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Get a nice set of bike grips and you can go all day

I'm guessing they used old planer knives from the sawmills. Nice and heavy duty with great tool steel
8 years ago
And a few more pics from my phone.
8 years ago
Nice work guys. Walls look great. There has been a lot of progress since I left.
8 years ago
So that makes 2 tickets that are available I have sent out an email to people on the waiting list so jump on the opportunity while you can
9 years ago
Good news for anyone wanting to get in on the workshop this weekend

We had someone who had to cancel at the last minute do to an injury so their ticket is available if someone would like to purchase it from them.

9 years ago
We are just over a week away from the workshop, and we are excited.

For all of those who have registered thankyou. We just sent out an email to all of you, if you could let us know that you recieved it that would be great.

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest, we look forward to hosting/teaching more workshops in the future including RMH, timber framing, small scale sawmilling, solar/alternative energy/offgrid/electrical, and other eco building techniques as well.
9 years ago

Fred Walter wrote:

When you say "hot water", do you mean, for domestic hot water (eg. showers, dishwashing, etc), or sufficient volume for an in-floor hydronic heating system?

Fred, Sorry somehow I missed this earlier


domestic water is something that everyone uses and I think is a key component to adress

I have a background in radiant and hydronic heat, and in my opinion it is one of the most efficient ways to move energy(heat), and it also allows the "mass" in rocket mass heater to be increased and transported throughout the entire home/shop.

9 years ago
Ok Folks here is the Schedule

We just spent the weekend with Ernie & Erica.

We had a great time playing with Rocket Mass Heaters, eating great food, and we had some great discussions as well.

The following includes the schedule that we came up with.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone.

Domestic Rocket Science: Wood-Fueled Modern Convenience

As the big finish of their Great Green Northern Tour, Erica and Ernie Wisner are coming to Missoula in October to demonstrate the latest in clean-burning, super-efficient wood-fueled technology.
By 'clean burning' we mean less than 10 minutes of faintly tinted smoke over the entire 4-hour burn cycle (the main burn produces only steam and CO2). By 'super-efficient' we mean producing 24-hour heat from that same 4-hour burn, while routinely using less than 1 cord of wood in homes that formerly consumed 4 to 10 cords per winter. By 'wood-fueled', we mean you can run one without ever cutting down another tree - they can be operated entirely on (dry) waste wood such as ladder fuels, dead and down limbs, shop scrap, and orchard trimmings.
This is an opportunity to seriously reduce household heating bills, environmental footprint, and reclaim some space in the woodshed for more enjoyable projects.

The workshop includes
- hands-on practice with traditional skills: building, masonry, metal-fitting, fire making, and use of modern refractory materials;
- the most efficient, affordable, DIY-friendly designs for earthen masonry heaters, fireplaces, and cookstoves (participants receive printed diagrams of our favorite design for each purpose);
- cutting-edge convenience for the modern home: pre-cast, drop-in-place heater cores; 'portable' mass heaters for temporary installation; and an introduction to domestic hot water.
- discussion of practical essentials including safety, code compliance vs. non-permitted installation, design and materials selection for participants' unique situations.

Course Schedule*: (*actual timing may be adapted to suit weather and the group's skills and interests.)

Friday PM: Fire science & Pyro-History demos
(Bonfire, Fox Stove, Jug Stove, Rumford & "ox-cooker" fireplaces, hot-stack effect, oven (concept not install), organic campfire treats)

Saturday: The Rocket Stove and Rocket Mass Heater
- Saturday AM: Traditional masonry & rocket stove practice: fireplace refinement, brick mockups for the Boil Challenge; one batch of cob or 'fireclay mortar' for chinking. Demo Pocket Rockets, Turkey/Tea Stove, 'Wood stove'.
- Noon: Boil water in 6 minutes challenge (and enjoy fresh hot drinks with lunch)
- Saturday PM: The Portable RMH (1 hour with Q&A)
- Saturday PPM: Full-Scale Mass Heaters; earthen masonry methods & load calculations,

Sunday: Code-Compliance and Modern Conveniences
- Sunday AM: Ernie & Caleb demonstrate water heater; cautionary commentary/discussion
- Sunday PM: Masonry Heater ASTM review and design charette for installation situations. Release main group at 3 pm.
- After-Party: Turkey Fryer Challenge? 4pm
9 years ago

The workshop will start late afternoon on Friday. Ernie and Erica will be demonstrating Fire Science that evening.

We are located about 10 miles from the Missoula airport. We can arrange for someone to pick you up, there are also several rental car companies at the airport.

Accomodations. Camping on site is an option, there are also several hotels near the airport.

9 years ago