farming to families, youth, schools, and adults all over the world through his online courses, videos, and books, which are now being used on all continents (except for Antartica.) Translations of his books are already available in Spanish, Polish, and Arabic with French and Italian coming soon. As an experienced educator with a masters degree in Education, Matt went from teaching high school students to teaching high school teachers and administrators to teaching districts and appearing at universities and conferences all over America and online, teaching permaculture and sustainable, regenerative skills and thinking. Matt provides daily inspirational and regenerative content online and is one of the most-followed permaculture teachers online with over 30,000 Twitter followers and tens of thousands of followers in his many Facebook groups and pages ranging in topics from permaculture education to entrepreneurship to gardening to fungi & more.

See website: http://www.thepermaculturestudent.com/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thepermaculturestudent/

Cedar City Utah Permaculture Group

Cedar City Public Library, Cedar CIty, UT
When: Tuesday, Sept 26th, 6-9 pm

6:00 Doors open...gather and mingle.
6:30 Introductions
6:45 Presentation by Matt Powers
7:30 Question and Answer period.
8:00 Book signing and mingle...
7 months ago
The continuous bag design seems the most stable. I also saw a custom attachment to a Bobcat that can mechanically fill the bags for you. Sounds like a good deal to me!
8 months ago
Get in contact with the experts. Take a class with Cal Earth. they are in Yucaipa CA in the high desert off the I15. These guys originated the concept and can give you the advice you need. Plus you can do hands on and learn from them the real limits of what you can do. http://www.calearth.org/
You can buy the superadobe bags from them too. They also have a pretty good book. EMERGENCY SANDBAG SHELTER HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN
8 months ago
So did things happen for you?
I can give you a contact of a guy who lives in Hamilton Fort (near Cedar City) and makes rocket mass heaters and greenhouses for a living. His name is Albert Montoya and his email is amont@infowest.com
8 months ago
It's tough to get a group going. I live in Cedar City UT and our group kept getting smaller and smaller and then fizzled out totally. There are people around but they are too busy to meet up.
I would love to network with some southern UT people who love permaculture. I have not been able to find too many.

8 months ago
Here's a good Food Forest video in Phoenix.


The secret was that he got all the local landscapers to dump all their wood chips at his place. For years. He has a couple feet of chips covering his entire yard.
8 months ago
I just played Agricola and Caverna. Interesting games in this genre. Did anyone play any other boardgames that are permie-ish?
If you have played a lot of board games, you will see that most of them express themselves into a set of similar types of mechanics. A good list with description are here:
Examples are Worker Placement, Deck Building, Grid Movement, Co-Op, etc. Many games are often dominated by one mechanic but may include some others in combination.
There are also Board games, card games, dice games, and some that combine these, with different mechanics that work well with each. 
The world has changed a lot since Monopoly has been around and there are many other mechanics I would suggest that might be able to express the concepts we ae trying to teach in a more engaging and accessible way, with more replayability, options and expansion capabilities. I suggested a couple games above.

Take inspiration from several game mechanics and see what might work for what vision you want to express. Consider that a game mechanic can be used with many types of themes and artwork to express your vision.
10 months ago
Monopoly and its variants are the best examples of the extreme opposite of what would be best for a permaculture board game.  Monopoly is awful. The board game industry is having a renaissance right now because of Kickstarter. There are so many new board games and systems that I cannot count. It started with the massive success of games like Catan and Ticket to Ride and went on from there.

Agricola and Caverna and Catan are a good sample of mechanics that might be useful. Also, many other worker placement type games (like Queen's Architect) are some interesting models. Euro games, in general, are some nice places to mine ideas for mechanics. Pick your niche of what sort of lesson you want to teach and express this in the game.
10 months ago
If you study the more recent earthship designs you will notice that they have essentially segregated the greenhouse and the living spaces with doors and windows/hallway. I have seen some interesting track doors that are large windows and fold up accordion style which may be nice for this too. Otherwise windows and doors.
Also, I would use in-floor tube solar hydronic heat as well as a rocket mass heater.
10 months ago