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Recent posts by Milo Jones

I look forward to the next video.  That was very well done and funny, too.
6 years ago
I'm not an expert but I'd look for any metal fatigue inside the firebox, or if there is stone inside the firebox I'd look for cracking or spalling, signs of degredation.  I'd examine the outside closely to see if there are any signs of smoke residue where it shouldn't be, especially at the joints, or cracks in the stones or seams.  Make sure all handles and flaps for the flue and air supply are working or repairable, door hinges and latches working and tight.
Things like fiberglass gaskets on the doors can easily be replaced, other items might have to be custom built.
It looks like a beautiful stove, I'd look at the cost vs. my bank statement vs. my dwelling size.
I'd also look at the stove they replaced it with, if it looks like it has a higher output I'd be suspicious, maybe it doesn't put out as much heat as they are suggesting or maybe it isn't efficient enough.
I'd look at the calendar before I make a counter offer, Spring favors a buyer for a woodstove.
Then I'd probably look for my 3 biggest friends to help me carry it out of the basement, it looks heavy.

6 years ago
Thats so nice to hear Liz!  Sounds like it has been a long winter for you.
6 years ago

Travis Johnson wrote:I went from felling the tree to having it up in about 6 hours time, my wife helping me hoist them into place when she was 7 months pregnant!

Beautiful work Travis, how can I get your wife to help me? (Just kidding)

Is there any additional support in the foundation for the center support or is it on a slab?

S Tonin wrote:Botulism was so named after the Latin word for sausage; sausages were notorious in the past for being the source of outbreaks.  People still ate them, and some died; then we figured out what was causing it and more or less eliminated the threat of botulism from improperly cured meats through the application of a few simple safety measures.

Today I learned.

From Google:

noun: botulism

Food poisoning caused by a bacterium (botulinum) growing on improperly sterilized canned meats and other preserved foods.

late 19th century: from German Botulismus, originally ‘sausage poisoning,’ from Latin botulus ‘sausage.’

I always knew Botulism was bad, but I never knew it literally meant ‘sausage poisoning’.
7 years ago
Has anyone tried this? I hate to admit it but I giggle each time the rooster goes "squawk" but he seems to be able to do everything else an unencumbered rooster would do.

7 years ago

Robbie Asay wrote:After noticing your link in your signature I see you already have a review up about this chainsaw but it is attached to an affiliate site.  Please do not use the information I have provided to pad the review on your site unless Permies is being compensated in some way or you have some kind of agreement with them.  As someone who also runs a forum I run into information theft all the time and please correct me if I'm wrong but it appears fishy to have a review up on another site while stating here you are looking at buying one.  

The signature links to a personal web page, not directly to an affiliate link. I think that is allowed here.  I don't think Paul is opposed to other people making money on the internet.
7 years ago

Donohoe told that she was not at all inclined to sample the ancient foodstuff. “I passed on that,” she said.

I'd have been all over that, give me a slice of bread!
7 years ago
Verjuice is a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes, crab-apples or other sour fruit.

If you have a press. You can still add the pulp to the compost pile.

edit: Ooh, not apple related but check out the awesome grape trellis from 1474 shown in the wikipedia article linked above:

Picking green grapes for making verjuice. Tacuinum Sanitatis (1474). Paris Bibliothèque nationale.

7 years ago