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Recent posts by R Marr

I look forward to this conference every year. Some of it gets pretty technical but its a fascinating group. Jeremiah ferwerda's turbine works on a vacuum between water at 2 temperatures. Eric dollard is the closest thing to a modern nikola tesla there is. Paul babcock tells as much as he can about big oil's way of purifying water - electrocoagulation.

Theres a homesteader that updates their progress on trying just about every way of making power that has been thought of. Adrian marsh will tell you everything there is to know about properly measuring electricity both transverse and longitudinal - a real brain melter.

The organizer, aaron murakami, has mastered: plasma car ignition, the only real Rife device (rpx3) and a real (but expensive!) Lakhovsky multiwave oscillator. He also consults on charging solar batteries so they dont degrade - even bringing old ones back to their factory condition. And yes, it works.

In the past, george wiseman has covered his aquacure. My favorite. I own 3!

All conferences, whole or in part, are put on his site so dont fear missing out if you cant attend at least online. There are 2 new recruits there and they demonstrate their period correct tesla builds. Stars in a jar... just too much to list for open minds. Oh, how deuterium affects health....

Stuff you dont hear anywhere. >These people are my heros and might stave off Idiocracy the movie. If paul wants a free driver, id love to get to not miss at least one day of it.

Peruse the channel for all the other things discussed in the past. You wont see this technology demonstrated anywhere else
I will be at the jamboree (and skip). My project is finding a scrap of land. 5 to 20 ac. Im already downsized and leaving the 30ft trailer home, 10ft trailer o tools, and bigtruck in storage for my month at permieland.

A consideration besides raw land is buying another fixerupper to do ada compliance (disabled/age in place). Im aged 50 atm...

Locations ive enjoyed are oregon and florida. FL appeals to me because i like taking trips to cent and s amer.

Talking to others with a combo of mature life exp and interest in self sufficiency about responsible techniques and the work required to do more with land than keep it mowed is exciting.

10 months ago
Could this be applied to attract and draw out moisture from a living space versus from food? For a humid climate?
10 months ago
Aquaponics is incredible. Great work with the fruit trees. There was a system in costa rica with koi. 2 dobermans would often climb in to cool down.

In oregon, i used shibunkin. I felt bad i let the tiny pond freeze solid. But, come spring, i was chipping ice and they flopped back to life from being motionless for many weeks.

I agree when you say its only little effort when set up well.
10 months ago
Thats an impressive chicken water formula you have on rotation.
I didn't see you mention food-grade Diatomaceous Earth

I've had it. My dog's had it. The only warning I found was don't let it get breathed in so avoid making a dust cloud when you scoop.
I tried the rub it in his fur thing but it seemed to really dry out his skin

You are right about dosages etc in this area.

Besides DE, clays like zeolite that humans use could show to be dog safe

11 months ago
Great progress already!
I necro'ed those old threads yall found. Ty!
and found 2 others where an amazing number of links were shared.

This really takes as little as 2 houseplants.
It might be a great cheap thing for people collecting badges.

I see a lot of examples on socials and i suppose only Autumn will tell us the results. I got 17 blooms versus 3 by using a ring magnet with 2 plants from the bodega in la fortuna, costa rica while on ecovacation and ive been convinced ever since.
11 months ago
Great links jennifer! I found some other older threads on e-c here and hope to encourage more experimentation.

Have you noticed theres a lot of examples on socials all the sudden?

So many things to try. Cheaply
11 months ago
Wow, thank you joseph pierce for all those links. If you are still active here 10 years later, id love to hear from you.

Tesla lived a long life. Wifi isnt electroculture. Earths telluric currents and passively bending the atmospheric voltage gradient is more like the increased life around celtic round towers than actively (powered) radiating digital signals.

Theres a lot to experiment with if you have 2 or more plants and a couple bucks of copper wire or an old cord even. The number of social media posts to diy compared to 2013 when this thread was started is 0 to 1000s

I have only done one A B test many years ago down in costa rica. More people doing this on even a houseplant is a good and affordable thing
11 months ago
10 years later...

Yes, the work with statics brought back a more extinct version of a sturgeon. I found it interesting the patent has no expiration. Eg- you can try this yourself ...never

You laid down a great foundation here. 2023 has brought many experimenters to playing with copper antennae. More people are trying the thing with seeds and the south side of a magnet.

This thread SO deserved a 10 year BUMP

Ty for those well crafted posts

These experiments could be engaging to permies mailing in their badge progress, no? Show some side by side a-plant b-plant experimenting? Easy and cheap to try
11 months ago
"Electro-culture" is popping up in between the perma channels i follow. Checking to see if anyone has been stripping some copper wire and poking it in the ground or wrapping it around.
I saw this onion (attached)

There's also mention of putting seeds on the south rim of a ring magnet.
While copper and magnets aren't strictly permaculture, I am wondering if this talk of "garden antennae" and a magnet for one's seeding station could actually be useful tools
- reports include not just more harvest mass but increases in nutrient density

interested to hear what's been heard or experienced,
11 months ago