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Recent posts by Leah Sattler

pat- you seem to have a great perspective on it. When I do get an lgd I will be looking for one from someone similiar to yourself. good proven working dogs as parents. don't careĀ  about papers or breed standards other then what is neccessary to do their job. so many working dogs look like they have been ruined by show breeders. I also worry about some of the fancier lgds. seems alot of people breed them just because they can get lots of money for them because they are somewhat of a novelty,(I suspect) not because they are superior working dogs.

I think this may be one of those unusual cases where the more you pay for something the less likely it is to actually be what you want.
14 years ago
I always have a few slurps of coffee left in the pot in the morning. I figure I might as well try to find a use for it!

I dont' think I would be brewing any just to pour on the ground though! I wonder if I watered my squash with it if the squash plants (already established)  would take up the caffeine and feed it to the squash bugs and fiddle with their little bug "brains". not likely I guess.
14 years ago
argh! the sound of a shod horse skidding on barn flooring and going down. shudder.

I think the pig idea is worth looking into. would lots of bedding on top undo the packed ground though? just as layering hay or straw on packed earth works to prepare it for planting?
14 years ago
often we don't know when or if an animal will die from it injuries. it can be difficult to judge how much suffering is worth a possible positive outcome and that is for each person to decide for themselves.

I have seen animals recover from some crazy injuries. my dog was hit by a car. she couldn't stand up to urinate and was urinating blood. she suffered no doubt. the vet gave her something to keep fluid from her collecting in her lungs (maybe some sort of diuretic?) and said that beyond that just the diagnostic expenses would be tremedous. so we went home to watch and wait and give supportive care.  she still has some trembling in her right front leg and a scar over her eye, but now, years later she is happy and healthy, loves her job and still the best dog I have ever and will ever have and I am glad I gave her a chance.

I cared for a horse once that darn near ripped his back leg off in a freak trailering incident. it was a horrible injury but he lived and worked as a beginner school horse for many years after teaching first time riders the very basics.
14 years ago
about color vision in deer....


sounds like they are like "color blind" humans (if I am remembering correctly). gives some people a distinct advantage when detecting camo people and equipment.
14 years ago

Gwen Lynn wrote:
Our language has got to be one of the toughest to learn.

there are so many things I didn't ever notice or think of until I had a little one full of questions while learning to read. Now I wonder how any of us could figure out our language! It is so confusing! It still amazes me how fast she picks stuff up even with all the quirky language rules and words.
14 years ago
I was given a small clump of garlic chives that just went wild in my old garden. very easy to grow for me! great in soups and stir fry type dishes as well as vegie dips. It has a mild garlicky sweet flavor. I am very much regretting not digging and taking it with me!

what sorts of dishes do you use it in?

any good companion plants?

does it grow well from seed outside? (if this is an easy doable option this may be the easiest way for me to get it going in this garden if I can't find it started somewhere locally)

14 years ago
excellent gwen! screenings are awesome! it turns to almost concrete hardness but still perks.
14 years ago
when reading up on caffeine a bit recently I found a suggestion that the caffeine in certain plants acts as a pesticide and is also found in the soil surrounding the plant and could possibly act as an agent to inhibit germination.

if this is true could we have a solution to bug and weed problems in our morning cup of coffee?
14 years ago
thyme is great antiseptic! the active ingredient in listerine is found in thyme and "thyme tea" is an effective treatment for sore throat when used as a gargle.

one of the great things imo .......its perennial!

what else.....?
14 years ago