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I’m a life long gardener…just finished my third year of a large 120’x80’ garden here outside of Asheville NC. I work toward being more food self-sustaining. I learned so much these first three years. Some things didn’t grow at all, some grew part of the season, some were prolific. I successfully grew potatoes & sweet potatoes this year! I learned about the insect pests here, the fungi that created problems for some plants, learned better ways to manage weeds, to irrigate. This year I focused on canning apples from our 5 old organic trees as well as the wild blackberries & elderberries I harvested! Chose to freeze pumpkin pulp.
I also made a large hugelcultur berm!
Next year I’m going to learn composting, vermicomposting, compost tea making and I going to bake bread again!
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Recent posts by Gaurī Rasp

Weeding! Very therapeutic! Though I just got a stirrup hoe & it makes weeding SO much easier. A great tool. I weed, put down cardboard then cover it with wood chips for beautiful & low maintenance pathways.
3 weeks ago
Couldn’t resist adding this photo of 5 baby bluebirds in the hollow of our apple tree. And yes! They have a very attentive Mama!
1 month ago
What a terrific group of posts packed w ideas & successful experiences.
And reading all of these I’ve been inspired to get to work on a food forest. I kinda cleared an area on the edge of our woods but the invasive weeds are brutal. So I’ll work on continuing to clear these, get some areas plantable & start small…maybe raspberries, blackberries & rhubarb.
The area I cleared is in the woods to the left of the tree.
1 month ago
What a GREAT thread everyone!
Loving how everyone sees/feels the shifts of nature differently.
Now that we’re in western NC I definitely resonate with those who equate seasons with the nasty bugs that come out!
Ladybug season
Stink bug season
Ant season
Gnat season
Japanese beetle season
Squash borer season
But ironically we hardly have any mosquitoes like we had up north in NY!!!
1 month ago
Not quite by the side of the road, but all over sidewalks during my days living in NYC I found tons of coins & bills!
But the true “trash picker heaven” was trash day in the wealthy areas of Manhattan & NJ where the garbage held a treasure trove of very good, very cool stuff - kitchen ware, furniture, tables, lamps, tools…you name it…it got picked up, cleaned up & used in our home!  
1 month ago
Having made 1 long very deep hugelcultur berm, I’m very curious & interested in your keyhole design. I love how you’ve been adding to it, enriching the soil development.
I’m curious how deep you dug for the foundation? And how high the keyhole berm is? Thanks!
2 months ago

Mark Beard wrote:Labneh.

Basically just strained /thickened yogurt. Similar to Greek yogurt but even thicker.

My Lebanese family enjoys it/makes it.

Labneh! The best!!! Yummmmm!
2 months ago

And you don’t eat it but paint with it - casein paint
2 months ago