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My first thought about the journal stuff ....

When we first started talking about PEP four years ago, a lot of people were emphatic that it should include proof that people read certain books or that they received certain formal training.  That there should be standardized tests on each topic.   For a while I bought into that, and then changed my mind.   While I agree that testing and getting verification that something has passed through one's brain is important, I think that is a function for something other than PEP.

So when I started reading about the journal stuff here, my knee-jerk reaction was "no."

However ...  

If you don't keep a journal, then you are dependent on the notes from other books and videos and classes and stuff.   And efficacy will change DRAMATICALLY depending on location grown, variety, irrigation habits, fertilization, etc.  It is a bit like the landrace stuff in that regard.  

Efficacy is critical.  And no book or course is going to tell you the efficacy of the stuff on your land.  It's like studying the weather in florida and then using that information in montana: what is this white stuff that keeps falling from the sky?  Why do my orange trees keep dying?

So dosage on one property could be quite different from dosage on a property a hundred miles away.   You MUST learn the efficacy for your property.

Next comes the question of whether a digital journal is allowed.   I like what Carla said:  "Herbology is a discipline and like a habit requires repetition. Write it down, write it down, write it down." --- so, paper.   If you go digital, it is far too tempting to copy and paste.  At the same time, digital has a lot of other perks.  

As I wrote here, PEP is for learning, but not for learning.  It is framework in which to record what you have learned, thus helping you to learn.   It is not the lessons.  So PEP is not about how you got it done, PEP is about recording that you got it done.  

Therefore, I think that while "write it down, write it down, write it down" works ten times better on paper for learning this stuff, that's not my problem.   I need to show Otis that you have a journal and have recorded efficacy.  That can be pictures of the paper or it can be a link to a google doc.  

Last note:  I can already hear the people that love the other badges insisting that they should have a journal too.   I'm open to hearing the argument for it, but it is unlikely I will approve it.  

Grand summary:  journal is required.  Digital is okay.

1 hour ago
Kenneth, do you have a pic of what you have in mind for "work stand"?
2 hours ago

I'm wondering if the number of badges has changed for PEP1, or if you pick and choose your badges. I count 28 possible badges.  

There are 22 badges.  You need to complete any 16 sand badges to get PEP1.

I suspect that the first few days will be attempting stuff in groups.   And then there will be a lot of people finishing up in the evenings.   Toward the end it will just be a lot of people trying to finish up, and less group stuff.

2 hours ago
fix a lamp

install a lamp fixture

fix an electrical appliance

4 hours ago

Kyle Bob wrote:

This year's ATC will take place  Sunday July 1st Through  Saturday July 12th, 2019.  

Did you mean Monday July 1st through Friday July 12th?


Good catch!   Apple for you!
5 hours ago
It's that time again! Time to gear up for the Appropriate Technology Course near Missoula, Montana. It follows right after the PDC for Scientists, Engineers, and Educators.

The Appropriate Technology Course is about getting hands on experience building solutions with safer and more sustainable materials. This course will also experiment with new ideas in appropriate technology.

This year's ATC will take place  Monday July 1st Through  Saturday July 12th, 2019.

Get experience building amazing structures.Learn about off-grid water systems.Get hands on experience with practical welding and woodworking skills.

ATC Instructor: Chris McClellan

Uncle Mud (aka Chris McClellan) raises free-range, organic children in the wilds of northeast Ohio. Between building things out of mud and junk he writes for Mother Earth News Magazine and teaches simple DIY skills at workshops and fairs.

ATC Instructor: James Juczak  

James is an author and lecturer on topics such as self-reliance, true sustainability, building off-grid energy systems and mortgage-free housing. He has had numerous articles published, been a contributing author to several books and is presently working on a much expanded second edition of his book "The High Art and Subtle Science of Scrounging". He has been dubbed "The King of Scrounge". Jim spent much if his career as a high school and middle school shop teacher. He has also worked as a Community Energy Educator in 10 northern New York counties. He also brought skills to Kandahar, Afghanistan where he worked as a civilian contractor with the US Army's 10th Mountain Brigade teaching appropriate technologies to the US and Afghan armies as well as the local civilian population. Jim lives with his wife, Krista, in their round, cordwood and papercrete home on the property where they have established an off-grid intentional community. He is an EMT and an adjunct professor at SUNY Jefferson where he teachs the NABCEP Solar Installers course.

Go to the registration page to buy your ticket now!

5 hours ago
The animal care badge has been created, please see it here:

Further brainstorming can happen in that thread.  I am locking this thread.
1 day ago
The animal care badge has been created, please see it here:

Further brainstorming can happen in that thread.  I am locking this thread.
1 day ago
Okay.   The companion guide - not the plans.  

1 day ago