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OK, I am ordering that book
11 years ago
I'm not a representative, be sure to check out the films to get the wording right.

And the Gerson therapy isn't just a diet, it's a specific regiment. An alternative cancer treatment.

As is vitamin B17

I can't represent these amazing people well so you much watch the films, I just sound like a computer repair guy LOL

11 years ago
Check out the films, then go verify what they've said is true.

Or go visit them in Person - you are actually near their headquarters LOL
11 years ago
The movie "Food Inc" explores where supermarket food comes from.

Here on NetFlix :

It's very sobering!

I'd sooner eat meat that was hunted in the wild, than the meat that was raised in a factory farm

11 years ago
They explain it in the films. Doctors in America can only use pharmaceuticals or surgery to treat cancer.

If a doctor find that, for a fake example, banana peels cure cancer; he can not legally prescribe it. He can only use surgery, chemo-therapy, or approved drugs.

The fight against cancer is fought with one hand tied behind the back !

I am a computer repair guy, not a lawyer or doctor, so I'm sure I explain it awkwardly. But I encourage you to watch the 3 films, they are free and interesting, easy to watch.

The cure for cancer has been known for along time, but it's not patentable (like banana peels can't be patented, for a fake example). Therefore it's not interesting to the corporations.

After you watch the films look up "G Edward Griffin". While Max Gerson was finding vegetables in a certain way can cure cancer, G Edward Griffin was finding a completely different cure called Vitamin B17.

Cancer is curable without drugs or surgery

11 years ago
That looks cool

I am in nearly the same situation, not far South in Maine USA!

If you put up detailed plans for what you did I'll try it in my basement too and see what happens.

I have a basement workshop that gets too cold in the Winter

I'll see if I can find 8" pipe and I'll look for something more portable than cement, like sand or crushed rock or something.


11 years ago
To post a photo on a forum

1. Go to

2. Click "browse" and find your pic

3. Choose "resize to 1024x768"

This is polite because in most cases that is enough. But cameras today take huge pics that are unnecessarily large. Giant pics take more bandwidth and more time. Too small is not good, too big is not good, I can only assume 1024 is just right ?

4. Choose "family safe" (assuming it is LOL)

5. Click "upload it"

6. Now you are on another page and can see your image at the top, below are codes.

Next to "Thumbnails for forums (1)" click "copy to clipboard"

7. Now on this page (here on permies forum) right-click and choose "paste" to paste the code.

It looks kinda like this :


The image is click-able.


11 years ago
The fan inside is a good idea

Good luck and post some pics !
11 years ago

I have to order a book myself, I need a good simple design for a cold Maine basement
11 years ago