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Recent posts by Thelma McGowan

Check out some ofpauls videos with "Skeeter". He grows with a polyculture style and he is very successful with several crop sights in Tonasket Wa.
He has a great balanced approach to growing for a commercial selling crop.
11 years ago
All are welcome to shop or set up a table.....there will be rummage sale items and some fresh veggies and plants for sale.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce! Give yourself some space! or fill up some space! Come to the TW rummage sale at the Sammamish Grange on September 8, 1 pm to 5 pm, and either sell or buy some great stuff!

TO SELL: We are asking $10 per table (proceeds to Transition Woodinville, a good cause for sure!). Come to the Grange around noon and set up. Maybe bring some snacks to share and we’ll make it a party - ?

RSVP by Wednesday September 5 if you want to reserve a table. You can call me at 206-240-2751 or reply on this site.

TO SUPPORT THE CAUSE AND FIND SOMETHING GREAT: Show up between 1 and 5 September 8 at the Sammamish Grange. Plenty of room, plenty of parking!

Now’s your chance to get a good start on creating order in the garage, closet, dresser, or basement!

Time: September 8, 2012 from 1pm to 5pm
Location: Sammamish Valley Grange
Street: Woodinville Redmond Road just north of roundabout
City/Town: Woodinville
Website or Map:…
11 years ago
The first plant looks like buttercup....does it have yellow flowers. it is a bad weed and is not propogates by seeds, broken roots and runners

The second looks like it might be related to wild mustard. are the flowers shown part of the plant?
11 years ago
most effective siezure medicines are multipurpose neurological meds. They are used for szrs, mental illness disorders, migraines etc. so unfortunately their actual effect on the brain is some what unknown. for any neurological disorder the Drs. actually don't know why the brain is not working correctly and they don't really know why the meds help. it is totally trial and error, hit and miss medicine.

Finding an herbal remedy is difficult since it is often unknown what causes the seizures. But maybe you do know why you have szrs---tumor, stroke, brain surgery or injury? That could mean that maybe a natropath could determine some kind of treatment for blood flow, antiinflamitory...etc.

My son had epilepsy when he was a toddler. we found that eliminating corn syrup made a big difference, But he was having myoclonic szrs as often as every 2-5 minutes and random grand mal szrs that were lasting 10 minutes. Diet was not enough to help him, so we maxed out the most aggressive drug and finally got results.

weaning meds is a scary thing, but with help from friends and family and a good Dr. You might find what you need. Finding the right Dr or natropath would be your biggest challenge. most Drs will not suport your wishes---they just want to use their medical knowledge and drugs, they usually will not think outside the box.
11 years ago
I grow in the Northwest and have similar challenges. It rained almost every day in June, so fertilizing or adding compost tea was a mute point, but everything I planted hung in there (with the exception of the zuchinni and cukes seeds that rotted in the ground 3 times.....seriously, who has a hard time growing Zuchinni! )

here is what I have been doing successfully to keep The soil happy in my garden. I let all edible weeds grow in the pathways and around plants and flowers as to not over crowd the veggies. It works really good for me. There are lambs quarters, wild mustard, pig weed, camomile, shepperds purse, Chickweed and lots of asst herbs that reseed.....cilantro, parsley, dill, etc
I attached samples of how this works in my garden. when it rains the weeds cushion the dirt to keep it from washing away, when it is hot there is ALWAYS moist soil under the weeds, I never have dried out pathways of dusty dirt floating around. I chop and drop when nessesary etc.

I think you have the right idea, but as for root crops they do tend to want to be planted in loose soil, I pile up soil in a row (1 1/2 feet deep) and plant the carrots on top. I get big straight carrots easy. beets, rutabeggies, turnips, potatos are similar. the only crops I can depend on are the root crops around here, they will grow wether it is hot or not. mostly is is not hot here.

I grow what ever will melons are loosers for me...but i say a guy in main who is growing short season watermelons...if he can we should be able to?? Maybe it is just getting the soil ready to grow and finding the right varieties for your area.

My neighbors think I am a lazy gardner cause I don't weed! but i never have a sprinkler going in my garden , They can't cay the same.

11 years ago
things sheeple say ---youtube

This video is worth watching for a laugh!

11 years ago
Paul Wheaton will present at Transition Woodinville on June 21 and August 16 - both are Thursday evenings, 7:00-8:30 p.m. - at the Sammamish Valley Grange. ---more info here

replacing irrigation with permaculture
sepp holzer's permaculture (includes Sepp Holzer movie(s))
wofati eco buildings
raising chickens 2.0: no more coop and run
introduction to permaculture
making the big bucks with permaculture
permaculture tinkerers presentation
rocket mass heaters

More info in the cascadia forum
see you there!
11 years ago
so here are some ingredients that I picked today for lunch...a salad!
since my lettuce is mostly slug bait, I replace it with Chickweed, baby dandelion greens, lambs quarters, accented with fennel, purple kale and some teeny radishes , arugala and tomatoes. Of course with any salad ingredients and dressing choices are unlimited
this is so much better than just green tossed lettuce, I find i use much less dressing since the chickweed is so naturally sweet.

I do recomend chopping weeds much finer than regular lettuce as weed stems have more robust stems....if you rough chop there will be a lot more chewing :0)

I recomend it!
11 years ago
too funny Jocelyn!----My husband and I do try to stay on the perimeterof the grocery store...that is some wise advise!
11 years ago
cats prefer dryer loose soil. easier to dig in....if you keep the soil moist or mulched that might help deter them, so they will look for a new place to go. The area you refer to in the garden they like best?? see if you can adjust the conditions to make it less appealin for cats.

cats love the fresh tilled dirt. so in the spring they are pooping all over the garden.....but as I let the weeds fill in the walk ways and the plants and vegetables take over the rows the cats stop pooping. it is not an easy place for them to go any more. But then they have another reason to be in the garden....they stalk bunnies and mice and moles. so for me a little cat poop is worth the reward of the rodent removal.
11 years ago