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Recent posts by Andy Commons

This silliness showed up on my facebook feed today.
I responded by linking to Paul's famous and fun post on heating yourself

But this flower pot heater does nothing more than store the heat and let it disperse in a different way than the candles alone. The amount of heat created in the room is the same...

Someone (like Paul) should explain this in a fun video.

I'm I late to the party? Has this already been discussed?

4 years ago
Thomas, I sent you a PM. Did you get it? Are you still interested in those logs?
6 years ago
Hey. I did offer them to someone but he hasn't picked them up, and I don't think he would care if they were gone. If you're still interested, send me a PM with your email so we can make arrangements.

6 years ago
Bummer. I thought for sure someone in this forum would want these logs. I'll give it another day and then I'll post it on Craigslist.
Last chance to learn about these logs I'm giving way....

drop a reply here if you want them
7 years ago
I took down some fence today and have about 10 long pieces of split rail fence (and a few bonus rusty nails).

Would someone be able to put this wood to good use?

I live just a couple miles up grant creek rd in Missoula.
You'd need a trailer or come with a chain saw to shorten them up for hauling.

please let me know by reply to this thread. First to respond with an real desire for these, and we'll swap details by private message.

Thanks in advance.

-A Commons
7 years ago
I think these are great ideas, and improving gas mileage is a noble cause, but I'm a bit nervous about the guy coasting down the road in neutral with his engine off.
I was taught to drive with the car in gear (the proper gear for my speed if a stick) so that I would be able to react quickly to get out of the way of danger.

My life was probably saved in one case, where a drunk driver was heading right for me, but I was able to accelerate beyond the path of his car. He narrowly missed hitting me and then flew off the road in a nasty crash. Had I been in neutral, coasting, I might not be here to type this today.

Driving 55 or 60 vs 75 or 80 is certainly a good idea, but thinking it's OK to be putting along I-5 at 45 when those around you are going 80 is pretty dangerous too. We have to consider the whole picture.

Didn't myth busters do a segment on driving with the windows down vs. running the AC?

7 years ago
two thoughts.

a. write a short ebook, with nice illustrations, etc... title it something like "Low water gardening" and post it on amazon for $0.99.
Then promote the $*!& of out it.


b. create a 1/2 serious video, with lots of fun graphics and if possible rhyming phrases. Then get these guys to auto-tune it. Be sure to have an easy to remember link (like just in the video too.
(be sure to check out the Nascar Prayer with 3.8 million views.)


C. (ok, that's three thoughts).
See if you can get this guy to interview you on his podcast.

I would approach it in the more general terms of Low water gardening. The name might not be the right thing to lead with.

Peace Flowers and Rainbows Y'all.
Boogity Boogity Boogity - AMEN.
El Nina they call it.
She was here last year, and it appears she's returning for another visit.

Over at Paul Queneau has a post about the storm arriving tonight.

He writes:
"Late tonight, a powerful cold front will sweep across western Montana. By noon Saturday, National Weather Service forecasters predict six to ten inches of snow will drape the mountain passes around Missoula, along with winds that could gust as high as 40 mph."

See the full post here:

What do you think? Will we have another record snow pack? Is this good or bad news for you?
7 years ago
I love the podcasts. I download them via Google Listen to my smart phone, and listen when I'm driving or doing dishes.

I love that you can take a topic that might need reading a huge thread here at the forums and boil it down into a neat little bundle that I can listen to. (multi-tasking that actually works).

Then there is the "what makes Paul tick" stuff which I also find valuable.

I'd love to hear a podcast (or see a forum post) on Paul's approach to time management. He seems to get so much done each week. Perhaps we only needs 3 hours of sleep per night.
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