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since Jun 25, 2010
Central Texas USA, Zone 8
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Tim Kivi wrote: "it's when things turn into compost, just like in the garden".

I like that.

Here's another thread on death:  https://permies.com/t/87862/ungarbage/Green-Family-Cemetery
7 hours ago
It's so weird that the first reference I found was the article from 1910!
1 day ago
Stored greywater becomes blackwater very quickly, which is why Art Ludwig recommends avoiding any storage of it.  http://oasisdesign.net/greywater/misinfo/

1 day ago
I did quit!  At various times I have thought I wanted to be a farmer, because I admire people who can grow food for other people.  But I have a black thumb and am not single-minded enough to farm, so I have given up the idea of farming.  I'm just going to keep puttering with permaculture food systems, but I'm never again going to fool myself into thinking I can make any $ from farming.  No more farming for me, just home-scale permaculture.
1 day ago
I think it depends on the soil on the particular site.  My soil doesn't have that clay layer - it is underlain with perforated limestone, so it drains evenly and wouldn't have that temporary water table.  For the same reason, the underground dam might not work here on my place.  It would get temporarily soggy uphill of the dam, but then drain quickly just like our big basin does.
1 day ago
Ok, I see what you're saying now.  I missed the part about the key being below grade.  Convinced!

Thanks for being patient with me.

1 day ago
Water is supposed to seep below the swale.  That's why the swale mound is not compacted.  The water is moving downhill and yes, eventually it will move off your property completely.  That's why water harvesting earthworks are started at the top of the property, because water (usually) moves downhill.  I think keyline design  moves water uphill but I'm still a little foggy on the whole keyline design idea.   Moving water uphill is what I think you are trying to accomplish with the dam-key-without-a-dam-wall idea?  I think it might work if your soil has enough organic matter to absorb a lot of water.  Otherwise I think you will get a soggy spot right uphill of the key, because water always tries to be level. You need an absorbent soil to wick the water uphill of the key.

I'd sure like to see it in action!  I hope you will be able to do an experiment on your place.

I want to clarify that I am not trying to discredit the idea - I'm trying to understand it.  I think it is a really interesting idea and I'd like to see it!

2 days ago
wayne, where does the overflow from your swale go?   Could it be the swale needs to be larger to infiltrate more water?  If the swale overflows right away, it isn't going to be able to infiltrate much water.  Rain harvesting earthworks are generally sized for the large events - so if you get a lot of rain all at once (like we sometimes do here) swales and basins need to be large or more numerous.  Otherwise the water just runs off the land.

Apparently it can take years for the water table to be recharged by these structures, so we aren't likely to see dramatic changes any time soon, like springs appearing downhill or a constantly running creek (what I dream about!)
2 days ago
I'm pretty sure Paul really likes the fuck-word.
2 days ago