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Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, is an author, producer, certified advanced master gardener, and owner of. He has created hundreds of youtube videos, hundreds of podcasts, multiple DVDs, and written dozens of articles and a book. As the lead mad scientist at Wheaton Labs, he's conducted experiments resulting in rocket stoves and ovens, massive earthworks, solar dehydrators and much more.
His bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT
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Are you saying you added a new post to the thread that is now complete, or are you saying that you went and edited the rejected post?

click here to see the official bootcamp web page!
Most of the information is on that page.  This thread is mostly for discussion.

December 2023 - The bootcamp has three openings now!  .

Let's make sure you are in the right place:

permaculture bootcamp: "learn permaculture with a little hard work." 40 hours a week for a few weeks or months.  Get a warm bunk and organic food with your gardening and natural building experiences. Kinda school-ish. If this is what you are looking for, you found the right web page!

the sepper program:  Rent a humble cabin for a few days or weeks.  Participate in the bootcamp as much or as little as you like.  Maybe you come as a couple and one person works online while the other is in the bootcamp.  For more information click here.

ant village:  rent an acre for a year.  Build your own humble home and garden.  For more information click here.

A recent bootcamp project:

A recent winter bootcamp project:

We have 220 acres.  We spend our days gardening and building stuff to our standards. In the winter we heat our buildings with rocket mass heaters (we have more than a dozen).  We are the host for the annual "Permaculture Technology Jamboree" - and in a way, the bootcamp build those same things all year.  We even get quite a few experts stopping by from time-to-time.

We have a different way we do things.  Our gardens feature a lot of hugelkultur. The homes we build are made of logs and mud.  Zero cement, paint or glue.

People come to hang out in the bootcamp for a week or two to immerse themselves in this form of living.  Some come for months.  Some come for years.  

95% of the work done is to benefit the current boots or the future boots. Growing gardens to produce the food of the bootcamp. Building habitat for the bootcamp.  Caring for tools that are used by the bootcamp.  Etc.

a little jingle in your pocket

COIN-1: Several boots have harvested hundreds of dollars by posting pics and videos of theirs experiences here in the BRK program (now at about $2000).

COIN-2: You can edit videos for Paul's YouTube channel.  He pays $400 to $500 per video.  Some people can whip up a video in less than an hour. Details here.

COIN-3: After a few weeks (once we think you can do stuff on your own), talk to us about some bounties for coin.  There are several little projects we are willing to pay for.   A person could earn about $100 to $200 per month on evenings and weekends.

COIN-4: And if there is a special tool or bit of warm clothes you would like to have, the BRK and ant love programs have proven to be quite generous.

COIN-5: When people need a ride to and from the airport a person with a rig could harvest pick-up and drop-off bounties.  (Normally $35 one way during normal hours and $55 for crazy hours)

COIN-6: When a boot is here long enough, they can harvest some coin giving tours.

COIN-7: Sometimes we have a rush and there is a need for people to help with rentals - and that pays money!

COIN-8: Some ants and deep roots people have paid for help with their plots - building and gardening.

COIN-9: We have a neighbor that sometimes needs some construction help and has paid for that on evenings and weekends.

COIN-10: Some residents in the past have set up patreon accounts and made a few hundred bucks a month posting videos and pics.  

COIN-11: When you have a plot to play with, you can build a fence and some gardens and a structure.   And then you can sell those improvements to somebody else.  

COIN-12: When a boot is here long enough, they can harvest some coin helping with events on weekends.

your own acre

All boots that have been here for a month get an acre to plant their own seeds and build their own natural building.   You can even start with an acre that has some work already done on it.

bonus stuff

If people have been in the bootcamp for a couple of months, we give them a ticket to our Permaculture Design Course, Permaculture Technology Jamboree, SKIP event, Garden Master Course or Rocket Mass Heater Jamboree.  We might even be open to something similar for other events.  Check the end of this thread for the latest offers.  

If people stay in the bootcamp for three years (two years if one year is as a "commander"), they can get an acre of deep roots.  More here and here.

the tie-in to the PEP program

The estimates are that a person participating in the bootcamp might get PEP1 certified in about 10 to 12 weeks.   We're thinking half of the BBs would be harvested during project labor and the other half would be on evenings and weekends.   More about the PEP program here.

An interview with people that had been in the bootcamp program, about the bootcamp program

audio only.  

Bits and bobs that might be of interest to new boots:

A summary of all things Wheaton Labs
ant village
deep roots
BRK for boots
work trade info
the Wheaton Labs forum
online permaculture design course (133 hours of video of the 2017 PDC and ATC)
the 2023 Permaculture Design Course
the 2023 Permaculture Technology Jamboree

wwoof intern

How to become a Boot

To get in, you must pay the non-refundable fee of $100 for each person.  So a couple would pay $200.   (reminder, this is a drug and tobacco free campus)

You can pay with PayPal, Stripe or Crypto - you'll get the option to choose which once you hit the big shiny button below:

Once we receive payment, we will contact you to start sorting out the particulars.


I enjoy weed once in a while, how can I enjoy my weed and still be respectful to your weed-free campus thing?

I suspect a few people have done that.   They go on road trips to washington state for a weekend.  That way they aren't bringing any here.

Do you live under a ten foot thick block of ice through the winter?

This last winter, the ground was bare quite a lot.  Snow would fall and then melt off.  I'm not sure if we even had one day where the temperature got below zero. More details here.

I am looking at the "boot to ant" program.  After four months do I have to keep working in the bootcamp program?

Nope.  In fact, I suspect that you will then spend all of your time working on your own plot.  Maybe you will want to continue with the bootcamp program in winter to cover your rent for a future year.  Or maybe, some day, get deep roots - deets here.

click here for the complete FAQ

Here you can get an idea of 65 different things that the boots have created in about 9 minutes

We are setting up the system so that people will buy the streaming version (probably the one with the guide - because the guide is really good) and then, if they really want it, they can upgrade to a version of download.

Certification is for taking the class in person.
1 week ago
I don't know who you contacted.  The only emails I can find from you are when you made the purchase.

I looked up the tracking number and USPS says "not us!" So either they are lying or my shipper made a booboo.  

I have contacted the shipper and reminded them of all the contents and I asked them to add in a deck of cards and a better world book to help take some of the sting out.  My guess is that the package will be headed your way later today sporting a brand new tracking number.
Supply video to andres, andres will whip it up into something for my youtube channel.  We are trying for 2 minute long videos.  For every minute of your video we use, we will pay $50.  So if you supply video that fills a full two minutes, that's $100.  

So if you are in the bootcamp and you supply video that fills three videos per week, it might take about four minutes to get that video to andres and it would have a payoff of $300.

some recent examples

a few ideas on what a boot might make a quick video for

wooden utensils / wood spoons
wood burned signage
kindling crackers
Building a rock jack
drystack project
cob as the natural builder's duct tape
roundwood timber framing in the solarium
using rmh in the solarium
pump house
timber tool
rolly bunks in the solarium
window quilts
cat house
roundwood quickie sawbuck

rolly shelf ballet
junk pole fence gates (allerton abbey)
update to cob floor video Embed this video
  - show finished product
  - show wear and tear
  - get feedback from people living with it
the willow bank door latch and flag
summary of willowonka
wood fired cat house(s)
day in the life of an rmh
how is a rmh biophillic
  - fire
  - bringing in wood
moving skiddable structures
drying firewood
  - show two sticks side-by-side and measure both to have the same moisture.
  - then put them through different tests to see what works better
  - note that our climate is pretty dry with little wind
  - laid on it’s side vs. vertically
  - cut into smaller pieces
  - indoors vs. outdoors
  - outside, uncovered, but exposed to the wind vs. covered structure
  - all the sticks aligned stack vs. criss-cross stacking
  - tarping techniques
a cold night in the new love shack
exploration of the cottage rocket
using the testo meter
allerton abbey door
  - History of the making based on permies threads and clips of it’s    
  - largeness being opened and closed. Probably needs a latch prior to filming
the log arch - demo and history

dishwashing rocket water heater

the door latch designs on willow bank and the showers
the showers converted from 4 showers to 3

the solar food dehydrator
  - general design (mention of build video for sale)
  - the racks - and how there can be more
  - the latch - it needs improvement
  - demo
the couch balcony
  - the build video
  - joinery
  - the relationship with the rocket mass heater
  - 6 tables instead of 5
rock jacks, new beefier design
felling a tree with the timber tool
how easy is it to peel a tree in february vs march vs april vs may
the timber structure inside allerton abbey
the issues with too much dirt on allerton abbey
the willow feeder design
haybox cooker: demonstration of big pot holding heat vs. small pot
Seeding the top of the berm shed
the manual baler
  - maybe baling up some knapweed
Cob floors and walls that don’t dust / suffering the dust rain of 2019
gin pole (without tractor)
free shelf
a different kind of cordwood wall
  - why firewood needs to be a consistant size
what is the life expectancy of a rocket mass heater?
  - probably forever
  - FPH has been through five winters and going strong
  - some people make weird things that they errantly call a “rocket mass heater” and they retire them quickly
  - Depends on what they are made of. The stainless barrel will last forever. Coquille RMH is going strong 25 years
how much maintenance does a rocket mass heater require?

making trails on the berms
  - Find a space that looks inaccessibls, looks like a garden, slightly wider
  - laying rock on the trails
junkpole fence
moon boxes (shark week kits for women)
A tour of fruit trees that were started from seed

tour of newer rocket mass heaters
our buffet of solar ovens
our mulch pit near willow bank
a tour of willow bank
a tour of willowonka

the new cob hat designs

We have not thought of that yet!

You could just come out and be a sepper for a bit. Maybe in the red cabin.  Thus getting to experience rocket mass heaters keeping you warm first hand.
1 week ago
If you attend the GMC in person ( ), there will probably be handouts.  And, of course, Helen's book is now in print.

I understand that, if I wanted the videos recorded

I know that Helen says that the new, in person, course is twice as rich as the recorded course ( ) but we have no plans to record the course this year.

This version comes without the course guide, unlike the streaming version which comes with the guide and some freebies.

Now I am super not understanding you.

How can I show others that I have acquired the knowledge?

When you take the in person course, you will present at the end and Helen and I will gauge if you are qualified for certification.

Also, side question, is there any way to obtain some discount?

Right now a person can still get here in time to do the work trade.
1 week ago