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Recent posts by Diego de Sousa

Jan White wrote:Bury and fill with water for pond.
Bury and use as root cellar.
Store already dry, fiddly little bits of firewood. I'm thinking smaller branches, scraps of lumber, or even pinecones. Whatever you burn that doesn't stack well.

I like the root cellar idea.

About the pond... I think it's too deep and the lid would be useless.
1 year ago

Natasha Abrahams wrote:I have wormfarms that size. They work just great. Wheels are handy, you can roll it to whatever tree needs a bit of extra feeding at the time.  

I was thinking that maybe is not the best approach. I have a vertical system with floors so I'm used to worms. I would bury the bin like 3/4 so the temperature is stable inside. Seems harder to harvest but it probably would work. Maybe red wigglers stay on the most surface part and regular earth worms stay deeper?
1 year ago
I just got a big garbage container that is used in Spain.

I know it's a valuable thing to upcycle but I'm not sure what to do with it.

First thing I thought was a big vermicompost but it's probably too tall for that.

Can you give me any suggestions?
Image attached

1 year ago