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Ben Carroll

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since Jul 30, 2022
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Hey guys this is my first post but i have been looking to start farming a 1.9 acre field to the right of my home as a little gomestead to keep some hobby livestock to care for as pet and show animals just for fun.
The fields currentky under the care of my uncle who owns all of the surrounding land and rents it to beef farmers and helps with the day to day care of their herds
My main dream has always been cattle but of course 2ish acres isnt really enough as far as i can tell (complete Newby only ever kept poultry for the last 10 years)
I live in ireland where i have never even heard of a mini jersey existing on the island so my next thought is 2 dexter cows which id hope to keep 2ish goats and maybe a mini donkey for my mother and little sister who love them.
The way the land is layed out is theres a small 0.15 ish plot out the back which could hopefully be home to a pair of kunekune pigs, which leads into a very small area in which id build on a small 8x8ish meter barn which would have a small area to its right which would open onto the main field which i coukd split in two or three if it would maintain the soil better.
The land is very high quality very green grass etc and id love to plant some trees for shade and maybe build a pond and an orchard to maybe keep geese in to keep the grass down while protecting the trees
I dont know if any of this would work or if i can even put in the work but its been an idea floating around my head for years now and i just wanted to ask the pros weather it would work or not )
Thanks im advance for any replys
1 month ago