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I am a giant doofus that is bonkers about permaculture. 

my bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT

my paypal id is

missoula, montana
missoula, montana (zone 4)
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   - on a few dozen facebook groups
   - one guy actually paid for facebook advertising (and got triple money back)
   - on mailing lists with lots of people
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Any suggestions on what I should add to this list?
For a while I had a super secret, private thread asking for feedback on my upcoming kickstarter.  Thanks to all the people that made such excellent suggestions. 

I hope to launch on monday. 

Here is the link to the preview:

Any last minute bits and bobs of advice?  

I hope to transform this post into something much better in the next couple of days. 

For now, for anybody that wishes to get a kickback link when the kickstarter starts, be sure to post your interest here.

I am trying something new with this kickstarter - I'm not sure if it will make a lick of difference.   Since the kickstarter is about rocket ovens, then I have been putting some rocket oven videos up on youtube before the kickstarter starts.   I have two more to put up (they are all edited and ready to go).  Probably one on saturday and one on sunday.  Here is the thread I created with all the vids so far.


spiffy looking kickstarter page goes here

Build your very own rocket oven!

Learn how to build a rocket oven, how it works, and what you can do with it.

And lots of other stuff too:

How much wood to use, and what kind of wood works best.

How to adjust temperature

and most importantly, how rocket ovens can help save the world!

2 days ago
On monday (or so) I plan on launching my rocket oven kickstarter.  I plan on doing the same thing I did during the last two kickstarters, give people who ask a special link that kickstarter tracks.  And then pay out kickbacks.  Last year these links brought in over $20,000.   So I paid out over $4000 in kickbacks.

Some people shared this link:

   - on their own mailing list
   - on their own web site or blog
   - on their facbook page
   - on a few dozen facebook groups
   - one guy actually paid for facebook advertising (and got triple money back)
   - on mailing lists with lots of people
   - on twitter
   - via emails to a bunch of people they know
I suppose there are a thousand places all over the internet to share a link like this that I have never heard of.   I even kinda wonder if a person could buy adwords ads and get more back - but that is something I really don't understand. 

While there were heaps of peeps that dozens of people, about half sold just one and I felt a bit like "I did that extra work so you could give yourself a 20% discount?"  So this year I'm gonna make a slight change:  20% kickback for those that rack up at least 2 pledges.  So if one other person chips in, then, yeah, you get a 20% discount. 

Once the kickstarter is running, I will send each of you an email (using your email address) with the code.  So for now, please reply to this thread to express your interest and I will send you the code when the kickstarter is officially running.

Here is the thread about the kickstarter.

race to 350 degrees:  rocket oven vs electric oven

2 days ago
The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.

4 days ago
The last cfl "died" today - day 2344.  That bulb had been on, supposedly, for 11,200 hours.  But, I gotta tell ya:  on day 31 that bulb was on it's death bed.  It is as if in the middle of the night on day 31 somebody switched the bulb.  The fact that the bulb made it this long seems like shenanigans to me.   But I am reporting it's official death - even though I am super suspicious.

The long life incandescent (rated for 5000 hours) is still going. The led light is still going.

4 days ago

Make sure you know what you are getting into here.  This is not a refuge, this is about teaching people our techniques through a lot of hard work. 

I have always thought that a person could arrive without a penny and do great here, but know this:  every person that has arrived here in the past very low on funds has left.  Every last one.  The people that are still here arrived with coin in their pocket and think that being here is amazing. 

Further, the people that arrived with very little tended to exit with enormous amounts of drama.  The people that arrived with coin that elected to go, tended to exit peacefully.

You mention red flags:  dude, from our perspective you are covered in red flags. 

Ever since we have had the $100 gapper fee, we have held the position of allowing anybody to come that is willing to part with that much coin.  And we will stick to that until our program is full.  You just really never know a person until you know a person. 

I think you need to spend some time learning what you are getting yourself into.  Things here are quite different.
i am trying to embed your image:

Just now seeing this.

I think the important thing is that people that like this site think it is very open and friendly.  Some have said that it is finally refreshing to have a place to talk about this stuff without all the hate and all the trolls.  In the meantime, when the haters and trolls come through, they hate this place.  To them it is censored to the point that it is unusable.  

I just found out yesterday that the PRI forums have gone under.   I remember when I first posted to PRI, the vibe I got was "as an american, you are too stupid to appreciate permaculture, so bugger off cunt."  The policy at PRI was to be rather permissive - so that sort of "expression" was allowed.  But I really wanted a place to talk about the things I wanted to talk about in a way that I wanted to talk.  So that was one of the many reasons I created these forums. 

So this place is for one style.  PRI is for another style.   Mysteriously, these forums have grown massive. 

I wouldn't be able to do it without the 40-or-so people that help manage it.  And they do such a wonderful job of managing it, it seems that this issue got entirely resolved while I was off working on other things.  Good job R!