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Wyoming & Colo: Zones 2 to 5,
Urban and Forest gardening !
Miles was born into a ranching family. His Mom and Dad moved to the big city so he has lived in both worlds. Miles is married with two college aged children. He has been gardening all of his life , in Colorado and Wyoming. A Wyoming Master Gardener and Permaculture newbie. Miles loves hiking, camping and fishing in the Rockies. He and his family live on a small suburban lot outside of Denver and own a ten acre forested lot in Wyoming that is slowly being planted with food crops.
Zones 2-4 Wyoming and 4-5 Colorado
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Gotta love Joel Salatin !  This one sums up what he does pretty well.

The town is Medicine Bow, it is in Carbon County Wyoming. The population is around 270 at last census. As I said mostly older folks ,so the town could use a boost , we think they would work with new folks and alternative housing , permie ideas. They have been pretty open so far with our permaculture demonstration ideas. Due to the large number of wind turbines going up in the area the town has access to "impact" funding from the county. So they are looking at improving roads and hiring a police officer among other ideas. At this point the county sheriff is law enforcement. If you look at google maps you will see what the town looks like. There is a mix of trailer houses and full blown large stick builds so housing is wide open. The town has volunteer firemen with county backup. They also run the water and sewer, which is hiring by the way. As I said above there is a small store and gas station, a large hotel, a couple of small restaurants / bar, A mechanic ,some churches, a retirement center, the conservation district offices and a nice little museum. No HOA involved , all permits etc are through the city or county. There are many homes and businesses for sale right now as the older folks are passing on and their families sell out. So it seems like a good time and place for permie folks to move in.



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Here is a drone video from youtube , taken this summer. If you stop it at about 1:48 to 1:50, on the right side of the highway , you can see the area we are talking about. Our center is the homestead buildings in the shot. Some of the lots are along the long cul-de-sac street and others are back behind the center and to the left  in the large grassy area.

2 days ago
Ok folks,  My family may have an opportunity to start a small permaculture village in a very small town in Wyoming. We currently own 8 acres surrounded by smaller parcels. The 8 acres is being developed into a permaculture education and demonstration site. There may be at least 10 and possibly up to 20 quarter acre town lots available surrounding this site. Each lot has water sewer and electric available and have, or will have, gravel road access. The fee for these utilities is currently $20 per month whether in use or not. Cost after hook up is based on usage. Taxes on the lots is very low. around $50 per year. There have been some homes built on some lots close by, and those taxes, depending on the size and type of home, are from $200 to $1000 per year.

The town has about 200 people, mostly older retired folks. Surrounded by large ranches. A small river runs through town. And two state highways run through town which connect to three of Wyoming's larger cities within an hours drive each direction. These cities have tech schools and colleges. There is an elementary school and a retirement center, a small store and gas station, a museum and a large hotel. The main line of the railroad also runs through town so there is some noise from train traffic. The surrounding area is rapidly being developed with wind turbines , and there are coal and uranium mines as well as the usual oil and gas activity. Within a couple of hours drive there are all sorts of mountains , lakes, and deserts to explore and enjoy. Denver is about 4 hrs. drive away.

The weather is pleasant in the summer up into the 90's for short periods but generally in the 70's. Very cold in the winter and windy. Could get as low as 60 below with wind chill and blizzards . So winters can be rough .

We are hoping to make a purchase of a couple of commercial lots for future market garden sales and have been told that the owner wishes to sell all of their other lots as a package deal. So to get the lots along the highway we will end up with many home lots that we do not need.

So we are thinking that each person would own their own lot to do as they please and then share in a couple of larger community lots and the farmers market setup in some way.

So I am wondering if there are any hardy pioneers looking for a fresh start or folks who would be interested in investing, in a Quarter acre city lot to join in our permaculture village dream ? We are not sure what the final price per lot will be as we are still negotiating but we believe that we can pass on a very low price in hopes of building a community.  I would think below $2500 but I am only guessing right now.  I will update this when we get a firm price.

In the mean time let me know if you might be interested.
4 days ago
WOW Bravo ! I wish I would have found permies 40 years ago, I would love to have/build a home like that.
6 days ago
Good stuff Daron, I have been working on my dams for years now. I am slowly restoring a very old dam system that is fed by a year round spring. I hope to create a larger place for my moose mamas to raise and feed their young.  Looking forward to seeing your work.
6 days ago
Howdy Kristy, have you looked on the Landwatch website?  Not sure if this is to far from the city but HERE are some properties west of 35. You can redo the search for a different county or town.
6 days ago
Do you have a way to keep the water moving?
1 week ago
Howdy Barry, welcome to permies!

HERE is a link to all of the rockets at Paul Wheatons lab. There are a couple that might give you some ideas. Maybe the "bun warmer" or the "season extender" ?Check it out!
1 week ago