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since Aug 19, 2011
Salida, Colorado Zone 4
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Recent posts by Merry Cox

Perennial veggies that work here: (Salida , CO, 7,000 FT. arid)
Asparagus, Rhubarb, walking onions, lovage, horseradish, Jeruselem artichokes, nettles (cooked of course), safir celery, salad burnet, sorrel, prickly-pear cactus, dandelion (I know everyone hates these), purslane, good king henry, chickweed, balsamroot — Balsamorhiza,
Perennial Sunflower-Edible Root and Seeds, Jerusalem Artichoke

Trying: turkish rocket, groundnut, ramps, welsh onion, skirret,

Other useful perennial things :
Seasonings: French tarragon, chives, garlic chives, oregano, marjoram, thymes, sage, costmary, parsley (bi-annual)

Teas: lemon balm, mints, chamomile, fennel

Reseeders (if you let them): lettuces, arugula, carrots, parsnips, peas, cilantro, orach, dill, borage (flowers tasty), lamb’s quarters. Strawberry spinach

Berries and fruits: goji, raspberry, gooseberry, strawberries (alpine), nanking cherry, serviceberry (alnifolia,sp?), chokecherry, Netleaf Hackberry, currants,

Nuts: hazelnuts, burgambel oak (a cross that bears yearly),

Medicinals: red clover, valerian, self heal, Echinacea, comfrey, dandelion, hops, lavendar, lemon balm, hyssop, horehound, feverfew, calendula (reseeder), bee balm (reseeder), mullein (reseeder), plantain, rue

Burgamble oak
Netleaf hackberry
Turkish rocket:

Sorrel, good king henry, orach, purslane, lamb’s quarters, strawberry spinach, chickweed, nettles:

Nutty Groundnut, Jerusalem Artichoke, ramps, welsh onion, Balsamroot and much more:
6 years ago
I plant hairy vetch and buckwheat in with my house plants, just a seed or two.
6 years ago
Manure bricks are made and used all over Nepal as a very good source of heat for cooking.
6 years ago
I want to buy some seed from you. I live at 7,000 ft in Colorado and definitely want to try this in my very large chicken runs.
Please post info on how to get ahold of you.
I am new to replying but have been reading for sometime.
Try the perennial maximillan sunflowers (Seeds of Change or Horizon Herbs). (I live at 7,00 ft in the  very arid west.) They grow tall, are drought tolerant (but get huge if watered once a week), birds love them, they spread like crazy and are easily propagated by diving the tuberous roots. I started mine from seed (Horizon Herbs) 3 years ago and they are now camouflaging my deer fence.
7 years ago