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since Jun 25, 2010
Central Texas USA, Zone 8
Central Texas USA Latitude 30 Zone 8
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Recent posts by Tyler Ludens

Started planting seeds and put up signs for a display garden of native plants for Pollinator Habitat along our county road.  And it's already working - our neighbor saw the signs and wanted to know how to make a Habitat on their place up the road!

Already in place:

Texas Persimmon
Prickly Ash
Prairie Verbena
Antelope Horns Milkweed
Various grasses


Buffalo Gourd
Turk's Cap
Corona de Cristo
Native American Seed's "Bee Happy" Mix
"                           "      "Butterfly Retreat" Mix
"                           "      "Deer Resistant" Mix
"                           "      "Native Texas" Mix
Texas Bluebonnets

Habitat sign from https://xerces.org/
1 hour ago

s wesley wrote: The strangers in the city that might not ever get any exposure or have any drive to seek out permaculture info. unless it hits them in the face (so to speak).

Difficult in the true "concrete jungle" of a high-rise downtown cityscape, but most of our cities aren't like that.  Many people in cities have yards in which they can practice permaculture.  Even people in apartments usually know someone with a yard who may be willing to donate part or all of it to a permaculture project.  Churches and other types of shared space often have unused or poorly used bits of yard that could become permaculture sites.  I think permaculture in cities could be the most useful, because potentially the largest audience.  One could put up nice signs to explain to passersby what is going on in the yard.
21 hours ago
Relatively clean air.  Water that is not chlorinated.

1 day ago
Rain, rain, rain on into the future.....
2 days ago
Kitchen garden from the roof:

2 days ago

Dennis Bangham wrote:Many others may be made into slaves or killed outright.

Or get very sick or lose their jobs.  Two far more likely disasters than roving bands, in my opinion and experience.

elle sagenev wrote:

I always thought I'd open a U-pick. Growing trees has been such a pain I realize that will never happen now.

When I finally realized I would never be able to grow food for other people on any large scale, I started focusing on wildlife management, which fortunately gives us the same tax status as agriculture.  I suck at agriculture but I can "manage" wildlife.  The management is just providing better habitat for them.  If you're interested in that sort of thing you might see if your state has any programs to help landowners improve their place for wild critters.  You might even think about eventually selling a hunting lease on part of your land if the land isn't restricted against it.  Our deed restricts against selling hunting leases but we can invite friends to hunt deer here, and they share the meat so we get something from it.

5 days ago
I think one to two acres is probably the most an individual might hope to complete, unless they are really super or have large equipment.  So I think you can pat yourself on the back for a good amount of work!
5 days ago
Curry.  I can hide any number of older, tougher, or slightly yucky vegetables in a nice spicy curry!

6 days ago
You may need to build "water bars" across the paths to direct the run-off to the sides.  There are lots of images and articles about water bars on the internet if you search that term.

We had a couple of water bars added to our driveway and they have helped a lot in keeping run off down the drive to a minimum.  We could use at least one more and will have it installed during the next driveway maintenance.

6 days ago