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Recent posts by Tyler Ludens

I'm way behind on updates.  I hope I can get more up next weekend, but here's one of last week's projects, grafting an apple in the kitchen garden.  This is an Enterprise apple that wasn't doing much except surviving (it was the only survivor of four) so I decided to use it to practice grafting.  I top grafted it with itself, then added Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Goldrush and Akane side veneer grafts.  If even a couple of these grafts make it I will be thrilled.
1 day ago
looks like Vinca aka Periwinkle
1 day ago
I was finally able to take a photo of this albino Black Vulture.

Black Vultures are one of my favorite birds, so I especially like a white one!

1 day ago

Devin Lavign wrote:
My point is there are times I feel nature can use a little helping hand, we seem to forget we humans are part of nature. Native tribes had been modifying and altering the forests, plains, deserts, of the world since the beginning. Not like the current system is. But in gentle ways that go with the rest of nature. Like the beaver making a damn in a river, or buffalo churning up the prairie, the pig creating the wallow. Humans have been a helping hand and should not completely remove themselves from this role. Though it is important to actually understand how to work with nature and not impose your self upon it. Which I think is the big issue, and why zone 5 was such a big deal back in the day. It was a place to observe what nature did for itself, so we could mimic it. It was the college level class on how to be one with the land. A knowledge system and skill we from western civ have lost so very much. But we humans existed 100's of thousands of yrs with nature as a part of it. We can do it again.

Yes, I agree.  For instance, the North American Prairie ecosystem, one of the most diverse on the planet, was probably created by the interaction of grass, humans and wolves, fire, and bison.  The humans periodically setting fires allowed the grass to flourish and kept the forest at bay.  The Chestnut forests of Eastern North America might have been largely created by humans, as well as large parts of the Amazon rainforest.

Greg Mamishian wrote:She did everything herself at home. Fasting was her main method, as well as colon irrigation with a Colema board. she also did the Gerson method, and a wide varity of diets. She figured if she did a whole bunch of different things and each one helped just a little bit, the cumulative effect of them all together over time could be significant. She was right.

Thank you Greg.
2 days ago
Thank you Alecia.  It all seems rather vague. 'High quality supplements."  Use of Naltrexone seems weird.  https://www.rxlist.com/revia-drug.htm#description
2 days ago
No, I don't agree.  Landrace tomatoes can be broadly adapted to the conditions in which they are raised.
2 days ago
I'm easily flummoxed by websites.  I'm not able to find the cancer cure information on her website:  https://www.honestmedicine.com/
2 days ago