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Paul Wheaton, The Duke of Permaculture, is an author, producer, certified advanced master gardener, and owner of. He has created hundreds of youtube videos, hundreds of podcasts, multiple DVDs, and written dozens of articles and a book. As the lead mad scientist at Wheaton Labs, he's conducted experiments resulting in rocket stoves and ovens, massive earthworks, solar dehydrators and much more.
His bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT
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Recent posts by paul wheaton

1 ebook copy of SKIP: A Framwork to Connect Industrious People with Elderly Land Owners, by Paul Wheaton and Mike Haasl. The book is all about the SKIP (SKills to Inherit Property) program here on permies--you can find out more here.

Millions of people are blocked from homesteading because of the sheer expense of getting started.  And millions of elderly people are frustrated that they cannot find somebody worthy to pass their homestead to.  Every year hundreds of thousands of homesteads are abandoned - with the government taking possession about half the time.

Other homestead owners are looking for land managers or caretakers.  Or some sort of collaboration.  But their efforts have led to horrific results from dishonest or even criminal people - so their homesteads are, effectively abandoned.

People with homesteads are seeking people with REAL experience and skill.

People seeking homesteading opportunities want to build REAL experience and skill.

This book is an attempt to bridge these two communities.  People seeking homesteading opportunities are provided a way to accomplish hundreds of things and document them for free.  Eventually, they will be able to peruse hundreds of homestead opportunities.   And people with homesteads will be able to peruse hundreds of homesteaders that have proven their worth.

Active homesteaders use SKIP to build their skills for their own benefit.  The verification of their skills lends weight to their words on our forums.  Some people already have land and use SKIP to build their skills for caring for their land.

Other purchasing options:

With US Shipping:    
            1 book($23) button to buy 1 physical book US shipping
            12 books ($120)  button to buy 12 physical books US shipping
            64 books ($500) button to buy 64 physical books with US shipping

With non-US Shipping:
            1 book ($43.00) button to buy 1 physical book non-US shipping (International Shipping)
            12 books ($220)  button to buy 12 physical books non-US shipping (International Shipping)
            64 books ($535)  button to buy 64 physical books with non-US shipping (International Shipping)

8 hours ago

Craig Lewis wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:The eBook is now available as an epub.  A few of the kickstarter peeps have been given access - kinda fishing for feedback on whether it is working with epub readers and if there are any layout problems.

I remember giving over $65 for the Kickstarter, I did not get all the perks and this  was one of them if my mind is right. Yet some may otherwise ;) LOL

How to I get them all?  

Please post your kickstarter questions to the kickstarter support forum:
8 hours ago
I updated the first post to show the results.
17 hours ago

Can't make it to Montana to see Helen and Paul teaching about gardening? We have the solution!

Live streaming of the whole course!

Pre-Order for

About the Course

Most Master Garden courses offered by state universities include large sections about pesticide use and safety and non-organic approaches to gardening. Not so with this course!

With the Certified Garden Master course, you will learn organic, veganic, no-till, and permaculture gardening knowledge and skills. This course will focus on soil and habitat-building for beneficial organisms and systems thinking for gardeners and farmers: how to manage relationships rather than just crops.

Our goal is to understand ecological functions and interactions within plant, soil, microorganism, and insect communities. You will learn how to identify and manage all the relationships that make up a healthy farm-garden-ecosystem--one that does not require pesticides or large off-farm fertilizer inputs.

More details about the course here.

People outside the US might want to look at this.

21 hours ago

Ralph Kettell wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:I hope to round up the zoom vids today.  I'll get an idea of what all we have and the size.  I  might need to drive into missoula to upload them - so the task takes a few hours instead of a few days (our fancy starlink is 100 down, but only 5 up).

Just checking to see what the prognosis is on uploading the zoom vids.


I think they were all uploaded to the private forum several days ago.
21 hours ago

Craig Colegrave wrote:Hello to all the CGM community.
I hope this post finds you all well. I just wanted to inquire if anyone was able to obtain a copy of Alan's "microscopy of soil" document? During his excellent presentation of the topic he mentioned he would make it available to the online participants.
Kindest regards to all

Isn't it in the private forum?
21 hours ago
Most of our instuctors from last year are locked in, and a few new instructors are locked in.  We are working on overhauling our PTJ page, but ...  each year we seem to see a few new faces we have never worked with before.  And usually these experiences are excellent!  So the time has come to put the word out and see if there might be two or three new people to try out this year.

Usually, when trying out a new instructor, we do a trade:  they lead projects for four days and then get a ticket to the rest of the event.  We get to learn about them and they get to learn about us.  And then the next year we might do a paid thing.  (or a trade or something)

For some people, they are already rock stars in the permaculture technology world, and we will offer them a bit of coin for their first time here.

Here is the official PTJ page with lots of leftovers from 2021 and currently getting updated for 2022:

Here is our living, breathing, changing list of project ideas (so far) for 2022:

If you wanna be a project leader for 2022, please fill out this questionnaire:

Gilly Burke wrote:So...I'm not seeing where to download?

Just options to buy and  a link to kickstarter

Please post your question here:

1 day ago