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since Jun 25, 2010
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Recent posts by Tyler Ludens

I like those debris windrows.  I think just including those on down the slope and in the area below it instead of putting in the swale.  Avoiding disturbing the soil except for planting trees, might be the safest thing.  The windrows should mitigate run-off quite a bit.  I've been using brush windrows on some of my clay slopes and they work well.
I brought soil from my garden at home to top off the poor dirt in this bed. Planted Bearded Iris, Oregano, Thymes, and seeds of Lettuce, Spinach, Beet, Radicchio, Chard, Radish, and Cilantro.  Eventually this bed with have a few plants of Tomato, Sweet Pepper, Eggplant, Cucumber, and Summer Squash.
3 days ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:
Learning all the time helps keep your brain in shape for learning easier, just as using your muscles and staying in shape makes it easier if you have to suddenly do something that requires effort, so continuing to always learn new things will help recovery if you have a stroke.

Learning new things throughout life will help us deal with any brain problems as we age, including Alzheimer's as well as stroke.
6 days ago
I would add another layer of rotten wood and soil on top every few years.
6 days ago
No, I think any termites will much prefer living in the rotten wood of the hugelkultur.  I have not personally seen any increase in termite activity near my buried wood beds.
1 week ago
If you're able to visit Ben Falk's place in Vermont, that would be great.  I think he has one of the most interesting small farms in that region.
The only danger from septic leach fields is if they fail and the leachate is at the surface.  It's perfectly safe to plant near functioning leach fields though trees should be avoided because their roots can clog the pipes.  
1 week ago
I've also had Borage plants that got huge, but I wonder if they could be pruned to stay small enough to live near strawberries...and the prunings used as mulch for the strawberries....
1 week ago
Looks like there is a series of videos about how to train young oxen.
1 week ago