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I am a giant doofus that is bonkers about permaculture.
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

Devon Olsen wrote:Thanks for moving this to the appropriate thread jocelyn, this was actually the thread I was looking for, also curious if I could being girlfriend along, probably would want to camp,  may possibly consider renting someth ing like the teepee

We will be renting out the strucutures for the event.  

If somebody is selected for the kickstarter and they wanna bring a friend, that'll be $200 for the friend (limit of 6 friends, total, for the event).

BTW:   as of now, the red cabin is taken.   The tipi, cooper cabin, the love shack and four bunks in the bunk room are open.  There might be some other cabins available for rent.

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:For the 20 folks, it's just one individual per Kickstarter contribution who is invited, is that correct? What about folks who want to bring spouses, or family members, or friends?

For the WDG event, we limited it to just one attendee per pick and that worked fine.   Of course, we didn't let them camp or anything like that. 

....   after great consideration, math and stuff like that ...  

I will make six spots available for $200 per spot.   First come, first serve.

New boots arriving on Sep 23 or earlier, will be able to participate in this two week event:

We will have a max capacity of 10 boots for this period.

Related news:  no new boots between Sep 24 and Oct 6.   For any boots that wish to overwinter, they must arrive before October 21.  Short term boots may arrive up to mid-november.   And then all boot arrivals will resume on Feb 4 (with boots arriving Feb 3).

Mark Tudor wrote:I've been able to adjust everything so that I fly back Sunday afternoon, so I can stay until late Sunday morning before heading back to Spokane. Between listening to all the podcasts over the last year or two, watching all the videos you've put out, including the lab/basecamp tours, it'll be a bit surreal to actually walk on the property and meet you guys, and hopefully help with some projects! Sweeeet!

I will look up the previous emails I'd received about visiting and follow-up with those to avoid cluttering up this thread.

can you throw some dates in here so i can understand a bit better?
This is a short notice event, so we are going to make the best of it.  And it is double tied to kickstarters.  This event is underwritten by the proceeds from the most recent kickstarter, and Dan and I think that what happens at this event will be the fodder for the next video kickstarter!

Prep Week September 24-29

Drop trees, limb, move logs, peel.  Get all the wood ready for the projects.  Get all the project space ready. 

Build Week Octoberber 1-5

The first project will be a berm shed.  No glues.  Minimal metal.  We may even build some of the berm shed with zero metal. All good joinery.

The more people that are here, the more projects we will do.

There will be a strong focus on roundwood joinery.  We will use power tools for some, but some of the berm shed and other projects will use 100% hand tools.

We think that a strong 12-cell berm shed can be built in 4 days - provided all the material is there and ready.   We will find out! 

This will be a 12-cell berm shed with each cell being 10x10, pus an eave. 

If a person has already been here or paid the gapper fee, this is a free event provided that they arrive on the afternoon of September 23 or earlier and participate in all of prep week.  If you wish to do this, but you have not been here before or paid the gapper fee, click here (note that this is a tobacco and drug free campus and there will be vids and photo).  If you have been here before or have paid the gapper fee, it is a first come, first serve dealio.  Reply to this thread and state your intention.  We will allow a maximum of 10 people.   So if you are here for all of prep week, you have earned your ticket for for all of build week.

Prep week will be, effectively, the boot camp.  Simple food staples are provided.  Up at 7 to make your own breakfast. Work from 8 to noon.  Make your own lunch.  Work from 1 to 5.  Make your own dinner.  More about the bootcamp here:

We will allow up to four additional people to attend during just build week ...  for $460.  If you wish to be here just for build week, then click here.

On the evening of October 5, we will begin the Rocket Oven Pizza party.   This party is limited to 20 people that supported the kickstarter **AND** the people that attended RWTF workshop.   There will be heaps of pizza on friday night and then we will do half of the wheaton labs tour on saturday and the other half on sunday.   And there will be plenty of opportunity to try out all the rocket mass heaters, rocket ovens, rocket stoves, rocket cooktops, rocket kilns, etc. 

Our lead builder will be Josh Pilch.  Here he is building a log cabin:

And here he is checking out some of our roundwood timber framing last year:

More bits and bobs of info soon!   We are throwing this event together super fast and loose!  Come on out and do some serious building!

I thoroughly enjoy the full beauty of the english language. 
2 days ago

Anders Drew wrote:All done
Address is...

Anders Drew
Coume Duran
09800 Augirein

Many thanks

I tried to email you, but the email bounced.  

You are replying to the thread about the 4-DVD set.   I gave you the upgrade price assuming that you purchased the 4-DVD set.  But I see now that you puchased the 8-DVD set. 

Please email me (paul at with your intent:   if you want just the new 4-DVD set, then I will call it good.   If you want the 8-DVD set, then there will be a few dollars more. 

2 days ago