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Recent posts by Tyler Ludens

Really sorry about the cancer diagnosis, Travis.  We're dealing with that stuff here in our household.  Kick that cancer's butt!  >:
3 months ago
Keep posting, Dangus!  It took me years to learn how to post properly here.

There are many species of Sphinx Moth - please don't kill them unless they are on your tomato plants.  I move them to Devil's Claw plants, the only non-tomato-relative plant that Tomato Hornworms will eat.  I think they are cute and the moths are beautiful, so I don't like to kill them.

4 months ago
We thought our earthworks and brush dams would get a test but we've had relatively little rain, and some gusty winds.

5 months ago
I think it is a matter of scale.  On the scale at which we work, water is level (flat).  On a global scale, water is curved.

6 months ago

John Weiland wrote:

Tyler Ludens wrote:..... then our income diminished to the point we qualify for 100% subsidy of insurance.

Do you know if that was a Texas-directed aspect of the ACA or are the cut-off levels mandated federally, Tyler?  I would be curious about that for the state of Minnesota.

Texas seems to hate it's citizens so I can't believe this is any kind of beneficent Texas-specific aspect.  This isn't state-specific like Medicaid expansion (which Texas rejected) but on the federal level, through the federal health insurance marketplace.  https://www.healthcare.gov/

We could not afford our previous insurance (Blue Cross) but had to select one  (Ambetter) which our doctors didn't accept, so we had to choose a different doctor.  But we really like our new doctor and the new insurance has been great.  We never used the old insurance much because we weren't very sick, but my husband was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, so we have had to use the insurance a lot, and it has been great.  I have no complaints about the ACA personally, now.  At first I did because I didn't know if I could bear going to a new doctor, but I think I actually prefer my new doctor to my old one.  It was very hard at first though, because I have problems with trusting strangers.

Our Blue Cross premiums plan had gone up 60%!  WTF!  We could not afford that, but other plans were available through the marketplace.

sorry about all the edits, kind of tired
6 months ago

Lori Whit wrote:the health INSURANCE industry

I call it the "Illness Industry" because it exists in order to make sure we stay sick enough to keep paying into it. 
6 months ago

Lori Whit wrote:
I probably wasn't clear.  The way the current system seems to work is that I don't have the money to buy health insurance, with or without subsidy, because it's gone up so high here.  But I can still be penalized for not buying it.

I think the current situation is very confusing, but I can say from my own experience as a person who earns just above the poverty line, I pay nothing for health insurance because of the subsidies.  When I earned a little more, I paid a little for health insurance.  Be sure you are understanding the health insurance marketplace and make sure you do not qualify for subsidies to cover the expense of health insurance.  If you don't have much income, you should not have to pay much for insurance. We earned more in order to pay off our house, and had to buy insurance,  then our income diminished to the point we qualify for 100% subsidy of insurance.

6 months ago
I feel strongly about this subject.

I earn and live on very little, and pay self-employment tax because self-employed.  I understand wanting to pay the least amount of tax.  By reducing income, and if there is superfluous income, giving to charity, I think one can push the tax way down.  I don't know if one is obligated to accept health insurance subsidies if one doesn't want them(?)  I have accepted them because we need them (multiple health problems in the family).  I guess one could accept the subsidies and just never use the insurance, which would mean the government would be paying itself to take a piece of paper from this desk and move it over to this other desk.  I don't know how we can avoid contributing in some way to bureaucracy, if we live in this modern society. 

I think it is ok to reduce one's taxes if one supports society in other ways by being a good neighbor.  This might be things like cleaning trash off the street/road, donating to food pantries, sharing food, tools, and time with neighbors, etc etc.  I think there are lots of ways we can contribute to society and be good citizens without paying a lot of tax.  I think it is almost impossible to pay no taxes of any kind unless one wants to spend all of one's time in court.  But there are multiple ways regular people can reduce tax burden, especially by reducing the need to earn by providing as much as possible for oneself and engaging in a sharing economy with neighbors.  It is legal to pay the least amount of tax (within the rules).

Just my opinion and personal experience!  I want to be a Gert: https://permies.com/t/55918/millions-permaculture-millionaires-story-Gert
6 months ago
I find them to be virtually unkillable.