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Recent posts by mick mclaughlin

I took the state nuisance animal course here several years ago, and at that time, less then 1/10 of 1% of raccoons test positive for rabies. With that said, you gotta move them a minimum of 12 miles, and then you are probably just giving your problem to someone else.

I am really surprised that raccoons are eating a large amount of worms. They will eat about anything, but worms are way down on the list. Skunks or armadillo are much bigger worm eaters.
A good dog, even a borrowed one, is an excellent suggestion. Bright lights, loud noises and e fences all offer some help.

A good broom, and some strong language works too.
7 years ago
Thanks folks!

Commonly around here, roosters are a no no. I csn not imagine that this uptight town will allow them.

Thanks again! !!
7 years ago
For those urban folks, what are your city chicken laws?

Number? Housing ? Etc..

Our city has a no chicken rule right now, and I am considered a dangerous criminal for only keeping my chicks in town, before moving them to my rental land. I have been approached to write up some proposed guidlines and present these to the board.

7 years ago
Bones you must discard.

Leaves I would use, not pine needles. Straw, hay, saw dust etc.. are a start for carbon. Carbob keeps well, so I grab it every chance I get.

I dont turn mine much. Once after two weeks, and once at maybe 6 weeks. Rule of thumb is the slower it cooks the more nutritional value to the soil.

I am only making good soil.
8 years ago
"Worth" picking up is a relative thing. My kids don't pencil out ss high profit, but I still think they are "worth" the effort.

I take all I can get. Coffee grounds, not kids.

All of the grounds I get come in or with filters, so I compost them all. They work especially well with shredded leaves. This makes a quick, awesome soil building compost.

On weeds, that is part of the attraction of horseshit for the garden. I sm not aware of a weed that "hurts" a garden, and most help in some manner or another. Grass hurts a garden, but not weeds. Chemical wormers are a bigger concern in any outside manure brought in.
8 years ago
I am certainly not an expert, but I do not believe it contradicts biodynamic, but i also do not believe mulch of any type is a huge part of biodynamics.

8 years ago
I have read all of the books here, and find " A Biodynamic Farm" the most readible for a dummy like me.

Mr Lovell is actually alive and still speaking, and writing, as well. His website is quantam agricultural. I recently ordered his newest book, but I have not recieved it as of yet.

Mr. Jeavons still speaks and tours as well, and while I personally practice a form of gardening close to mr.Jeavons, it aint biodynamics. Biointensive is similar in some ways, but not biodynamics.

Biointensive and biodynamics both look at the big picture, but biointensive does not address the "spiritual", while biodynamics embraces it.

I will say that there is tons of info out there on both methods, but you gotta kinda dig for it. There are not a lot of self promoters.
8 years ago
Yea the cougar pic has been around for years. It was killed by hound hunters, abd the mule was playing with it, for lack of a better way to put it.

Just slinging him around
8 years ago
Well that was poorly worded, I will admit, but my point was the horn, intestine etc... is more then just a vessel to hold the treatments, they are part of the treatments. Yes you can bury manure in anything, imean a horn is not that efficient for that purpose, but a conch shell or clay pot did not come from the farm, or produce the manure. One does not know the life energy of the conch shell or clay pot.
The galaxy, stars, moon ,earth and everything on it is all connected. Biodynamic s is one if the explorations of these connections. A conch shell ir clay pot , may have a connection to your farm, I dont know.

Not there is anything wrong with that.

I am not sure about biodynamics myself, but I am deeply impressed hy many of the people and the results they seem to achieve.

Sorry, I am on my phone, and fear I am coming across as both illiterate and rude. I suggest you read up on all the methods, and use what works best for you!

Good luck!
8 years ago
No offense, but ya'll are kinda missing the point of biodynamics.

John Jeavon's Grow Biointensive is a similar method, that would seem to follow vegan methods to me, but I dont really know.

I am not big on sticking myself in to catagories. I do what feels right, and that is my method.
8 years ago