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Wyoming & Colo: Zones 2 to 5,
Urban and Forest gardening !
Miles was born into a ranching family. His Mom and Dad moved to the big city so he has lived in both worlds. Miles is married with two college aged children. He has been gardening all of his life , in Colorado and Wyoming. A Wyoming Master Gardener and Permaculture newbie. Miles loves hiking, camping and fishing in the Rockies. He and his family live on a small suburban lot outside of Denver and own a ten acre forested lot in Wyoming that is slowly being planted with food crops.
Zones 2-4 Wyoming and 4-5 Colorado
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The reason for the question mark above is that I do not know what they are supposed to look like and the soil I used was scraped off the top of one of our raised beds. So it could be any number of volunteer seeds, from tomatoes to trees!  I planted 4 to 5 seeds in each pot, one in each corner and one in the middle. So ,because they seem to be coming up in the corners, I have hope. I am hoping more come up and I am waiting for the second set of leaves to help identify them. So I may just be getting us exited for nothing !

I moved the pots all to one spot for the picture so it is one or two from each variety/flat.

I have the flats setting under an aspen tree so it gets partial sun.
12 hours ago
Rhubarb came up strong this spring. Surrounded by strawberries comfrey and chives.
1 day ago
Just thought I would pass this along from a facebook post of the Denver permaculture group.

Position Opening: Larimer Square Urban Farm Manager Location: Denver, Colorado Type: Seasonal, Full-time (Mid-June – Mid- November)  

Project Overview Bio-Logical Capital is a regenerative land investment, development, and conservation company that focuses on food, energy, water and habitat. Urban Villages, our sister company, is the developer, property manager, and asset manager for Larimer Square. While Urban Villages plans for the larger longterm redevelopment of Larimer Square, they have engaged Bio-Logical Capital to execute an initial urban agriculture program that demonstrates a model for small-scale productive agriculture in downtown Denver.  

Our team seeks an Urban Farm Manager to manage the different growing spaces around Larimer Square which include a 4,000-square-foot growing space on the top of Larimer Square Parking garage, as well as raised beds along the street and Bull and Bear Courtyard of Larimer Square. This management position will experiment between soil-based bed types and sizes, cold frames, greenhouses, shade structures, crop types and irrigation systems. This position will work with us to understand what grows best on rooftops in Colorado and the best methods of cultivation in urban spaces. An emphasis will be placed on making all of the structures, equipment, and installations in this space temporary, so that they can be reused in the redevelopment of the square’s long-term food production plan. Another goal of the project is to help shift our community’s understanding of “wild spaces” and food cultivation. Although we do not believe that rooftop agriculture is the solution to the future of food production, we do believe that it will be an important supplement rural food production and that it increases urban awareness around food systems.  

Position Overview We are searching for an Urban Farm Manager who has a strong work ethic, is a proactive communicator, and is enthusiastic about the larger and longer-term goals of the project – particularly in experimenting with a successful rooftop urban farm for Denver. It is essential that this position is flexible, adaptable, and a problem-solver. We seek applicants who have a knowledge and experience with the Front Range growing climate, soil, greenhouse production, and Colorado appropriate plant species. Because the rooftop will be both a public and private space, this position must feel comfortable interacting and engaging with community members while simultaneously maintaining the productivity of the space. We seek an Urban Farm Manager who is excited to work closely with the Bio-Logical Capital team and community, and who is able to both teach us and learn with us. The Urban Farm Manager will coordinate closely with and be supported by our entire team and will report directly to the Ecological Designer.  

Primary Responsibilities Rooftop Farm Operations  • Manage 4,000 ft2 of rooftop production (Two thirds of that space will be vegetable and fruit production and one third in perennial and native plant gardens)
• Provide oversight, management and executive for all rooftop farm activities, including, but not limited to: compost program management, irrigation, cultivation, propagation, seed saving, general maintenance, daily harvest operations, and tree care • Successional and rotational planting for pest mitigation, optimizing space • Maintain accurate inventory of all materials and supplies related to rooftop farm production activities, including, but not limited to: compost, harvest tools and supplies, packaging and labeling supplies • Preparing for and managing different weather situations (such as a hailstorm) and problem solving how to best manage these • Manage farming project goals, planting and work schedules, critical timelines, reporting mechanisms and resource allocations • Submit a Weekly Status Report on all rooftop farm activities and attend a weekly meeting to discuss important details contained in the report  • Work closely with Bio-Logical Capital to document learnings, evolve practices, and plant species • Manage and coordinate farm volunteers

Street-Level Operations • Manage 1,500 square feet of street level agricultural and native plant program that complements the infrastructure of the block and creates synergy between the rooftop farm and the street level. This includes a mix of plant-based installations that showcase native plants and crops, hardy herbs, and species that are associated with food but not tempting or pick-able (e.g., edible flowers, lavender, sage, some Brassicaceae, etc.). Examples of such installations include: wooden raised beds that host a mix of native and edible plants; colorful baskets hanging from street posts; and creative, vertical garden installations that are water-use efficient, reflecting the surrounding landscape and growing-climate.  • Create planting plans for different seasons, order respective species mix and plant  • Preparing for and manage the resulting consequence of unknown weather (such as a hailstorm) and pedestrian influence (replant when necessary due to disruptions on the block)  • Water and weed garden boxes • Manage project goals, planting and work schedules, critical timelines, reporting mechanisms and resource allocations • Work closely with Bio-Logical Capital to document learnings, evolve practices, and plant species as appropriate

Secondary Responsibilities • Serve as a spokesperson for marketing, media, and communication purposes at the farm • Work with Bio-Logical Capital on community program development and management, which could include participation in and the facilitation and leadership of:  o Rooftop Garden event planning and execution o Community education and workshops o Public speaking  

Candidate Qualifications • Minimum 3 years of agro-ecological farming and farm management experience • Demonstrated success in previous management and leadership positions with excellent interpersonal and communications skills
• Demonstrated ability to integrate management operations with community and sustainability considerations and outcomes • Ability to interact comfortable and professionally with a broad range of community members and stakeholders • A strong facilitator and communicator • Open to learning and implementing new farming techniques • Flexible schedule with the availability to work on some weekends • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Computer, data entry and reporting skills • Proven record of success in a highly collaborative and dynamic work environment • Self-starter who is able to work independently, and solve problems creatively • Willingness to work outdoors in all weather conditions • Minimum 2 references

Application Process Candidates should send a cover letter illustrating experience, resume, available start date, contact information, and three references to

For more information on our company, please visit  
3 days ago
Howdy Dallas, welcome to permies ! I am looking forward to hearing more about your farm. Tell me about the nut trees, did you plant them from seed, buy them from a nursery? What hardiness zone are you there?
4 days ago
I finally captured our local bears on our game cam. The spring of 2018. They wander through now and then but haven't really seen any sign of them for about three years.
6 days ago
Same way, took some good composted garden soil in flats and pressed the seeds down into that . Watered and set them outside under a tree. I had some with some mold on them . They were all still moist in the baggies. Plumped up, some looked like they were starting to germinate.
6 days ago
Day two, Forms up , mixing soils and tamping.

6 days ago
Alright just planted/potted 4 different varieties of seeds sent to me by Arnould ! We will see what happens. I am hoping to grow them in Colorado and Wyoming.
1 week ago
"We’ll visit a mother/daughter operation in Lovell raising crossed Dorper/ Katahdin hair sheep, both relatively new breeds, but gaining in popularity in Wyoming. We’ll also visit the homestead of the Spear S Ranch in Red Canyon where they work to restore the oldest domestic breed of sheep in the Americas, the Navajo-Churro. "

1 week ago