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Recent posts by William Kellogg

I think Cypress grows as far north as Deleware and of course Willow is always good.

You could also bring some brambles into the picture for blackberries and rasberries...
5 months ago
Its also possible that it was exposed to cold temperatures, which can cause the leaves to die...
5 months ago
Its a Corn palm (Dracaena fragrans)

It belongs outside in moist sandy soil in a subtropical environment, where it will flower at night time with intense perfume smells when flowering.

It is said to be able to tolerate almost any indoor growing conditions, so its probably root bound (needing a much larger pot)
5 months ago
Morell mushrooms love to coexist with apple trees
5 months ago
I'm thinking a cypress spoon would last forever
7 months ago
Ladybugs are good natural predators. Be sure they have a small water source at the base of the affected plant. You can buy a pack of ladybugs at some garden stores and keep it in the refrigerator where they will hibernate so you can introduce a few at a time.
9 months ago
The mold spores are in the air and dust, so wherever they accumulate is where the mold forms (combined with the high humidity)

A HEPA filter installed on the A/C return air duct can capture a lot of these microscopic spores and also help you to breathe better by removing allergens.

A whole house fan that draws out the warmer and more humid air layer from above your head can be very effective, combined with better attic ventilation will cool the house and also prevent roof rot.

Not a big fan of block houses, but in Florida they make the most sense and the humidity will be high either way. For your out of the way spots in your house that are not well ventilated, the small canisters that draw moisture and get drained periodically, work really well.

Luckily the sandy soil drains quickly, so its unlikely that moisture is wicking upwards like in some wet locations with clay soils. And of course its always more efficient to find a temp on the A/C that you can live with and leave it there, rather than turning it up and down. The dehumidifying effect is at least one free benefit to that...

11 months ago
Also your zoning is a big factor in what type of building to use because often with residential zoning, no accessory structures can be built before the main dwelling.

With agricultural zoning you can usually proceed with accessory structures at any time.
1 year ago
White Hickory
1 year ago