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since May 09, 2008
SW Tennessee Zone 7a average rainfall 52"
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Hi all,

I'm turning a concrete walled room in my barn into a tiny home. I need to insulate the walls. Since I probably won't have help, I've decided that the easiest thing to do is to use the foam panels that are available at Lowes and put it all together with construction adhesive. Can I put the foam right up against the concrete, or do I need to create a space?

I don't really know what I'm doing with this project, so any tips or tricks would be appreciated!
10 months ago
We're trying to reclaim a section of poor, overgrazed pasture. The dog fennel (Eupatorium capillifolium) is taking over the world! For one brief second, the Roundup looked pretty good ... no, I'm not actually going to do that, but I'm getting desperate. Any ideas?
1 year ago
Check out Sugar Mountain Farm

Walter lives in Vermont, so his climate is different, but he is more than willing to answer questions. He has a LOT of blog posts on the basics of what he does, and he's very successful at it. He's a member here, but I don't know how often he gets on here anymore. He and his family are good people. Best dog I've ever had came from Sugar Mountain Farm.
1 year ago
Temperament is a complex thing, which is why I said i was guessing. Not at all surprised that I got some things wrong.

People change when it becomes too uncomfortable to stay the same. As dysfunctional as it is for you, your relationship is working for him. If it weren't, he'd do something different.

So what about this is working for him? Can you set some boundaries so it doesn't work?
1 year ago
For what this is worth ... I'm a Christian counselor, and I do something called temperament therapy. Most people have never heard of it. In my almost 10 years of experience, I've discovered that many of these types of conflicts are due to the fact that you and your spouse are wired differently.

I am GUESSING at your spouse's temperament based on what you've said ... but I'm guessing he's the type who does not feel comfortable doing something he isn't sure how to do, he doesn't like to feel controlled, he's a perfectionist, and he is not motivated by punishment or reward.

I am GUESSING that you are a git 'er done kind of girl, that you tend to just jump in and figure it out, that you are more interested in having it done than having it perfect, and that you also do not like to feel controlled.

The cool thing is that marriages between people with different temperaments can actually work really well ... as long as you can resist the urge to kill each other. That's because you each have strengths that the other doesn't have. The key is to learn to work with them rather than fighting them.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to pm me.
1 year ago
For the past 2 years, we've had a crazy population of red wasps that hung out at the entrance to our barn. They are aggressive little suckers that would dive bomb us and sting just for walking through the doorway. I will confess to using a few non-permie-friendly approaches to getting rid of them, none of which worked very well.

This year ... the carpenter bees have moved in, and all of a sudden we don't have a lot of wasps. Mind you, of the two, I'd rather have the carpenter bees. They don't bother people at all, and I enjoy having cute, fat little bees buzzing around.

However, I like my barn.

Do I trap the bees and risk the wasps coming back? Do y'all know of any beneficials I could buy and release that would discourage red wasps but not have my barn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Any other ideas?
2 years ago

Not getting any easier is it?

No, it isn't. And people do this voluntarily, all day, for a living? :O

The $316 breaker box puts me over my budget, but I can certainly do those cables and a fuse.

So when I finally have all the pieces parts, I just string it all together with the cables, positive to positive and negative to negative? Or could it not possibly be that simple?
2 years ago
One more question ... well, no promises to stick to that LOL.

Would these cables be OK to go between the batteries?  Batteries Plus had some cheap battery to battery cables, but they seemed rather flimsy so I didn't buy them.

Also, there are cables that came with the inverter to connect it to the batteries, but they don't have a fuse attached. Can I put a fuse on there somehow and not spend another $120 for another kit?
2 years ago
Jump away, Gail!

I have my batteries. Waiting on the other things to arrive.

Mongo brings up a good question ... why don't I just stick with DC for the lights and laptop? The short answer is that I eventually want to be able to produce enough solar power to keep some food cold, heat up the coffee, and run the mixer. I can't buy everything I need for that all at once, but I already have the inverter, so I might as well set it up now and then just add to the system as I'm able.

2 years ago
Rabbits can easily be left for a night or two without problems.

The first common sense rule is to check the weather forecast. I don't know where you live, but if it's gonna be 110 in the shade on the days you want to be gone, it might be better to reschedule your trip. Same thing if it's going to be cold enough to freeze all the water.

Otherwise, we hang 2 or 3 water bottles per pen, depending on how many rabbits each one contains. Our rabbits are used to getting fresh food, so we throw in a lot of hard vegetables ... carrots, whole heads of cabbage, sweet potatoes ... that they can munch on while we're gone. They also get a bowl of pellets, which they most likely finish off the first day. Obviously, if your rabbits aren't used to fresh food, you'll want to introduce it gradually before you plan to go anywhere. If you object to feeding anything other than pellets, you'll need something that will hold a LOT of pellets, because rabbits offered free choice pellets will usually take advantage of it.

As for keeping them cool, we're in West Tennessee and it gets pretty hot here, but our rabbits are used to it. We just make sure they have shade at all times. We move the grower pens inside the barn. The outdoor pens have corner tarps and are surrounded by trees, so they do pretty well. We triple check the tarp ties so they won't come loose while we're gone.

When we come home after a weekend trip, the rabbits are generally out of food and are obviously ready to be fed, but they're not frantic. They're about as hungry as they usually are at feeding time. They always have water left in the bottles. We've never had anything happen while we've been gone.

2 years ago