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since Jun 28, 2023
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Enjoy gardening, cooking, & chicken keeping on our small 1/4 acre! If we can do it, you can do it!
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Recent posts by Joy Hancock

I made a calendula tincture using the weight to volume method. I weighed my dried calendula blossoms and used a 1:6 ratio (6 oz of vodka for every 1 oz of blossoms). I put it in a dark cabinet for 4 weeks, shaking often. Then I strained some into a dropper bottle for use!
8 hours ago

C. Lee Greentree wrote:The best books to try will be based in your own region, because certain edibles may be "in season" at a very different time (if at all) in different climates. Where are you located?

We're in the upper part of South Carolina. Zone 7B. Last spring frost is usually early April and first frost is usually early November.
4 days ago
We want to start eating more seasonally and can what's in season to eat year round. Any tips or books that you've found on that topic?
4 days ago
I have helped my husband move the electric fencing before, so felt confident I could do it by myself. I moved them from a 50 foot paddock to a 100 foot paddock. Much more room!
1 week ago
Are there any herbs that help with poison ivy? Maybe herbs that I could make into a compress or salve.

We are going to start using cloth napkins to save money and reduce waste. I set up the storage and basket of dirty cloths on a shelf in my pantry. I will wash these on cold gentle in my washer along with my Norwex cloths and placemats. Right now I only have 8, but I hope to add to that!
3 weeks ago
I'm not sure what's in the rainwater these days, but do you all think it's okay to give to the chickens? I have an automatic bucket watering system that I've been filling up from the rainwater barrel.
3 weeks ago
I cleaned the washer & dryer, including pulling them out to sweep and wipe the wall it was against. It is hard to keep them clean when they're in the garage! I used a microfiber cloth and castile soap in warm water. I also used a toothbrush for nooks and crannies (not pictured).
3 weeks ago
This last year, I used a laundry rack (that you would air dry clothes one). I would bundle and rubber band a few stalks of each leafy herb (holy basil, lavender) and have them dry downward on each rack. It did help with space.
1 month ago