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I am a giant doofus that is bonkers about permaculture.
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I am just curious, but do I understand correctly that the plans are not part of the kickstarter?


Also the plans have a statement that says the rocket engine portion of the stove is not part of the scope of the project.  I do not recall that the kickstarter spelled out that it only was for the body of the oven itself.  Perhaps I missed that.

I have zero control over what is said in the plans.  That is davin's project.

Also it seems that the oven kickstarter does not really tell you how to make  shelving for the oven.

Is this an opportunity for someone in the community to come up with plans for finishing the stove and sell it to others within the community with a participation by the owners of the site of course.

I think that if somebody built the oven and then built the shelves/racks then people would certainly appreciate the extra info.   For us, the video that was available was pretty limited, so i think we did a pretty good job of putting a video together with the information we had.

everybody that buys this gets access to the videos.
3 days ago
With the above mention of paper, i thought for sure that a bunch of people would respond to that.  Since they didn't ....

Paper has a lot of toxic gick in it.   It is possible to make paper without the toxic gick, but it typically costs more and results in a type of paper that others might think of as not the highest quality.   So the paper has gick.   What sort of gick?  The recipe changes from product to product.   And for any given product, the recipe changes from week to week depending on all sorts of deals involving how to lower costs and/or how to dispose of some toxic waste.    So when you strain your coffee through paper, you are getting a "tea" made of those business decisions which the manufacturer does not tell you about.

Even if the manufacturer authentically has the highest standards and gives up profit so that you don't have as much toxic gick in your coffee, I still kinda wonder about THAT product.   What toxins are natural?  What toxins are in there that the ethical manufacturer doesn't know about? 

And next up, if you use paper, then you now have a disposable thing.   Something that has to be purchased and probably requires petroleum to get to you.  And then then waste product goes into the waste stream.  Buy more, make more garbage, repeat, repeat, repeat ....

I started this thread to share ideas on how to be better.   By some sort of eco path.   One of the big reasons I share this sort of thing is that there are often times people that have even better ideas that I have not yet thought of.   So much new info.

So ..... for the thing about using paper, it sounds like the reasoning is to have very clear coffee and easier cleanup.    I confess that my coffee always has a bit of "dirt" in the bottom that makes it through the filter.   But my cleanup is definitely a snap.    While I just leave that tiny bit of mud at the bottom of the cup and wash it away, I do like the idea that we come up with solutions for folks that have no sacrifice.    Anybody have solutions for a clearer cup of coffee for the paper-lovers without paper and quick cleanup?

5 days ago

I know nothing about apple stuff.  

Frankly, I only want to do hd streaming, because that seems to work for everybody.   But people want downloads and tell me that they know what to do. 

Maybe somebody else reading this can answer your questions.

1 week ago
I will let the two boots know about your offer at breakfast in half an hour. 

At the same time, i think both of these boots are here for just a few more days (one more day?).

There is one ant that is here right now.  

There are two boots and fred here at the moment. 

Maybe for a future atc:

    - there could be a buffet of pot skirts - each for a pan or pot

    - they can each be insulated

    - they can each have a bottom to help hold in the hot gasses

1 week ago