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since Jun 25, 2010
Central Texas USA, Zone 8
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Sounds like a "work for hire" agreement, which I advocate you avoid like the plague!

20 hours ago
I like the book Solviva about living in greenhouses:  http://www.solviva.com/

It might give you some ideas and is just inspiring in many ways.

20 hours ago
It seems to me that there is a vast amount of land available with no-one to care for it, not a shortage of land at the present time.  If a person can care for large acreage (which might mean returning it to a wild state) I think they can do that without worrying that somewhere someone doesn't have land.  If people want to share land with other humans, I think that's great too, but I don't personally believe it should be mandatory.

At least that's how I feel about it today.

(Presently caring for 20 acres, which I share with one other human)
Plastic fiber rugs/mats do break down with use and the weather and shed tiny bits.  When worn out become trash that can't be composted.

Coir rugs with a top surface added of thrifted wool sweaters might serve as a sitting rug.  I will put this on my list of craft projects to try and if I make one, send it to you.

I love this part!:

Nicole Alderman wrote:I was amazed at how quickly she became more and more nimble, making less errors and needing less help!

4 days ago
No new pie has shown up on my pie page.
You sent a payment of $1.00 USD to paul wheaton
I need to disclose that I no longer make my living from home!  I now have to commute 40 miles to my new job as caregiver for my dad with Alzheimer's....I spend part of the week at his house and part of the week at home.  Though I work with my husband for his home business, I don't get paid for the sculpting I do for him.
1 week ago