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This is in Jefferson County WA. Looking at a plot and would like a second opinion to set against the seller's. It's not all even ground but there are some level spots. Would need to clear some trees. Anyway another opinion will help. Please PM if you want more site details. Thanks.
7 years ago
Hi, I recently bought a 28' travel trailer as part of my transition plan/dream--what's the most efficient thing I can do with it? I've read about different paints and skirting and other things but is there anything else to do besides propane or oil heaters?
7 years ago
I've never done a real garden and am hoping to start one outside Port Townsend but can't get there until early April. I've read that the last frost date is the end of March (of course site preparation etc. should be going on!) so shouldn't I still be in passable shape if I start planting at that point?
8 years ago
I should mention there's dogs there too. But there might be one place that could work. Thanks.
8 years ago
Thank you. Did buy many similar traps previously when it was just mice before the rats moved into the compost but the mice seemed to stop frequenting them after a while. I don't know if natural selection works that fast but the traps did stop working.
8 years ago
(Rats and mice) Hi, people have written in about rodent control before and suggested working baking soda or plaster of paris into meal. Maybe I've gotten the ratios wrong. That hasn't seemed to have notable results here. I've looked into getting a barn owl box but they aren't common in the area. I am also trying to set up attractive areas for snakes. Anyway any suggestions much appreciated.
8 years ago
Grateful for this thread. Can anyone from CA/Northwest give any price ranges? Thanks everyone.
9 years ago
thank you all so much. Yes the apple tree is dead.
I should have mentioned that there's also a purple blooming thing she says is mustard or wild radish.
and halfway between the east wall and the back door is a kiddie pool for the dogs and about between that and the wall is a chicken coop and mini-shed. I like the idea of giving ourselves pullets for christmas but the dogs are already an all day job.
Hi, i haven't seen a forum marked beginners etc. so I'm using this one.
I want to start from somewhere. I've read that permaculture teaches you start by just observing.  I hope to start a land observation journal and would appreciate any advice for doing that.
We haven't done much with the place we're in because we've had this plan to leave. (The plan hasn't gone well.) Since we've been here this long I think we should try to take some baby steps.
We rent land south of Santa Cruz CA (zone 9b?)  (about 36.91 -121.76) There is almost an acre. We have dogs. There were goats grazing here previously. It's level and grows plenty of grass (and foxtails). My wife has planted a few things that the soil was too hard for or that got eaten by something.
Mint creeps up out of the concrete patio. There's a lot of either mallow or amaranth. There's a blackberry bush in the southeast corner.
An ex-apple tree at the south wall.
At the east wall are plum trees and a black walnut tree.
Theres a compost pile in the NE corner.
Let me know if you can suggest anything to start observing--Sunrise, sunset, wind, shade, plants, birds, rodents ...
Thanks for anything
Sorry, I missed this part: "The
pipe sizes will be proportional. For example, a 25-
gallon drum works well with an 8˝ x 25˝ feed tube,
and a 4˝ x 66˝ flue pipe."
So I need to find out the volumes.
10 years ago