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Thanks for being honest and transparent about the gapper situation. I really appreciate that.

I personally see this happen often in the construction industry. Poor leaders make poor work flow and resentment between coworkers.

When I had my phone interview with Tim about me coming and working with y'all at the lab, we discussed how volunteers would only cause problems and slow down the experienced construction people and could even be a job site hazard. Especially with the heavy equipment.

In my opinion, I think Tim and I could have knocked many of these projects out without volunteers. Combining Tim's background in framing, carpentry, and general construction and my background in earth works, utilities, electrical, solar, etc.

Just how you like to hire a take charge housekeepers, you have to hire take charge construction workers. Even though its permaculture, it still requires construction to start and establish the infrastructure and systems.

Thanks for pulling the financial weight of the Empire!


That picture made me laugh because it is so damn true.
5 years ago
I have used International Ag Labs in Minnesota.

I found them in Acres USA magazine.

I chose them because they test for trace minerals, organic matter, and bacterial activity.
6 years ago

I sent you a purple moosage with my info.
6 years ago

Thanks for link! I realy enjoyed visiting your website. I really like your style of writing.

I will definitely be getting your book!
6 years ago

It sounds like you have things figured out.
6 years ago

Is the fence line with the 18" erosion running 90 degrees from contour?

Maybe curving the fence or angling the fence would help to break up that very distinct straight channel for erosion.

Maybe swales or terraces on contour above the fence line in the pasture would also help for the other fence line at the bottom of the slope.
6 years ago
I am looking for some recommendations for good cattle for grass fed beef and possibly for dairy.

We currently have Low Lines and have been happy with them so far, but is there something better for this land with it's specific topography and climate.

Link about Low Lines:

The property is approximately 200 acres of Mountainous Mediterranean Dry Land Oak Forest on the Central Coast of California.
6 years ago
Im pretty sure our well water is being fed by the surface.

I actually have the well drilling report from when it was installed in 1978.

I am currently taking Geoff Lawton's online PDC, so I totally understand the hydrological cycle of swales, springs and creeks.

Here is a nice option if I could afford it. Its about $345 to $479 for this set up.

Here is an airline method that appears economical. Has anybody tried this?

6 years ago
Does anyone have any knowledge on an economical way to monitor the water level in a well?

My situation:

The property where I live is very mountainous.

Our well is located in the creek bottom where two canyons come together.

The well is in a six inch casing and is approximately 75 feet deep. The well pump is approximately 60 feet deep.

I would like to monitor the water table level so that I can know if we are running out of water or not.

I would also like to document the water table level as we are in a severe drought here in California.

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts regarding this issue.
6 years ago