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Recent posts by Madden Elout

Laura Johnson wrote:
Unfortunately my chickens became a fox dinner and my bees suffered colony collapse. This Spring I will get new bees and new chickens. Would love to introduce you to some sweet chickens and nice bees.

If you are interested in bees, take a course with one of the bee clubs. Most of them have a mentoring program.

Time for my yearly post to this thread.
I am looking to join a swarm list.
I have not seen anything like a swarm here, but am seeking people who collect swarms out.

The idea is simple. During swarm season, the master beekeeper got a call about a swarm and contacted the first person on the list, took that newbie with them, showed them the ropes, and then that no-longer-newbie could eventually show the next person on the list. That next person would teach someone else and so on, right down the list. And there were always more swarms than takers, apparently.
I joined list back in Oregon, but moved away before my turn came.

Has anyone here come across something like this? I only see one other thread touching on the topic, though it is in the southern permies forum.

Collecting a swarm still makes some sense to me, as it means the hive it came from was probably quite healthy and strong.

5 years ago

John Elliott wrote:Start your seeds!

My pansy and aster seed just arrived. I'm going to get them going in flats right away and so more later.
6 years ago
I'd love to see this continue.

Perhaps I should start a new post entirely?
What is everyone doing this time of year in Georgia?

While I'm at it: has anyone seen viburnum trilobum(american cranberry) for sale? I'm looking for smaller plants to save on cost and plan for next year.
6 years ago
Hi Renate,

I hadn't thought of going that route.
You've given me an idea. I can also go in reverse and ask the people selling rabbits if they ever have them slaughtered and where they take them.
That way I know exactly which processors to call and will have both the farmer and the processor know about what I'm after.
Thank you.
7 years ago
These things are hard to come by from the different market managers i've spoken to.
I was thinking that perhaps I'm just asking the wrong people in the wrong places.

Anyone here know where I should go to find rabbit livers?
Most places are telling me I have to buy a whole rabbit and the livers are included, but I was thinking to just find a farmer, go a more direct route.
I'd appreciate any contacts or info.
7 years ago
First off, just wanted to say I've always thought "Bert McDert" one of the funniest names ever.
I can't even say it to myself without smiling. I remember seeing it on FB long ago, and then one day the name changed to something else.
I am glad to see it is still in use here on permies.

I'm wondering if anyone would like to do a rideshare for things going on outside of Atlanta. For instance: Jeff's build up at Rejuvenation Farm.
I was trying to get over there last year but never made it.

If you're looking to split travel costs and be in the company of someone like-minded, do please contact me.
7 years ago
Welcome Ed,

This site has so much to offer you'll never see the end of it. And that's a good thing.
And I think you'll find more than a few other ATL poeple here as well.
7 years ago

and by the way, I found a blacksmith.
haven't met the man nor seen his shop though yet, so I can't say much about him.

Tim Moss of Moss Blacksmith Shop

If anyone has had experience with 'em, do share here or in a pm.
8 years ago
thanks for the offer.

Lemme think on it a bit, see if I can plan a trip up that way.
I'll PM you for sure.
8 years ago
And for my next request...


Does anyone know of a local seller? Or a backyard gardener willing to share?
8 years ago