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I give this book 10 out of of 10 acorns.

I got to read this book early. As an author myself, Paul asked if I could be a reviewer. I'm a city girl so I got to read the book from "outside the target audience." I was surprised that I wasn't actually outside the target audience. There were parts that apply even if you don't own land.

There were witty remarks throughout.  I liked the bits about the "volunteer" plants and "carrot poop." I also got to learn new things. I hadn't heard of exudates. It was interesting. There was also great imagery. The fact that a tree can't run away from a chainsaw made me giggle in my head.

Most of the book was easy to read. There were some parts that were hard because I can’t relate. And the vocabulary is tougher. For example, I know what a berm is but I still need to think about it. That’s said, I was able to follow all the parts which I wasn’t expecting going in. The parts that apply to everyone were easy to follow.

I also like that this book had so many people providing input. It definitely makes the book better and they were open to feedback. Which means the things I didn't like were fixed :).
6 days ago
I wrote that. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

That was to protect us against a security issue where a bad guy could keep trying passwords and get into people's accounts. It's a nice feature because it only happens if you enter the wrong password a lot of times. And it goes away by itself as time passes.

Tip: the time counter makes we wait longer and longer each time until a valid password is entered. It doesn't have to be the same person though. So you logging in (after 4 minutes) would reset it and let the other person try a few more times without delay.
The forum figures out your time zone using JavaScript (a browser thing). If it can't, it defaults to US Mountain Time. Is that what the "wrong" time zone is?

Cj Verde wrote:The OP was asking about Ultra Pasteurized - not UHT like Parmalat (which is available in USA). We established that early on in the thread.

That's ok. The change in direction of the topic is interesting too.
4 years ago
John: Interesting that the words might not even mean the same thing.

David: Yogurt maybe?
4 years ago
Cj: No, not talking about Parmalat. I only bought that once - after a power outage. It didn't taste like milk and I decided I'd rather have dry cereal for a while.

I saw milk like "Organic Valley" and what Ghislaine describes as what inspired the question. Milk is perishable. It doesn't feel right that it can sit on the shelf for a month.
4 years ago
I'm finding it harder to buy "regular" milk lately. Not impossible, but less convenient. Up until recently, I bought Farmland milk (which comes from New Jersey - one state away) and pledges not to use hormones in their cows. My supermarket discontinued selling Farmland milk. The brand they sell now instead is not rbST free. (I now buy milk at the drug store which still sells a brand that is rbST free.)

This happened months ago. I recently checked in the supermarket to see if this is still the case. It is. But not they have a fairly substantial organic milk section. I was thinking about whether to try one and noticed the expiration date was over a month away. That seemed odd so I read the label and saw it was "ultra pasteurized milk." From the little I've read on that, it sounds like they heat it more/faster and then "change" something to make it taste "normal" again.

I was somewhat taken aback by this because I thought organic food was "plainer" (and spoiled faster.) It seems like we are going to get to a trade off between rbST and ultra pasteurization.

I read that this type of milk is popular in Europe. Anybody have any experiences?

(I posted this originally at CodeRanch then realized I'm more likely to get opinions here)
4 years ago
To those who got "please enter an email", it is fixed now.

I gave an apple to Marc for being the first to report the issue and Rory for being the first to post a screenshot of the issue.