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Tyler Ludens

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since Jun 25, 2010
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Central Texas USA, Zone 8
Central Texas USA Latitude 30 Zone 8
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Recent posts by Tyler Ludens

The city will be installing sidewalks on my dad's street, so I am having to remove the entire front pollinator garden. I'm taking the plants and improved topsoil to my friend's big old yard.
Very sad about having to dismantle this garden, but it will be safer for people to not have to walk in the street.
6 months ago
Finished the vegetable beds that surround a grove of fruit trees in the interior of the food forest.  Now starting another series of beds on the outside of the main path.
6 months ago
I've planted over 30 trees so far in this yard.  Now starting on some beds for annual vegetables.
6 months ago
Deer damaged the biggest Moringa.  
6 months ago
Geoff Lawton recently made a video which discusses how to garden in extremely wet climates (2nd question of Q&A):  
7 months ago
A couple of good resources for native and naturalized edibles are Edible and Useful Plants of Texas and the Southwest by Delena Tull, and
7 months ago
Sadly, my dad's yard is proving to be a difficult, perhaps impossible place for me to grow much food.  This morning I came out to find the lovely healthy Fig tree, which even had figs on it, had been mutilated by a buck deer rubbing his antlers on it.  He has also severely damaged some Moringa trees in the yard.  
7 months ago
Planted three Asian Persimmons and did a little chop and drop around one of them.
7 months ago

Rebecca Blake wrote:I learn so much from your projects! Thank you for sharing. I'll be keeping track of them for when we start to plant :)

Do you have a post like this that you did for your own property?

Thank you!  I haven't been working on my food forest at home for a couple years because of having to be in town taking care of my dad who has Alzheimer's.  He's 90 but his general health is so good he's likely to live to 95 or beyond, so I will be here in San Antonio for several more years.  Here's my most recent thread about projects at home:

My current enthusiasm is for the food forest at my friend's house.  Her huge yard is perfect for this kind of permaculture makeover.
7 months ago
3 more Figs and 5 additional Moringa planted, alternating along the perimeter.  More support plants will be added soon.  Esperanza (Tecoma stans) will be the primary support shrub.
7 months ago