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Hey all,
Haven't posted for a while, been busy. I wanted to make sure that everyone that this could cause problems for is aware of it.

The USDA is proposing changing some of their rules. Although it sounds as if it is directed at dogs, please be aware that it clearly states "farm animals" as well. While it shouldn't have too much of an impact on people raising their own, it can be ugly for those who sell any intact animals. Even so much as one intact bunny sold off premises by a 4H'r as a pet would mean that household would be under USDA regulation. There has been quite a bit of public upset, however not many folks are commenting about it on the USDA site. We only have until the 16th of this month to do so.

Here is a link, read carefully. I suspect you'll all be surprised by how many people you know who will fall under USDA regulation:

Not sure whatever happened to the biosecurity and not allowing folks on property that the USDA was advocating for a few years ago!

Just heard about this today and thought I would share.  Basically consists of a water/bleach filled plastic pop bottle in a hole in the roof.. during the day time can allow in the amount of light equal to a 50 watt bulb!

Wouldn't work for me in the winter.... but who knows.. maybe able to figure something out. Anyway, here's the link for anyone who is interested:

Did a search and didn't see this had been shared on this group. My apologies if it is a repeat.
7 years ago
Update on my Great Garlic Gamble....

Well, all seemed to be growing well (I never did plant the last 5 bulbs.. the ones I missed during the initial planting). My plan was to grow for the scapes or bulbils so that I could increase the quantity I had before harvesting. So.. scapes came on.. I'm thinking things are looking great. Then I made a trip out of town and was gone for three days. When I came back the scapes were gone. Someone (mouse/deer/packrat/bear/kinda someone) had beat me to the harvest.  Anyone have any idea what may have done this? There isn't a single one left. I haven't checked the garlic bulbs for size as stems are still abit green, but think Iprobably could so there's still some hope of having something to grow for next year.

7 years ago
Maybe when there is no "resource guarding" the valuables aren't quite as exciting to steal?

Do they have the drug problems that we have in the USA? Most of my local thieves are drug addicts.....
7 years ago
Ok, finally got a pic of the no trespassing sign that I love and no one seems to question. I keep thinking when I get some $$ I'll try to find someone to make me some.

The other attachment is of a sign like that I found for sale in one of our local stores. It seems to speak to more people than a simple no trespassing sign, but it's also identical to the one that I have had people drive right past.
7 years ago
Another thought.. because my growing season is so short.. can this be used to my advantage, for example, the season for things tends to be long gone elsewhere.. when things start happening in my area. An example, lilacs bloomed nearly a full month behind areas in Vancouver, Portland, SE Idaho.  Same with many other things. I'm thinking that this could be used to my advantage as it could extend the availability of some seasonal foods and flowering plants.

Just all thoughts that keep rattling around in my head and I need to figure out how to use them!
7 years ago
OT a wee bit, Purslane, which many consider a weed, has super high levels of Omega three's. Didn't take time to look for a great link but here's one to wikipedia:
7 years ago
Ok, I still keep tossing this idea around in my head.  I'm thinking that the best plant choices would be natives or hardy perennials, so I wouldn't have to worry too much about climate control.

I'm thinking I would need pots and would like to start seeds directly in the pots they are going to grow in, so that I don't have to deal with transplanting. Obviously, most things started from cuttings would be started in flats, and would need to be potted up.. with a few exceptions.

So.. one of the huge issues with conventional nurseries is.. watering. The person doing the watering is the person who makes or breaks the nursery. I want to avoid watering. That's a pretty big thought.. pretty challenging.. how on earth to start stuff in pots, but not water? 

So here's a thought.. if I built mini hugelkulture beds, basically a series of steeply raised  inverted V shape beds, using alder that is maybe 4 inches in diameter as the primary skeletal structure, building the beds about three and a half to four feet tall and cover with very loose soil. Plant one side with some sort of cash crop (s) preferably perennial. The other side would be planted in pots. A horizontal row of pots, horizontal row of.. something planted directly into the bed, another row of pots. Mulched well over the top. 

The hugelkulture, so that there is natural moisture retention and a tiny bit easier access then if I were to just grow in beds at ground level.
The cash crop plants on one side, for all sorts of reasons 1) to give an alternative to selling potted plants (I'm thinking along the lines of strawberries.. or something similar) 2) to help maintain a "living system" with established micorrhizae 3)to help attract water and maintain humidity 4) to prevent the top soil layer from drying out.

The horizontal pot rows 1) because I have a hard time getting away with conventional thinking and it makes the concept flow easier for me 2) if the soil is loose enough and the pots sunk deeply enough in it then the plants should be well insultated/protected and simultaneously, should wick up water from below

The horizontal hugelkultur row plantings that alternate with the horizontal pot rows 1) to help maintain humidity 2) to help draw up moisture (hmmm, should I consider dandelions or some sort of mix, for these rows?) 3) will be harvested annually as ground will be disturbed from potted plant harvest


I've also considered growing seedlings such as tamarack, pine, goats etc by direct seeding. The competition is really tough as it would be competing with people who grow gazillions of these a year for reforestation. But there may be a limited market at farmers market, etc. I would prefer to sell potted, not bareroot. Any suggestions on how to grow in a manner that is easy to harvest (I'm thinking this may not be amenable to hugelkulture as the roots may grow into some of the rotten wood?), and again, requires little or no watering or maintenance?

When I drive up the forest roads, along the shoulder, I frequently notice tons of plants that have started which would be wonderful to resell (they aren't mine), and are totally self maintained. I feel that the root systems on such may not be the best (if one were to do an alleycrop type system) when it comes to transplanting.  Any experiences, thoughts on this?
Thanks again!
7 years ago

auntythelma wrote:

we could start our own thread with this topic.......Bra-less, grungy clothes, and check out the Feet.....I love the feel of the dirt under my toes.....
It is best to wear gloves to avoid the callusses and rough skin. I never go out side with out a pair of gloves in My back pocket. As I always find myself in the garden no matter what I went out side for in the first place.

Ain't that the truth! <VBG>

7 years ago
I have one that is similar, but without the per day fee. I have had all sorts of people drive right by it and it's on one of the gates at my driveway. Big thing. A year or so ago, had some strange guy show up, I was out with the dogs, as I came back he was just getting into his vehicle and leaving (had been at my front door). I ran into him a few days later in town, he had gotten the wrong driveway and was looking for his friends. I asked him what I could do to let people know that unanticipated visitors are unwelcome. He suggested I get "One of those signs they sell at Eich's". I told him that his passenger window was less than 2 feet away from one when he came through my gate.  So.. do they work? Maybe if you whap someone upside the head with them.

I was involved in a standoff situation with some bad guys a few years ago. I was blocking their exit route and their pickup was loaded with my absentee neighbors belongings. Call was out to the Sheriff's department.. .really long story short, they got away. But the sheriff's department felt that I could be in danger, so they checked up on me with great regularity. Used to scare the crap out of me. I'd think I was all alone.. and the next thing.. here comes a deputy. I asked them to call me, I begged them to call me "If you're worried just give me a call, if I don't answer.. well come see what's going on". That no trespassing sign never, not once slowed them down. What finally did the trick was the day we only had two deputies working, one had to transport someone out of the county, and the other decided to come up and check on me. Got his 4x4 stuck at the bottom of my driveway.. which is not the best place to be when you're the only deputy on duty in the county. That worked better then anything else. I don't have a problem with our deputies, I don't do anything illegal, I just have BIG space needs and really love the solitude. Anyway.. that sign didn't work for me.  If I think about it, I'll try to get a pic of one of my neighbors signs.. they work.

I also had problems with the census people. I mailed my census report in. Later found another one attached to my gate, then another, then I was coming home one day and encountered a woman from the census department just leaving my place. Asked her what she was doing, told her I had already mailed mine in. She wanted to know if the people who lived in my RV were on there. I have an older RV that is not visible from the road at any point, you have to be right on my property to see it. I asked her what she knew about my RV, she told me nothing, but that the pre-census person who came around earlier in the spring had made a note that I had an RV, so there was a possibility of it being inhabited. That made me really angry. I told her so, she told me that the census people tell them when they are orienting them that they can go anywhere, that it is a felony to do anything bad or threaten a federal employee. I filed a massive complaint and never heard a word back.  Also, for those of us who live close to a border, because of the homeland security regulations there are different laws protecting our privacy.. and they don't amount to much.

I know the guy from the assessor's office in my county. He has some horror stories to tell about being shot at.. among other things. I told him that I would appreciate a call before he comes up. He told me that for people who don't let him on their property, he can only make assumptions.. so.. those assumptions are usually on the high side.

Done with that rant <VBG>

They are made just like a regular road sign, with reflective metallic paint, they say "Stay Safe, Stay Alive, Stay Out".

People do pay attention to those.
7 years ago